This article is about a/an henchman variant in Kamen Rider V3.

Destron Scientists (科学者戦闘員 Kagakusha Sentōin) - The scientists who are loyal to Destron. They appear similar to Destron soldiers, but their masks and uniforms are white, with red print, instead of black with white print. They wear white lab coats over their uniforms. They are rarely found outside of a Destron base.

A notable Destron Scientist was Joji Yuki, originally a loyal member of Destron who was brought up by the Great Leader himself in his youth. However, Yuki abandoned the organization after being nearly killed, his right arm having been destroyed after being dipped into a pool of acid during an execution attempt when he was framed for treason by Marshal Armor. However, Yuki was rescued by his fellow scientists who performed the operation which not only replaced his arm but allowed him to transform into Riderman to get his revenge. It was also shown in this episode that not all Destron Scientists knew Destron's true colors, as Riderman and his fellow scientists showed. Friend of Foe? The Mysterious Riderman


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