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Icon-faiz.png This article is about a Rider in Kamen Rider 555.

Dark Slasher (ダークスラッシャー, Dāku Surasshā) is a rider from Kamen Rider 555 Stage: Ultimate Battle, Kamen Rider Super Decisive Battle and is of non-Asian origin.


She was one of the Dark Riders hired by the new president of Smart Brain, first appeared as a guard. She was ordered by the new president of Smart Brain to kill Kamen Rider Knight and Kamen Rider Zolda. She first battled Zolda, and later killed Knight and Snake Orphnoch. She later reappeared and was later caught by Kamen Rider Agito and Kamen Rider Kuuga, and was defeated by Ryuki's Final Vent.


  • Super Human Strength: She shows stronger strength than Zolda.


  • Dark Slasher Driver - Dark Slasher's transformation device.
    • Dark Slasher Phone - The control unit of the Dark Slasher Gear.
      • Dark Slasher Mission Memory - A small metallic card key containing the information of the Dark Slasher Armor.
  • Dark Slasher Edge - A lightsabre-like sword


  • Dark Slasher´s suit resembles SolJeanne from Super Rescue Soldier Solbrain.