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Doctor Prospect (ドクター・プロスペクト Dokutā Purosupekuto) is the main antagonist of Kamen Rider Eternal. A Foundation X scientist who was studying psychic abilities and created the Quarks while fighting NEVER.

Doctor Prospect


Prospect was a cruel man who shows little mercy whether it be towards NEVER or some of his own subordinates even to the extent of kidnapping people from around the world with potential to become Quarks, killing the weaker Quarks through the use of the Heaven's Horn barrier he created in order to weed them out and give them a peaceful death, using NEVER as training dummies for his psychic soldiers, or killing anyone who attempts to escape him through the powers of the Eyes Dopant.


Prospect headed the project to create the Quarks, one of his favorites is Mina due to her being of the more powerful subjects. But she betrayed him and joined up with Katsumi in an attempt to free the other Quarks. Prospect then faced Katsumi as the Eyes Dopant and proceeded to kill all of the Quarks, and even Mina but she survived. However, the action drove Katsumi mad and he killed Prospect with the Eternal Memory's Maximum Drive, destroying the Eyes Memory and leaving him victim to its psychic killing effect.


As one of the finer scientists of Foundation X, Prospect found ways to unlock psychic powers creating the Quarks and the Heaven's Barrier that sends an electric pulse into people's brains that anyone with low Quark potential dies.

Dopant Form

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Eyes Dopant

Eyes Dopant

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Through the use of the Eyes Memory, Prospect becomes the Eyes Dopant (アイズ・ドーパント Aizu Dōpanto) to enforce his will on others. As the Dopant, he is able to counterattack by detecting the opponent's next move and brand the Quarks with an eye marking on their foreheads that kill them should they try to escape. However, he was unable to read Katsumi's movements as Kamen Rider Eternal. He is also able to communicate through others that are branded with the eye, use large floating eyeballs to create an explosion on what they look at, and summon a whole mass of eyeballs to swarm an opponent.

Behind the scenes


Doctor Prospect is portrayed by Jyunichi Haruta (春田 純一 Haruta Jun'ichi), who previously portrayed Yoshito Hirose/Trial B from Kamen Rider Blade. Haruta is best-known for his role as Kanpei KurodaIcon-crosswiki in Dai Sentai Goggle VIcon-crosswiki and Ryuu HoshikawaIcon-crosswiki in Kagaku Sentai DynamanIcon-crosswiki.

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