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Kong 2

Daita learns that the Monster League had been exploited by Banba.

Daita Kondou (近藤 大太 Kondō Daita) is a member of the Monster League and is nicknamed "Kong" (コング Kongu) due to his large stature and height. Like the other members of the Monster League, he's an exceptional psychic.

In a fight, he uses telekinesis on himself to lift himself to body slam into his foes. His thick body allows him to endure hits that would normally stun or floor others. He makes a great tag-team fighter with fellow Monster League member Nezumi.

Behind the scenes


Daita Kondou is portrayed by Kazuyoshi Nagazawa (中澤 兼利 Nagazawa Kazuyoshi). As a child, Daita is portrayed by Taiga Sakamoto (坂本 大河 Sakamoto Taiga).


Kondou's nickname Kong comes from a character in the Inazuman manga known as King Kong. He was originally a part of a gang aligned with the Neo-Human Empire until he was betrayed by the gang leader and became Saburo's friend.

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