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"Open Your Door!"
―DX toy activation announcement[src]

"Open Door! (Steam-like hiss)"
―Unsuccessful shooting announcement[src]

―Recharging announcement[src]

"Hissatsu: (Shift Car) Full Throttle!"
―Finisher announcement via Drive Driver[src]

The Opening and Closing Loading Door-Ju (開閉装填 ドア銃 Kaihei Sōten Doa Jū, lit. "Door Gun") is a firearm weapon wielded by Kamen Rider Drive, resembling Tridoron's passenger-side door. It first appears in episode 8.

Like the Handle-Ken, Shinnosuke names this weapon for the car door attachment on the barrel's side, and Mr. Belt disapproves of his lackluster choice. When the Door-Ju is summoned, it comes from the front portion of Tridoron's hollow section.

A replica of the Door-Ju is also wielded by the Fake Drive, with this version shooting out water. Type HIGH SPEED! The True Power! Type High Speed is Born!

In the future, when the Drive system becomes corrupted, the Door-Ju ended up in the possession of Eiji Tomari, Shinnosuke's son in the future, using it to defend himself against Future Roidmudes. Who Will Open The Road of Time?

In episode 42, the Door-Ju was stolen from Drive and used by Gold Drive during their first battle with each other.


The Door-Ju is composed of the following parts:

  • SO-Door Glass Shield (SO-ドアグラスシールド SO - Doa Gurasu Shīrudo) - The car window-like translucent panel on the Door-Ju. It is a protective shield that uses extracted energy from the SO-1 alloy as the material it is made up of. It can reflect and alter enemy attacks.
  • R-Emblem (R-エンブレム R - Enburemu) - The 'R' Drive logo on the door. It is a device that controls energy distribution, affecting the gun's performance.
  • D-Shot Muzzle (D-ショットマズル D - Shotto Mazuru) - The muzzle. A ring-shaped electromagnetic acceleration device is incorporated into it. It can fire energy bullets generated by the gun at high speeds.
  • Aiming Side Mirror (エイミングサイドミラー Eimingu Saido Mirā) - The 'side mirror'. It is an aiming correction device. An enemy sensing unit is built onto the lightbar part, and can cooperate with Drive's search system to lock onto multiple enemies at once. Aditionally, it also controls energy output and improves the shooting precision. On the other side of the Aiming Side Mirror, an actual mirror is installed so Drive can see enemies behind him.
DOOR-GUN opened

SO-Door Panel Shield opened.

  • SO-Door Panel Shield (SO-ドアパネルシールド SO - Doa Paneru Shīrudo) - The most prominent feature of the Door-Ju, it is shaped like a car's door. It is made up of a substance called SO-1 Alloy (SO-1合金 SO - 1 gōkin), and is further protected with a special coating, reducing damage during physical attacks. When the SO-Door Panel Shield is opened and closed, energy from the air is taken and turned into bullets. If the door is not closed, the gun will announce 'Han Doa' (半ドア lit. 'Half Door'), reminding the user to close the door, lest the energy bullet generation will be disrupted.
  • Handler Gear (ハンドラーギア Handorā Gia) - The silver car door handle. It is used to open and close the SO-Door panel Shield. It is designed to keep the door shut and prevent accidental opening during battle.
  • Shift Landing Panel (シフトランディングパネル Shifuto Randingu Paneru ) - The Shift Car recognition panel located on top of the Door-Ju. It reads the characteristics of the inserted Shift Car and applies them to attacks.
  • Shift Link Transmitter (シフトリンクトランスミッター Shifuto Rinku Toransumittā) - A sensor for transmitted data installed in the rear 'tail lights'. It can transmit optical signals to the Drive Driver to shift each system to a deadly attack attitude.
  • Frame Grip (フレームグリップ Furēmu Gurippu) - The grip of the Door-Ju. A device installed in the Frame Grip automatically adjusts angle of the muzzle and minimises shaking while optimizing shooting behaviour. Inside of the grip, laminated frames composed of compressed SO-1 alloy is charged, accumulating high amounts of compressed energy between each frame, allowing the Door-Ju to maintain a state in which it is possible to execute deathblows at any given time.
  • Full Throttle Trigger (ルスロットルトリガー Furu Surottoru Torigā) - The trigger of the Door-Ju.


The Door-Ju can fire several shots before needing to be reloaded, which is easily accomplished by opening and closing the SO-Door Panel Shield (SO-ドアパネルシールド SO - Doa Gurasu Shīrudo) via the Handler Gear (ハンドラーギア Handorā Gia). The door can also emit a car-door like energy shield via the SO-Door Glass Shield (SO-ドアグラスシールド SO - Doa Gurasu Shīrudo).

If the door is open while being fired, the Door-Ju will give an error announcement of "Open Door" (半ドア Han Doa) and misfire. Once reloaded, it will say "Charge" (チャージ Chāji). If the door is opened and closed multiple times while there is still ammo, the bullets will become much stronger. During his fight against the Open Roidmude, Drive's performance with the Door-Ju was disabled by the Roidmude constantly opening the weapon's door until it became jammed ajar.

In terms of Drive's main forms, Type Technic is the most compatible with the Door-Ju due to its near pin-perfect precision fitting with the long range combat nature of this weapon.

Finishing attacks

The Door-Ju's Full Throttle finisher PerfecShot (パーフェクショット Pāfeku Shotto) is activated when Drive loads a Shift Car into its Shift Landing Panel (シフトランディングパネル Shifuto Randingu Paneru) (in Gold Drive's case, either loading them into his Shift Brace or not) behind the barrel after turning his Drive Driver's Advanced Ignition.

  • Speed: Drive fires several flaming shots, then accelerates them by kicking an energy wheel that forms on the side into their path, slamming into their target at terminal velocity.
  • Fire Braver: Drive fires a beam of energy resembling the Ladder Expander, which grabs the enemy and pins them to the nearest wall before he pulls the trigger to detonate the energy construct, taking out the target along with it.
  • Rolling Gravity: Drive fires a ball of energy resembling the 10-ton Weight, which flies over directly above the enemy and pelts them with a series of bullets before the energy construct falls like a rock, detonating as it hits the target.

  • Using his own power, Gold Drive fires a ball of energy which flies over directly above the enemy. Then, he uses the Break Gunner to destroy it and turn into a hailing barrage of bullets.

Legend Rider Weapon

Arms Weapon

Arms Change (Gaim Drive Arms)

Toy version of Gaim Drive Arms

The Door-Ju is an Arms Weapon wielded by either an Armored Rider or a New Generation Rider when they transform into Drive Arms. It is absent when Kamen Rider Gaim uses Drive Arms in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle, solely wielding the Handle-Ken. However, it is available alongside the Handle-Ken in the Arms Change series.


Ghost Drive Damashii with Weapons

Ghost Drive Damashii

The Door-Ju is the Legend Rider Weapon granted upon assuming Drive Damashii, which is used by Kamen Rider Ghost. In this form, it is paired with the Handle-Ken. Drive Chapter


The Door-Ju is also among the various Rider Weapons used by Ganbarider in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.



  • Shinnosuke originally imagined owning a Handle-Ju (ハンドル銃 Handoru Jū, lit. "Steering Wheel Gun" (Handle being the Japanese wording for "steering wheel")) when he heard of the new weapon's development. He didn't get it, but he was still satisfied all the same.
  • The Door-Ju's recharging announcement is similar to the Smart Brain phones.
  • Type Dead Heat and Type Formula are Drive's only in-series forms that he has not used the Door-Ju with, though both could be justified as the former's Shift Deadheat for its access is primarily utilized by Mach, while the latter is already paired up with the Trailer-Hou.
Type Special ZS DJ

A promotional picture showing Drive Type Special wielding the Zenrin Shooter and Door-Ju.

  • Although early promotional pictures of Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future indicate that Drive would at some point wield the Door-Ju in Type Special, he did not do so in the movie itself, instead wielding it in Type Speed.


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