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Icon-revice.pngThis article is about a transformation device in Kamen Rider Revice.

"Demons Driver! (デモンズドライバー)"
―Activation announcement[src]

―Vistamp scanning announcement[src]

"Decide Up! Deep. (Fukaku) Drop. (Ochiru) Danger. (Kiki) (Kamen) Rider. Demons! (ディサイドアップ!Deep.(深く)Drop.(落ちる)Danger.(危機)(仮面)Rider. Demons!)"
―Transformation announcement with the Spider Vistamp[src]

"Delete Up! Unknown! (Michi) Unrest! (Konran) Unlimited! (Koeru) Kamen Rider Over Demons! (デレートアップ!ウンクノーン!(未知)アンレスト!(混乱)アンリミテッド!(超える)(仮面)ライダーオーバーデモンズ!)"
―Transformation announcement with the Kuwagata Vistamp[src]

"Decide Up! Rise. (Noboru) Rage. (Ikari) Requiem. (Kanashimi) (Kamen) Rider! (ディサイドアップ!ライズ。(昇る)レイジ。(怒り)レクイエム。(悲しみ)(仮面)ライダー!)"
―Transformation announcement with any other Vistamp[src]

―Finisher activation announcement[src]

"Demons Finish! (デモンズフィニッシュ!, Demonzu Finisshu!)"
―Finisher announcement[src]

―Genomix Change activaton announcement[src]

"Dominate Up! (Vistamp name)! Genomix! (ドミネートアップ!◯◯!ゲノミクス!, Dominēto Appu! (Vistamp name)! Genomikusu!)"
―Genomix Change announcement[src]

―Genomix finisher activation announcement[src]

"(Vistamp name) Demons Requiem! (◯◯デモンズレクイエム, (Vistamp name) Demonzu Rekuiemu!)"
―Genomix finisher announcement[src]

The Transformation Belt Demons Driver (変身ベルトデモンズドライバー, Henshin Beruto Demonzu Doraibā) is the transformation device used by Kamen Rider Demons.


The Demons Driver was created by Masumi Karizaki as the successor to the Vail Driver and features the Genomix (ゲノミクス, Genomikusu) system, which equips part of Demons' body with an armament using the genetic information of a Vistamp. The Driver initially uses the demon Vail as its power source. As a result, the demon can influence the Driver's functions and the power of Kamen Rider Demons. If Vail chooses to do so, he can steal the life force of the Driver's user when they transform. Over time, this leads to the user's health deteriorating to the point that their organs and bodily functions register as those of an 80-year-old. Vail can also prevent the user from using additional Genomix forms by repelling a Vistamp away from the Ohinjector. When Vail recognized Orteca as a fellow demon, he allowed him to use more of Demons' power than Hiromi could.

After Vail permanently escaped from the Demons Driver, George Karizaki modifies it so that it draws power form the user's inner demon instead, resulting in a safer and more stable transformation. This also makes the Driver suitable for possible mass production.


The Demons Driver is composed of the following parts:

  • Ohinjector (オーインジェクター, Ōinjekutā): The stamp-type information input device. It receives the power of various species of organisms by stamping the special information transmission code of the Vistamp, known as the Vistamp Code (バイスタンプコード, Baisutanpu Kōdo).
  • Demons Redpad (デモンズレッドパッド, Demonzu Reddo Paddo): The Genome approval device. As a preliminary step to the Ohinjector, the Vistamp is approved by stamping here. Only when the stamping is approved does it switch to a standby state, making Ohinjector input possible.
  • Demons Driverbody (デモンズドライバーボディ, Demonzu Doraibā Bodi): The exterior of the Demons Driver. It is made of cemented carbide with Astometalum (アストメタルム, Asutometarumu), a rare metal harvested from extremely rare meteorites, as the main material, and protects the internal delicate equipment from any impact.
  • Genomuscle (ゲノマッスル, Genomassuru): The artificial muscles of the Demons Driver. The artificial muscles, which draw out unlimited power by receiving an energy supply, rapidly multiply at the same time as the Decide Up and wrap around the whole body of the user.
  • Demonsknock (デモンズノック, Demonzu Nokku): The Demons Driver's operating device. It has a structure in which commands are input by strongly pushing the Demons Knock on both sides at the same time, providing a starting point for a variety of attacks. For example, by stamping the Vistamp after pressing them once during transformation, the Genome Module (ゲノムモジュール, Genomu Mojūru), which arms each part of the body based on its ability, is deployed on Kamen Rider Demons. Alternatively, pressing them once after stamping the Vistamp will charge Demons, enabling the finishing move Demons Finish (デモンズフィニッシュ, Demonzu Finisshu) to be carried out.
  • Demons Ladder (デモンズラダー, Demonzu Radā): A band that deploys when the Driver is equipped and is fixed to the user's waist, forming a chain field that prevents the power of the animal species from leaking out.
  • Vistamp Holder (バイスタンプホルダー, Baisutanpu Horudā): Holders for carrying Vistamps. They are placed on the left and right sides of the Demons Driver and a Vistamp can be set in each.



To transform, the user first presses the Activation Knock button on the Vistamp before pressing the Vistamp's Genomic Stamper against the top part of the Driver. The user then press the Genomic Stamper on the Demons Driver's screen to initiate the transformation.

A Genomix form change is activated by pressing the Demons Knocks on both sides of the Driver before repeating the same process of stamping a Vistamp on the top of the Driver, then the screen.


Main article: Finisher (Revice)

To initiate the Demons Driver's standard finisher, the Demons Finish (ディーモンズフィニッシュ, Demonzu Finisshu), the user presses a Vistamp used onto the screen before pressing both Demons Knocks once.

While using a Genomix, a finisher is performed by pressing the Demons Knocks twice, then a third time. This results in a Demons Requiem (デモンズレクイエム, Demonzu Rekuiemu) finisher using all of the active Vistamp abilities.

Users (chronological order)

User Kamen Rider Episode Obtained Description
Hiromi Kadota Kamen Rider Demons Theft!? Skateboard!? I'm Kagero! The Demons Driver initially appeared inside its case as George Karizaki handed the Mammoth and Ptera Vistamps to Daiji Igarashi, who asked the scientist if he could use it. George refused, as Daiji lacked the courage to use the Revice Driver. After Kagero possessed Daiji and became Kamen Rider Evil, the Driver is given to Hiromi along with the Spider and Batta Vistamps so that he can stop Evil. Hiromi later relinquished the Demons Driver when he resigned from Fenix, after learning about the driver's side effects.
Orteca Lay Down My Life, Entrust My Feelings After being taken to Fenix Skybase and meeting with Hideo Akaishi, Orteca takes the Demons Driver as the flying base begins to plummet. Both Orteca and Vail eventually abandon the Driver after suffering their humiliating defeat at the hands of Kamen Rider Holy Live, which was then retrieved by George Karizaki.
George Karizaki Beyond Fear, Gale and Thunder! Believe In Yourself and Become One! After it was abandoned by Vail and Orteca, the Demons Driver is returned to Fenix and remained in George Karizaki's possession. He would later use the Driver to transform into the third Kamen Rider Demons to stop Kamen Rider Jack Revice's rampage caused by Giff's influence before battling against the Anomalocaris Deadman.

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The voice of Demons Driver is provided by Kenjiro Tsuda (津田 健次郎, Tsuda Kenjirō)[1], who later voices both Vail and the Vail Driver, and previously voiced Redyue in Kamen Rider Gaim and Kasshine in Kamen Rider Zi-O.


  • Unlike other Drivers in Revice so far, the Demons Driver does not physically hold the Vistamp that was used to transform. Afterwards, the user stores the Vistamp in a Vistamp Holder.
  • In the very first DX Demons Driver promotional video uploaded by Bandai, the belt's transformation sound was very different from the show.[2] The video was later replaced by an updated version with the correct voice lines by Kenjiro Tsuda.
  • While its nature of draining energy from/slowly damaging the user has parallels with previous devices, the Demons Driver is the first to not directly involve the trinkets it uses.
  • Instead of announcing the Vistamp's name, the Demons Driver announces these names for the following Vistamps:
    • Extra: Barid Rex, Volcano, Rolling, Holy Wing
    • Another: Toysaurus
  • Because the following Vistamps either have a similar motif to or are modified from an existing Vistamp, their representations on the Demons Driver's screen are simply recolored from the other Vistamp:
    • Condor: Eagle
    • White Leo: Lion
    • Quetzalcoatlus: Ptera
    • Neo Batta: Batta
    • Toysaurus: Rex




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