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The Diamond Halfbody (ダイヤモンドハーフボディ Daiyamondo Hāfubodi) is an abiotic B-Side Halfbody of Kamen Rider Build. Accessed through the Diamond Fullbottle, its Best Match is the Gorilla Halfbody.

In any form that uses the Diamond Fullbottle, Build is armed with the BLD Prism Glove (BLDプリズムグローブ BLD Purizumu Gurōbu) on his left hand.


  • Shine Head Armor (シャインヘッドアーマー Shain Heddo Āmā) - The light blue head armor. It ’s shiny smooth surface can receive enemy attacks extremely well.
  • Right Eye Diamond (ライトアイダイヤモンド Raito Ai Daiyamondo) - The eyepiece. It can create illusions by refracting light.
  • Twinkle Face Module (トゥインクルフェイスモジュール Touinkuru Feisu Mojūru) - The ‘shine effect’ segment on the Right Eye Diamond. It is a luminescence management unit that can divert enemy attention by randomly emitting light from each section/angle.
  • Shine Chest Armor (シャインチェストアーマー Shain Chesuto Āmā) - The light blue chest armor sections. It is a type of composite armor that can well receive multiple enemy attacks.
  • BLD Prism Shoulder (BLDプリズムショルダー BLD Purizumu Shorudā) - The shoulder armor. It is shaped like a cut diamond. It houses a special shield deployment function, generating a special light barrier to deflect enemy attacks.
  • Flawless Guard Arm (フローレスガードアーム, Furōresu Gādo Āmu) - The left arm. Its surface is as hard as diamonds, making it nigh-impervious to physical attacks.
  • BLD Prism Glove (BLDプリズムグローブ BLD Purizumu Gurōbu) - The left hand. A conversion device is built into the back, allowing it to convert surrounding objects and enemies into diamonds.
  • BLD Unlimited Suit (BLDアンリミテッドスーツ BLD Anrimiteddo Sūtsu) - The shock-resistant bodysuit. Along with protecting the wearer’s body, there is a limiter installed that can be released to bring out full physical ability.
  • Flawless Guard Leg (フローレスガードレッグ Furōresu Gādo Reggu) - The right leg. Its surface is as hard as diamonds, making it nigh-impervious to physical attacks.
  • Dia Hard Shoes (ダイヤハードシューズ Daiya Hādo Shūzu) - The right foot. Any enemy that has been converted into diamonds can be shattered thanks to an inbuilt conversion device.



As Build, Takumi Katsuragi assumed GorillaMond to overpower Kamen Rider Genm in the World of Ex-Aid, only realizing after inflicting a Game Over that he was not the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid he was looking for before taking his leave. The Last Smile

The Build Driver announces Best Matches, something which was not possible until Sento himself modified the Driver to do so. That error is likely due to promotional purposes, to promote the Rider succeeding Ex-Aid at the time.


KRBu-Diamond Full Bottle

Diamond Fullbottle

Vortex Finish

  • Rider Punch: This finisher has two variations:
    • Build uses the BLD Prism Glove to create a gust full of diamonds and uses the Muscle Glove to punch them at the enemy. The diamonds creates a tornado that causes a human to separate from his/her Smash form, then Build punches the Smash inside the tornado, destroying it.
    • Build stops an enemy's projectile attack in mid-air with the BLD Prism Glove, altering the projectile's atomic structure into a diamond shield. He then punches the shield with the Muscle Glove, shattering it and sending the shards flying at the enemy at high speeds.

Behind the scenes

The Gorilla & Diamond Halfbodies were released as part of the 1st set of SO-DO Kamen Rider Build.


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