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Dark Deception is the thirty-sixth episode of Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.


Xaviax realizes that Adam is having second thoughts about betraying his friends. He disguises himself to look like Eubulon and attacks Adam in order to turn him against the Advent Master. The real Eubulon tells Kit and Maya about his history on Ventara and why he created the Kamen Riders.


As Eubulon heals Hunt's injuries, Kit tells Adam how Xaviax used his dad against him. Kit and Kase then go out and battle some mirror monsters. Len, Chance and Pryce look for the next transmitter in Africa and Pryce suspects that Adam isn't telling them everything. Xaviax sees Adam is having second thoughts about betraying the Riders so he diguises himself as Eubulon then berates and fights him. Kit and Maya ask Eubulon about Ventara and he explains he is from Karsh, where Xaviax was the leader, and built the teleportation technology but had a change of heart and created the Riders to stop Xaviax. The Riders disable the transmitter and return to the base where the last one is finally located.


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Advent Cards

  • Cards used:
    • Dragon Knight:
      • Sword Vent
    • Wing Knight:
      • Sword Vent, Final Vent
    • Torque:
      • Shoot Vent
    • Strike:
      • Sword Vent, Final Vent
    • Onyx:
      • Sword Vent
    • Advent Master (Xaviax):
      • Sword Vent, Speed Vent


  • This episode is the last episode to air on TV before the show's cancellation. The remaining episodes were streamed onto the 4Kids' website.

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