This article is about a/an transformation device in Kamen Rider Kiva.

―Transformation announcement[src]

"Garulu/Basshaa/Dogga Fūin da!"
―Arms monster sealing announcement[src]

"Buroon Booster!"
―Buroon Booster combination announcement[src]

"Castle Doran!"
―Castle Doran summoning announcement[src]

"Wake Up (1/2/3)!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

The Transformation Belt Dark Kivat Belt (変身ベルト ダークキバットベルト Henshin Beruto Dāku Kibatto Beruto) is a means of transforming into Kamen Rider Dark Kiva. Similar to how Kiva transforms, it has Kivat-bat the 2nd bite the user, and then perch upside down on the Power Roost (パワールースト Pawā Rūsuto) of the belt's Dark Kibuckle (ダークキバックル Dāku Kibakkuru) to complete the transformation, separating from the belt when certain conditions demand for it like Fuestle-blowing. The Dark Kivat Belt also has six Fueslots to hold the six Fuestles.

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