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Dangerous Identity (危ういアイデンティティー Ayaui Aidentitī) is the fifth episode of Kamen Rider Build. It features the debut of Build's NinninComic Form and the 4Koma Ninpoutou.


The Master of Cafe Nascita, Souichi Isurugi, who has been looking after Sento Kiryu with his memory loss, had kept the other Pandora Box Panel hidden! Such a panel should only be under the possession of Faust, but why does he have it? Isurugi suddenly starts to explain. Meanwhile, journalist Sawa enters the cafe with some astonishing information. She has found someone who knows about Sento's past...


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Guest Casts

Suit Actors


  • Bottle used:
    • Build
      • Biotic: Taka, Rabbit, Lion (in Build Phone), Ninjya
      • Abiotic: Gatling, Tank, Comic
    • Night Rogue
      • Bat
    • Blood Stalk
      • Cobra
  • Form used:
    • Build
      • HawkGatling Form, RabbitTank Form, NinninComic Form


Build EP5 CS
  • Closing Screen Fullbottles:
    • Kamen Rider: Build
    • Fullbottles:
      • Biotic: Ninjya
      • Abiotic: Comic
  • Count at episode end
    • Bottles in Build's possession:
      • Biotic: Rabbit, Gorilla, Taka, Ninjya, Harinezumi, Lion, Kaizoku
      • Abiotic: Tank, Diamond, Gatling, Comic, Soujiki, Light
    • Bottles in Ryuga's possession: Dragon
    • Bottles in Night Rogue's possession:
      • Biotic: Bat
      • Abiotic: Rocket
    • Bottles in Blood Stalk's possession: Cobra
  • This is the first time Soichi and Misora join the narration.
  • During the initial concept of NininComic, Sento tried to match the Comic Full Bottle with the Kaizoku Full Bottle. This may be a homage to the popular One Piece series, which is a manga (comic), about kaizokus (pirates).
Build pneumatic tubes shortcut
  • When Build transforms from HawkGatling Form to RabbitTank Form, rather than having the full Snap Ride Builder appear, a quick transition effect of the Builder's pneumatic tubes appear in its place. This would be utilized in future episodes, likely as a trend by the production crew to save on the CGI budget.

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