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Deathmatch! Monster Snowman vs. Two Riders (死斗!怪人スノーマン対二人のライダー Shitō! Kaijin Sunōman Tai Futari no Raidā) is the fortieth episode of the original Kamen Rider series.

It sees the return of the first Kamen Rider, Takeshi Hongo, who last appeared in episode 13 before heading off to fight Shocker in Europe, leaving the protection of Japan to Hayato Ichimonji. This is the first appearance of Hiroshi Fujioka as Hongo following the motorcycle stunt accident which forced him to leave the show, having made his last full appearance in episode 10, with a combination of reused footage and a voice actor being used to fill in before Takeshi Sasaki was brought in to replace him in the lead. Thus, this marks the first time the two Kamen Riders appear and fight together.

Following the showdown with Colonel Zol in the previous episode, it introduces the new commander of Shocker's Japan operations, Doctor Death. It also features the introduction of two new allies, Emi and Mika, who assisted Hongo in Europe.


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  • The opening and ending sequences are updated, the first major change since Ichimonji's debut in episode 14, though still solely featuring Hayato Ichimonji as Kamen Rider as well as retaining both themes, Let's Go!! Rider Kick (Masato Shimon ver.) and Kamen Rider no Uta. Several scenes are reshot, most notably the shot on Kamen Rider's face over which the show title appears. Other changes include the monster gallery which appears during the opening narration, now consisting of Armadillong, Molung, Poison-Dahlian, Test Wolf Man, Rayking, and Egyptus. The fight on a bridge between Kamen Rider and Spider Man with his Combatants at the start of the ending sequence is retained but is now followed by Kamen Rider facing off against Wolf Man, then Poison-Dahlian, then both monsters as well as Wolfsbane.
  • Though the narrator refers to Hongo as the "first Kamen Rider", he and Ichimonji would not be respectively referred to as Kamen Rider 1 (仮面ライダー1号 Kamen Raidā Ichigō) and Kamen Rider 2 (仮面ライダー2号 Kamen Raidā Nigō) until the last episode.
  • No mention is made of Ruriko Midorikawa, Hongo's ally who appeared in the first 13 episodes and was said to have accompanied him when he left to Europe, instead Emi and Mika are introduced as Hongo's assistants.
  • This episode features the first performance of the Rider Double Kick, where both Riders together strike a target with their Rider Kicks. However, it is not referred to as such for now, Hongo and Ichimonji merely call out "Rider Kick!".
  • Footage from this episode, featuring the Double Riders' fight against Snowman, is featured as part of Tobei Tachibana's retrospective in episode 27 of Kamen Rider X.

Digital Releases

  • Kamen Rider DVD Volume 7 features episodes 38-43.[1]
  • Kamen Rider Blu-ray Volume 2 features episodes 27-52.[2]


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