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Dangerous! Don't Enter Where Refrigerator Monster is In!! (危い!冷蔵庫怪人の中に入るな!! Abunai! Reizōko Kaijin no Naka ni Hairu na!!) is the thirty-eighth episode of Kamen Rider Super-1.


An old refrigerator draws in people who open it, leading them into a world of their dreams. But what is the true purpose behind it?


Harumi and Masako tell the Junior Rider Team that they will be focusing on cleaning and maintaining their bikes. Most of the boys find the idea boring and sneak off to play hide and seek. Seeing this, Masaru follows.

After determining that Daisuke will be the one looking, Ryō and Mamoru hide behind an old, discarded refrigerator. Mamoru contemplates hiding inside the fridge, but Ryō tells him not to, talking about reports of kids getting trapped inside refrigerators. When the fridge starts to move, however, the boys open it to look inside and get drawn in. Daisuke opens the fridge when he goes to look for the others and gets drawn in, as well. Shigeru and Takeshi, tired of waiting for Daisuke to find them, also get drawn into the fridge when they go looking for him. Masaru then stands up, having witnessed them all disappearing, and tries to tell Harumi, Masako, and Michiru when they find him. Harumi and Michiru don’t believe him, scolding him before going to look in the fridge. The both of them get drawn in, leaving Masako and Masaru alone.

Inside the fridge tunnel, Harumi and Michiru find the others safe, but in an unknown tunnel. Harumi jokes around to try to lighten the mood, but Michiru tells her this isn’t the time. As the cold within the tunnel sets in, Harumi suggests they start following it, if only to avoid freezing.

From their hideout, the officers of Jin Dogma observe the tunnel. Doctor Ghost explains the purpose of the tunnel as a gateway to the Jin Dogma nation. Commander Onibi criticizes the plan, but Staff Officer Witch and Princess Yōkai seem to agree the plan will work, with the former explaining that children who see the nation will readily join up with Jin Dogma.

At the end of the tunnel, Harumi and the others find a garden full of flowers and children running around. They look around and explore in awe.

Kazuya, Tani, and Choro arrive where the fridge is and ask Masaru about it. Tani and Choro doubt him, but Masako backs up the story, having seen Harumi and Michiru get drawn in. The fridge starts shaking again, and Kazuya decides the only way to save Harumi and the others is to go in himself and, once the others are clear, opens the fridge and climbs inside. In the tunnel, Kazuya meets the monster Kogoenbee, who blocks his path and tells him Doctor Ghost’s plan before attacking him. Kazuya transforms to avoid being frozen by Kogoenbee’s freezing gas, but the monster simply taunts hims and disappears.

Back in the would beyond the tunnel, Harumi and the others find a shoreline with some tide pools, where they look for hermit crabs and seashells. They’re approached by a colorfully-dressed man with bodyguards, who greets them and introduces himself as the governor of the youth nation, Utopian. He explains that Utopian is the place they are in now, beyond the Fourth-Dimension Tunnel.

Meanwhile, Super-1 arrives in Utopian and immediately begins looking around for the others.

The governor shows Harumi and the others around, showing off the garden and the animals within. They end up inside of a house, where the governor gives them a quick tour before calling them over to a small viewing area. There, he demonstrates how people in Utopian learn by having information beamed directly into their memories via electromagnetic waves. Harumi is skeptical and asks what will happen to their cognitive abilities, to which the governor tells her there is no need to think. He then shows them to the kitchen, which makes food at the press of a button. The children use it to make food and go to eat.

Kazuya, back in civilian form, runs into some military police-type figures while looking around. They declare Kazuya suspicious and take him away.

Back at the house, the children eat and play as a troubled Harumi tries to rally them and figure out what’s going on. When it doesn’t work, she goes to watch television and sees a broadcast from Marshal Demon calling the people of Utopian to arms to fight for Jin Dogma. Harumi panics and alerts the others, but Kogoenbee appears, explaining how they got there and telling them they can’t get out until he’s dead. The governor, now in his true form as Doctor Ghost, enters the house with some police in an attempt to persuade them to join Jin Dogma. When that fails, Doctor Ghost has the police take them to the slave district.

Kazuya, already in the slave district, watches as the vehicle carrying Harumi and the Junior Rider Team pulls up and the guards usher them off. He runs to meet them, and explains how those who refuse to swear loyalty to Jin Dogma are being forced to work as slaves. Kogoenbee interrupts them, telling them war will begin soon and that the slaves are all to be sent to the front line as human shields. He then takes out a whip and attacks Kazuya with it repeatedly, When the others try to stop the monster, he lashes the whip in their direction before reminding them of their fate and storming off. On the way out of the gate, he tells the guards to allow Kazuya to escape.

Kazuya mentions that they have a chance to escape before attacking the guards, allowing all the other slaves to get away. He continues to fight the guards as they go after the slaves before joining the escape.

He then catches up to Harumi and the others, helping to lead the escape as Kogoenbee and a group of Jin Fighters watch from a distance. Kogoenbee declares that Kazuya has fallen into his trap and sends the fighters after the entire group. Kazuya tells the others to run into the forest while he holds the attackers off. Everyone else flees as a fight ensues. After some of the Jin Fighters go down, Kogoenbee gets angry and challenges Kazuya himself. Kazuya fights Kogoenbee back before transforming. The monster orders the rest of the Jin Fighters to attack, but Super-1 easily dispatches them. He then calls Kogoenbee out, and they fight. Kogoenbee attacks with his freezing gas, nearly pushing Super-1 off a waterfall. Super-1, however, gets away before retaliating with the Thermal Hands’ Ultra-Scorching Flames, damaging the monster. Super-1 ultimately defeats Kogoenbee with a Super Rider Moon Surface Kick.

Back in the junkyard where the refrigerator was, Choro and Masako are praying for the safe return of the others. Just then, all the people taken by the fridge appear out of nowhere, and everyone expresses relief at seeing one another. Kazuya cuts the reunion short, though, telling everyone to take the whole ordeal as a lesson to not climb into old refrigerators and there is no studying without effort.



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DVD Release

Super-1 DVD Vol 4

Kamen Rider Super-1 Volume 4

Kamen Rider Super-1 Volume 4 features episodes 37-48.[1]


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