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"Robo Rider Force!"
―Donais' Transformation into Robo Rider[src]

Donais is an ally and close friend of Dex Stewart, who is also from the planet Edenoi. Later, while trying to teleport to Earth to give the crystal that contained the power of Super Gold, Donais was Captured by Count Dregon's Maggots, and was then brainwashed by Count Dregon to create and even more powerful rider known as the Robo Rider to destroy Dex.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Before Dex had left Edenoi and battle monsters on Earth as the Masked Rider, Donais had allied himself with Dex to fight Count Dregon's army of monsters while being on his Friend's side as the Masked Rider. While the Power Rangers had traveled from Earth to Edenoi, they had encountered the rebellion and the Masked Rider, in which they had thought the rangers were sent by Count Dregon to destroy them. Later the Rangers and the Masked Rider teamed up to defeat the Cogwarts and Plague Patrol. When the battle was over, the Rangers had left Edenoi and headed back to Earth.

Birth of Robo Rider

Donais was then sent to Earth by King Lexian to give Dex a crystal to harness the powers of Super Gold. Unfortunately, Donais was then kidnapped by Count Dregon who had then brainwashed Donais and gave him a different crystal which was used to transform Donais into Robo Rider in order to fight Dex. This forced Dex to battle his own friend, but in the end, Dex helped Donais see that he is his friend and Donais returned back to normal. Donais then handed Dex the Super Gold crystal which then allowed Dex to fight as Masked Rider Super Gold.[Super Gold (two-parter)]

Super Blue

Donais then returned back to Earth to give Dex the power of Super Blue. While visiting the Stewart Family and adding the crystal which had contained the power of Super Blue to the Ecto-Accelerator Belt, Patsy was trying to find of who Dex really is and accidently dropped some sugar into it. After Patsy's mishap with the belt, Donais then spotted her behind a car, trying to spy on the Stewart Family and what their secret with Dex was. As an ice cream truck was passing by, Donais then controlled Patsy to follow the ice cream truck, while he can give the Ecto-Accelerator Belt to Dex to transform into Masked Rider Super Blue.[Unmasked Rider]

Robo Rider

Robo Rider

Robo Rider

Brainwashed Donais was transformed into Robo Rider after Count Dregon use the crystal on Donais to make him as a loyal servant.

However, he lost this form after Dex undo Dregon's brainwashing and free Donais from his control while also retaking the crystal back.


  • Electric Field Maximum Voltage:

Appearances: Masked Rider Episodes 7-8  




Behind the Scenes


Donais is portrayed by Winston Story


  • Robo Rider is not to be confused with RX's extra form, also called Robo Rider, which is known as Super Gold in Masked Rider.


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