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Diendriver Opened

Diendriver (opened)

Neo Diendriver

Neo Diendriver

Neo Diendriver opened

Neo Diendriver (opened)

"KamenRide: Diend!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Kamen/KaijinRide: (Kamen Rider/Monster)!"
―Summoning announcement[src]

"AttackRide: (Rider Card)!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Final AttackRide: (Kamen Rider)!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

The Transformation Loading Gun Diendriver (変身装填銃ディエンドライバー Henshin Sōten Jū Diendoraibā) is a gun that is used by Daiki Kaito to transform into Kamen Rider Diend. It was created alongside Decade's Decadriver belt and Ride Booker by scientists of Dai-Shocker, which included Joji Yuki, but it was stolen from the evil organization by Kaito.

When Diend returns in Kamen Rider Zi-O, he uses a cyan-colored upgraded version of the Diendriver called the ​Neo Diendriver (ネオディエンドライバー Neo Diendoraibā). This version can summon the secondary Heisei Riders up to Build (up to Zi-O in DX toyline).


The Diendriver is composed of the following (known) parts:

  • Booker Muzzle (ブッカーマズル Bukkā Mazuru) - The muzzles. It is semiautomatic, allowing the user to rapid fire. A 50-caliber energy bullet can be launched up to 300m, and can penetrate ceramics and carbon fiber. Because of an internal Klein bottle structure, it's energy is inexhaustible.
  • Ride Marker (ライドマーカー Raido Mākā) - A unit located above the Booker Muzzle. It marks the target at the time of shooting and guides energy bullets to hit the target. If the target somehow escapes, the bullets' trajectories will change, allowing them to land on opponents.
  • Fore End (フォアエンド Foa Endo) - A silver cartridge-like section mounted on the underside. It is used to open and close the Diendriver to allow the loading of Rider Cards. When the Fore End is closed, sealed energy is released from the loaded Rider Card to either transform into Kamen Rider Diend or to summon other Riders.


The Diendriver has similar functions to the Decadriver belt, but also functions as a firearm. To use a Rider Card, Diend pulls on the Fore End to open the gun. Diend then places a Rider Card inside the gun, loads it, and fires it. Daiki usually fires the gun above him, sometimes in front of him to hit the opponent, in order to transform and activate other Rider Cards. He can also load multiple Rider Cards one right after another, causing all of them to activate at once when the trigger is pulled.

The other crucial difference to the Decadriver is that while Diend uses his personal Kamen Ride Rider Card to transform, he uses the Kamen Ride Cards to summon copies of past Kamen Riders rather than Decade who transforms into them. When selected Riders summoned, they would first appear as three separate holograms consist of three different colors, red, blue and green that scrambles until they combine and solidified. Diend also has his own Attack Ride and Final Attack Ride cards which can be used in the Diendriver. As well as that, Diend also possesses Final Form Ride cards with which he can transform certain Kamen Riders, whether they are summoned by him or the real thing, this is performed by loading the card and firing directly at its associated Rider.

Attack Rides

Diend has several Attack Ride cards which he utilizes via the Diendriver. The following attacks are performed through the Diendriver itself.

When Diend appears in Kamen Rider Zi-O, he uses upgraded versions of his AttackRide cards for use in the Neo Diendriver.

  • Diend Blast (ディエンドブラスト Diendo Burasuto): Grants the Diendriver rapid fire capabilities. Unlike Decade's version, Diend's shots are able to arc, curve, and seemingly track targets.
    • Diend Neo Blast (ディエンドネオブラスト Diendo Neo Burasuto)
  • Barrier (バリヤー Bariyā): Allows the Diendriver to project a shield.
    • Neo Barrier (ネオバリヤー Neo Buriyā)

Final Attack Rides

Diend has several Final Attack Ride cards which he utilizes via the Diendriver. The following finisher attacks are performed through the Diendriver itself.

  • Diend: Diend performs the Dimension Shoot (ディメンションシュート Dimenshon Shūto). Nine rings of cards showing the previous nine Heisei Riders appear before the Diendriver. Diend then sucks in any Riders summoned by his Kamen Ride cards before firing a shot from the Diendriver at the target, coming out as a green and black beam.
    • When used by Diend Complete Form, the Dimension Shoot becomes the Enhanced Dimension Shoot (強化ディメンションシュート Kyōka Dimenshon Shūto) which shoots out a gold-colored beam of energy.



Chinomanako holding the Diendriver

In the World of Shinkenger, the Ayakashi Chinomanako steals the Diendriver and uses it to transform into Diend Form. The Arrival of the Samurai Sentai The bullets fired from the pistol turn into eyeballs. To use a Ride Card, Chinomanako places it inside the gun and fires it, with a notable change being the driver's voice being significantly darker. Chinomanako uses Kaijin Ride (カイジンライド Kaijin Raido, also called "Kaizin Ride") Cards which give him the ability to summon monsters from other Kamen Rider Series, namely the Moose Fangire and Eagle Undead. Also noted that different from Kaito, when summoning a copy of a Rider or monster, they would first appear as three separate holograms that scrambles until they combine when several eyeballs emerge and fuse them.

Once Chinomanako was destroyed by the teamwork of Decade Complete Form and Shinken Red, Diend reclaimed his Diendriver only after giving back the stolen Ika Origami to Shinken Gold. Heretic Rider, Go Forth!


The Diendriver is also among the various Rider Weapons used by Ganbarider in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Giant Diendriver

Giant Diendriver

When Kamen Rider Diend was captured by Rider Robo, it also scanned the data of Diendriver and used the components of History Modifying Machine to form a giant-sized Diendriver in its hand. This Diendriver was later taken out from Rider Robo by Kuuga's attack and used by Decade, Gaim and OOO as a bazooka/cannon. World of OOO

Behind the scenes


The voice of the Diendriver, as well as the Decadriver, K-Touch, and Rider Battle tournament announcer in All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker, is provided by Mark Okita (マーク・大喜多 Māku Ōkita).

DX Diendriver

The DX Diendriver has "RIDE" and "FINAL RIDE" sound effects that were never used in the series. Also, the toy cannot read cards, so it changes sound effects depending on how many times it is activated. Due to this, the toy received huge criticism from product consumers.

  • Once: "KAMEN RIDE"
  • Twice and thrice: "RIDE"
  • Fourth: "FINAL RIDE"

Complete Selection Modification

Packaged with the CSM Decadriver was a slip of paper with Diend's logo and the words "Coming Soon". Later in March of 2015, Bandai has announced that the CSM Diendriver and Belt will be released in Fall 2015. Unlike the DX Diendriver, the CSM Diendriver can read the included rider cards, as well as the ones from the CSM Decadriver. It includes 39 cards which play sound effects when inserted into the device (Mark Okita re-recorded sound effects for many of the cards). The included cards are ones used by Kaito (and Chinomanako) in the show and movies, as well as individual cards of all the riders in Diend's complete form.

Both Kimito Totani and Tatsuhito Okuda appeared in a promotional video on Bandai's website showcasing the features of the CSM Diendriver and Diend Belt.

DX Neo Diendriver

The DX Neo Diendriver will feature a card reader similar to CSM Diendriver. Bandai has announced that the DX Neo Diendriver will be released in Fall 2019. It contains Kamen Ride cards of secondary Heisei Kamen Riders from Knight to Geiz, Diend Complete Form and the Final Forms of main Heisei Riders from Kuuga to Build, as well as Diend's Attack Ride (with "Neo" name on their cards) and Final Attack Ride cards.


  • Like Kamen Rider Ryuga and his Black Drag Visor, the Diendriver's voice becomes deeper when its user is evil.
  • The Neo Diendriver has an additional quality not seen on the original version: on its body, the word "DIEND" is engraved on it.

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