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Destwilder (デストワイルダー Desutowairudā) is the Contract Monster of Kamen Rider Tiger.


Destwilder is a Mirror Monster that resembles an armored humanoid white tiger. He is mostly used to perform Tiger's Final Vent, which involves him dragging the enemy along the ground with his claw to Tiger who impales them.


Kamen Rider Ryuki


Destwilder drawn by the Kanzaki siblings.

Destwilder, along with all the other Mirror Monsters, was created by Yui's & Shiro's Pictures from their childhood

Destwilder first appeared with Tiger when he assisted Ryuki with two Monsters.

Later in the Series, he was also responsible for the Death of Both Nakamura in the Alternative Form, Hideyuki who was using the Alternative-Zero Form and the weakening (which would later result in his death) of Mitsuru (Kamen Rider Imperer). He was also responsible for the near death of Asakura and later the near-death of Kitaoka.

After Tojo was killed, Destwilder became rampant and ate a couple walking down a path, and tried to attack a construction worker before he was intercepted and destroyed by Ren & Shinji.

Kamen Rider Decade

In the World of Ryuki, Destwilder assists Tiger as Contract Monster in the Kamen Rider Trial. Battle Trial: Ryuki World

Kamen Rider Zi-O

Destwilder was among one of many Mirror Monsters brought over to Sougo Tokiwa's world as the Rider Worlds began to merge. 2019: Vanishing Watches

Video Game

Destwilder is one of four Contract Monsters who appear as a playable character in the Kamen Rider Ryuki video game.


  • Crystal Break: Tiger's Final Vent; Destwilder drags the target towards Tiger, who impales the enemy on the Destclaws.


Through the use of certain Advent Cards, parts of Destwilder's body can be used by Tiger as weapons or other equipment.

  • Destclaws (デストクロー Desuto Kurō): A pair of clawed gauntlets derived from Destwilder's arms. They are summoned with Tiger's Strike Vent card.

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