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Defspiral (stylized as defspiral, and briefly existing under the name Wilma-Sidr) is a Japanese visual kei rock band composed of most of the former members of the Underneath. When the Underneath disbanded in 2010,[1] most of the group was signed to Avex Mode to perform songs for the Kamen Rider Series. This occurred with a change to their style to suit a more mainstream and alternative rock audience.


Before entirely disbanding, the Underneath, sans Tal, reunited under the name Wilma-Sidr to perform "Leave all Behind", the theme song for Kamen Rider Accel for the Kamen Rider W soundtrack. "Leave all Behind" was released as a single on April 28, 2010.

The Wilma-Sidr line-up then reunited under the name Defspiral on Avex Group's Avex Mode label and released the single "DIVE INTO THE MIRROR", the opening theme song for TV Asahi broadcasts of Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.[2] Prior to the switch, Ryo had been serving as an arranger for songs on the Kamen Rider Kiva and Kamen Rider Decade soundtracks.

After the contract with Avex ended, Defspiral signed onto Pony Canyon's Knowledge Alliance/PCI Music imprint, releasing singles "Twilight" and "Revolver" in 2010, and released "Melody/Story" independently and via Sonic Scope Records in 2011. The Defspiral members also worked on the musical Pink Spider inspired by the music of deceased X Japan guitarist hide in 2011.[3] The group's debut album Progress was released in late October 2011, showing a stronger musical style with only the solo guitarist.[4] On December 7, Defspiral released a 4-track maxi single titled "Reply -Tribute to hide-" as a tribute to the late hide, who signed the members' previous band Transtic Nerve to his label. It is composed of cover's of his songs "Pink Spider", "Doubt", "Rocket Dive" and "Flame".[5]

They covered Luna Sea's "Rosier" for Crush! 3 - 90's V-Rock Best Hit Cover Love Songs-, which was released on June 27, 2012 and features current visual kei bands covering love songs by visual kei bands of the 90's.[6]


  • Taka – vocals
  • Masato – guitar
  • Ryo – bass
  • Masaki – drums


As Wilma-Sidr


As Defspiral

  • Progress (2011, Plug)


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