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Dark Hopper (ダークホッパー Dāku Hoppā) is an alternate form of Kaoru Kino's personal bike summoned with the power of the Ank Point belt.


Dark Hopper has the following parts: [1]

  • Dark Eye (ダークアイ Dāku Ai): Headlights that become the eyes of the Dark Hopper. It can recognize obstacles and locks on to the target during an attack. It also has a fluoroscopy function. it can see through an item that's 15m thick and transmit the obtained information to Kamen Rider Another Agito's brain.
  • Dark Head (ダークヘッド Dāku Heddo): The cowl. It changes at the molecular level and is not damaged by any impact.
  • Hopper Wing (ホッパーウィング Hoppā U~ingu): A wing that allows the bike to jump around 10m high. It is composed of four pieces and can slide freely with the glider function.
  • Hopper Tail (ホッパーテール Hoppā Tēru): Acts as a balancing device when driving at maximum speed. In addition to having a radar function to detect enemies behind the bike, it can also put up a smoke screen to confuse enemies.
  • Force Wheel (フォースホイール Fōsu Hoīru): Tires in which Kamen Rider Another Agito's cells are incorporated. They can drive up steep slopes of about 80 degrees and will never puncture. Moreover, the Ank Point provides drive power to the two wheels.
  • Hopper Heart (ホッパーハート Hoppā Hāto): A circulator that supplies Alter Force to the engine. It temporarily accumulates and manages the Alter Force sent from the “Philosopher's Stone” possessed by Kamen Rider Another Agito.

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