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Day After Tomorrow is the Kamen Rider Blade Edition of S.I.C. Hero Saga, based on Kamen Rider Blade. It follows the story of the series after the TV series' finale and features characters from the Missing Ace movie. The new character introduced in the story is Joker (Kazuma Kenzaki ver.) (ジョーカー(剣崎一真ver.) Jōkā (Kenzaki Kazuma ver.)).

Two other special editions of the Hero Saga stories also feature Blade characters: Hero Saga Special Edition: King featuring Kamen Rider Garren King Form (仮面ライダーギャレン・キングフォーム Kamen Raidā Gyaren Kingu Fōmu) and Hero Saga Special Edition: Clover featuring Kamen Rider Leangle Jack Form (仮面ライダーレンゲル・ジャックフォーム Kamen Raidā Rengeru Jakku Fōmu). Day After Tomorrow ran in the February through May 2007 issues of Monthly Hobby Japan magazine, King was featured in the May 2008 issue, and Clover was featured in the June 2008 issue.

Chapter titles

The Melancholy of Mutsuki Kamijo


Blade crashes the front door into Jacaranda Cafe.

The Melancholy of Mutsuki Kamijo (上城睦月の憂鬱 Kamijō Mutsuki no Yūutsu)

It has been a year since Kazuma Kenzaki transformed into Navy Joker and everyone is throwing a graduation party for Mutsuki and Nozomi. It was supposedly to celebrate them for getting into university but Mutsuki didn’t. All of all sudden, Blade bursts in from the front door and attacks Hajime.

The Blunder of Sakuya Tachibana


Garren riding Red Rhombus while firing with his Garren Rouzer.

The Blunder of Sakuya Tachibana (橘朔也の失策 Tachibana Sakuya no Shissaku)

Everyone is confused but then Garren shows up in the window and starts firing at Blade. He explains that he and Chief Karasuma were conducting on a research on how to turn Kenzaki and Hajime into humans by unsealing the Chameleon Undead, an Undead with similar powers to the Joker allowing it to copy the form and ability of anything it sees, and tries to copy this ability to the Jokers. However, it escaped and transforms into an imitation of Kamen Rider Blade by using the the BOARD data that he had stolen while chasing after Hajime due to his nature of being a Battle Fight competitor.


Blade assumes Jack Form.

Tachibana hands over Hajime and Mutsuki’s cards and the Leangle Rouzer as they fight the fake Blade, but it transforms into Jack Form. Mutsuki remains useless as none of his powers grants him the ability to fly.

The Howl of Hajime Aikawa

The Howl of Hajime Aikawa (相川始の咆哮 Aikawa Hajime no Hōkō)


Navy Joker as Blade King Form.

Tachibana warns Hajime as the Chameleon Undead has all of the BOARD data making it easy for him to fight. The Chameleon Undead transforms into King Form and finishes off the Riders.

With all of hope seems lost, Hajime even forced himself to evolve into Joker Undead but the fake Rider itself outsmarts him leaving a heavy wound on his chest.

As the Rider about to finish Leangle, Joker steps in and takes the blow. At first he thinks that it was Hajime/Chalice but it has no slash mark and he was lying after sustaining the damage on its chest.

Tachibana quickly tosses the Joker the Blay Buckle, Rouse Absorber and the Suit of Spades Rouse Cards in understanding.

The Mentality of Kazuma Kenzaki

The Mentality of Kazuma Kenzaki (剣崎一真の心情 Kenzaki Kazuma no Shinjō)

After the Chameleon Undead has been defeated and sealed, all of Blade's items were left neatly on the floor.

Nozomi arrives late for the party, and tells Mutsuki that a letter arrived written that he did manage to get into university after all.[1]


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