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Dispider (ディスパイダー Disupaidā) is the first of the Mirror Monsters Shinji encountered, a giant gold and white Spider-like monster that targeted women like Ida Megumi. It is able to spew webs from its mouth, morph its head, and hand fangs that can drain fluids from humans. Though destroyed by Knight's Hishou Zan, Dispider was not absorbed by Darkwing and was reformed into a drider version of itself named Dispider Reborn (ディスパイダー・リ・ボーン Disupaidā Ri Bōn), now attacking men as well and being able to fire needles from the torso. It was finally destroyed by Ryuki's Dragon Rider Kick and absorbed by Dragredder. In "13 Riders", a purple and brown-colored Dispider was the Mirror World's final defense, devouring Gai before being destroyed by Knight Survive's Shippu Dan.


Dispider drew by the Kanzaki brother and sister.

Dispider RebornPainting

Dispider Reborn drew by the Kanzaki brother and sister.

Behind the scenes


Dispider & Dispider Reborn was designed by Tamotsu Shinohara (篠原 保 Shinohara Tamotsu).


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