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A Dispider is a type of large spider Mirror Monster controlled by Xaviax and was the first type Kit Taylor encountered. It uses its webbing and legs to grab people and pull them through mirrors and other reflective surfaces. It is the only monster appearing in the unaired Dragon Knight pilot that also appeared in the full series.


Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight

Kit Taylor saw one pull a man through a window before he was distracted by Minions. He later came across it again and fell through the reflection on a car when it tried grabbing him. It chased him around in his Blank Knight form before Wing Knight arrived to fight it, eventually defeating it with Final Vent. Search for the Dragon

However, Xaviax reformed it into a new, drider-like form, and it tried pulling an electrical worker through the mirrors, but was stopped by Kit and Len. Len chased the Reformed Dispider into Ventara to fight it, but it managed to outfight him, trapping him before the fully-contracted Dragon Knight appeared and destroyed it with Final Vent, Dragreder absorbing its energy. Contract with the Dragon

Wing Knight is briefly seen fighting another Dispider in the background of Maya and Michelle Walsh's interview with the victim of the previous Dispider's attack; it isn't seen which form it's in, though it's likely the original form. Len later told Kit he'd defeated it. A Rider's Challenge

Noncanon Events

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Pilot

A Dispider chased after Maya until Kit was pulled through the mirrors as Blank Knight. It turned its attention to him until Wing Knight arrived and destroyed it with Final Vent. It regenerated itself into Reformed Dispider when the Riders were distracted by Dragreder, Wing Knight fighting it again but getting caught before the newly-contracted Dragon Knight arrived and destroyed it for good with Final Vent. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (pilot)



Reformed Dispider


  • Though in Ryuki footage it is bronze and silver, when Dragon Knight uses new footage of its second form fighting Wing Knight, the silver parts appear green. Whether this comes from using a new, improperly colored suit, or means that the old suit had become discolored over time, is unclear.

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