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Dobsonfly Beastman (ヘビトンボ獣人 Hebitonbo Jūjin, 13 & 14) - A dobsonfly monster in larva (幼虫 Yōchū) form. He was defeated by Kamen Rider Amazon's Big Slice, but with the last of its strength turned into a cocoon that rolled away.

  • Dobsonfly Beastman Advanced (14) - A dobsonfly monster in its adult (成虫 Seichū) stage. Emperor Zero had his soldiers find and steal its cocoon and the matured Dobsonfly Beastman awoke in the Garanda Empire's hideout and offered him a place of power if he betrayed Gorgos and stole the Gaga bracelet. Offered a truce with Amazon to get rid of Gorgos, then turned on him. Destroyed by Kamen Rider Amazon's Big Slice.


Dobsonfly Beastman (Larva)

Dobsonfly Beastman (Larva) (カタツムリ獣人(幼虫) Hebitonbo Jūjin (Yōchū), 13) Upper arms are a pair of scythes.

Dobsonfly Beastman (Adult)

Dobsonfly Beastman (Adult) (カタツムリ獣人(成虫) Hebitonbo Jūjin (Seichū), 14) Upper arms are a pair of pincer claws.

Behind the scenes


The Dobsonfly Beastman was voiced by Eken Mine (峰恵研 Mine Eken).

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