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Doktor G (ドクトルG Dokutoru Gē, 13-30) is Destron's first general in a knight armor who originated from Germany and was given charge to oversee their operations in Japan. He is the leader of the Mechanical Army. He wields a battle axe, a short sword, and a knife. In the comics, his scorpion-shaped helmet could transform into a deadly scorpion, but this didn't happen on TV. Most of his monsters are cyborgs that are the same type as Destron Leader's cyborgs. Pronounced his enemy's name "Kamen Raaaaida V3!".

After numerous failures, Doktor G summoned the spirits of his dead, evil warriors to transform him into Kani Laser (カニレーザー Kani Rēzā, 30) for his final battle with Kamen Rider V3. Despite putting up a valiant battle, he was destroyed by V3's V3 Tailspin Return Kick.



Doktor G arrived in Japan after he was contacted by Great Leader of Destron who gave him orders to oversee their operations and to defeat Kamen Rider V3, Shiro Kazami. Terrifying Commandant: Doktor G!!

Doktor G was responsible for the resurrection of Shocker's key figures (Oberst Zol, Doctor Death, Ambassador Hell, and General Black). Zol, Death, Hell & Black Rise from the Grave


After so many of his plans were thwarted by V3 and his laboratory was destroyed by a special Interpol group known as the "Destron Hunters." He personally confronted the hunters and killed them all (except for Ken Sakuma who was saved by V3).

Doktor G set a trap for V3 as an act of redemption for his failure as a Destron Commander, he kidnapped Tobee Tachibana and the members of the Kamen Rider Scouts to lure V3. Doktor G summoned the spirits of his dead, evil warriors to transform him into Crab Laser for his final battle with Kamen Rider V3. Despite putting up a heroic battle, he was destroyed by V3's V3 Tailspin Return Kick. Doktor G! The True Form of Evil is...?


Main article: Narutaki

Narutaki as Doctor G

This version of Doktor G (ドクトルG Dokutoru Gē) is a knight armored general of the revived Dai-Shocker in Super Hero Taisen. He's the second in command of the organization, below only its Great Leader, and standing above the other Great Commanders recruited by it. He wields an axe in battle and is able to assume the form of the Inhumanoid Kani Laser (カニレーザー Kani Rēzā), the modernized/Narutaki version of Kani Laser. He is the driving force behind recreating Dai-Shocker, reviving and recruiting past villains and placing Tsukasa Kadoya, Kamen Rider Decade, as leader for the express purpose of defeating Dai-Zangyack and its leader, Captain Marvelous, Gokai Red and also the leader of the Super Sentai team Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. His Kani Laser form was much stronger than the original, resisting against the combined forces of various Sentai members and Riders, including Kamen Rider V3 himself, who defeated his previous incarnation. In the end, he was defeated by the combined efforts of Kamen Rider Decade, Ryuki, Blade, and the Goseigers, who gave the three riders new Gosei Cards. However, after being defeated, his appearance changes to Narutaki, who tells Decade that his journey will continue and vanishes behind a dimensional wall.

In fact, this version of Doktor G is just another one of Narutaki's disguises, similar to the Oberst Zol guise that Narutaki used when he joined Super Shocker. Unlike that time though, here Narutaki showed abilities and powers not only similar, but significantly stronger than the original's. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen

Game World

A Kani Laser, identical to the form assumed by Narutaki, was part of the endlessly reviving army of Shocker in the amusement park Game World. In his first known appearance, he was destroyed by Kamen Rider Blade's Lightning Slash. Maze 1: Emu, is dead? Emerging as a result of Kuroto Dan's plot to revive himself, however, Shocker's forces would persistently attack, no matter how many times defeated, the Kamen Riders he had gathered for this purpose. Maze 2: Escape Once the Game World was destroyed by Kazuma Kenzaki's Joker Undead power, the Shocker army was assembled one last time under Kamen Rider Genm Zombie Gamer and Totema, but was ultimately wiped out by Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Maximum Gamer Level 99 and the second Kamen Sentai Gorider. Maze 3: Gorider Forever


Doctor G

  • Height: 176 cm
  • Weight: 51 kg

He wore a knight armor and wielded a battle axe, a short sword, and a knife. He also wears a Scorpion-shaped helmet, possibly to show his allegiance to Destron.

Kani Laser

Heisei Kani laser

  • Height:
  • Weight:

As Kani Laser he could fire a laser from his head called the Scorpion Laser and use magic to turn the area around him dark. In the manga, his helmet could transform into a deadly scorpion,also his Heisei version had Mechanical Army-type Destron Inhumanoid Kani Laser (カニレーザー Kani Rēzā) is stronger than the original version, Kani Laser, resisting against the combined forces of various Sentai members and Riders, including Kamen Rider V3 himself, who defeated his previous incarnation. However, he was defeated by Decade, Ryuki and Blade via the Goseiger's Reflect Cards. When the name KaniGani Beam translate from Japanese to English, it means CrabCrab Beam.

Appearances in other media

Kamen Rider Spirits

Doktor G and Other Villains from Manga

Video game

Kamen Rider V3 video game

Doktor G/Kani Lazer is among the Destron cyborgs which appear in the Kamen Rider V3 video game.

Kamen Rider SD

Main article: Doktor G (SD)

Doktor G: A member of GranShocker. He was among the meeting with the Great Leader.

Net Movie

Kamen Rider Wizard in Magica Land

A Kani Lazer, identical to the form assumed by Narutaki, appears as a surviving member of Destron and the perp of detective V-san. V3's (Ongoing) Stakeout

Behind the scenes


In the original Kamen Rider V3, Doktor G was portrayed by Jōtarō Senba (千波 丈太郎 Senba Jōtarō). As Kani Lazer, he was voiced by Ritsuo Sawa, his suit actor was Masaru Okada. [1]

The Doktor G seen in Super Hero Taisen is played by Tatsuhito Okuda (奥田 達士 Okuda Tatsuhito), who portrays Narutaki in Kamen Rider Decade.

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Scorpion Lord Leiurus Acutia



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