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Sagittarius opening the portal to the Dark Nebula

The Dark Nebula (ダークネビュラ Dāku Nebyura) is a dimensional labyrinth created by the negative Cosmic Energy produced from a Zodiarts' creation. It was first thought to be utilized by Kuniteru Emoto, the Virgo Zodiarts, to imprison Zodiarts failures or Mitsuaki Gamou's enemies. But in reality, Emoto was sending people to the M-BUS's secret compartment where they were placed in stasis.

The true Dark Nebula's main usage was for Gamou to use the power of the Horoscope Switches and use the Dark Nebula as a warp point to travel the cosmos to meet the Presenters. However, the use of the Dark Nebula in this fashion would have calamitous effects on the planet, one aspect being the total destruction of Japan.


  • In real world astronomy, a dark nebula is an interstellar cloud that obscures light from emission and reflection nebulas, as well as background stars; yet are also the spawning grounds for stars and planets.
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