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Chief Editor Daisuke Okubo (大久保 大介 Ōkubo Daisuke) is the boss at the ORE Journal.


Daisuke is a caring boss who doesn't see his employees as just his workers, but rather part of his family or sees them collectively as a group of friends. He is easily approachable but he also has a tendency to jump to conclusions such as when Shinji was arrested. His wise words are commonly sought after by Shinji as shown on many occasions where Shinji asked him for advice.


Daisuke and Shinji were apparently friends even before the man who would become Ryuki became part of ORE journal, as they fondly refer to each other as sempai and kohai respectively.

As the Chief-Editor, Daisuke was not one to go out and report on news stories but when stories started to flare up towards the latter half of the series he took a more active role. The first main story he helped cover was the jailbreak of Asakura Takeshi when he assisted Shinji in relaying information to and from the police. After that, he continued to stay at the office. After posting Shimada's picture online of a Mirror Monster in the glass, ORE Journal lost hundreds (possibly even thousands) of subscribers, causing Daisuke to close the Office and continue the legacy of ORE Journal at the Cafe. Eventually, he was able to pay off all the debt on everything he owned at the office and was able to begin using it again. From then onwards, he usually spent most of his time investigating Shiro Kanzaki and the existence of Mirror World and its Mirror Monsters.

After he discovered that Shinji was Ryuki, he and Reiko were able to complete their investigation of Mirror World and Daisuke was responsible for publishing the article that ousted Mirror World and its inhabitants, but not before giving Shinji the words he needed to finally find his resolve to end the Rider War.

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