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"Treasures are irreplaceable."
―Daiki's boast when stealing a treasure[src]

"It'll only hurt for a moment."
―Diend's warning before using a Final Form Ride Card on a Rider for the first time.[src]

Daiki Kaito (海東 大樹 Kaitō Daiki) is Kamen Rider Diend (仮面ライダーディエンド Kamen Raidā Diendo, Masked Rider Diend), who is one of the fictional characters and secondary Kamen Rider in the Kamen Rider Series of Kamen Rider Decade.


World of Blade

"Hey, you. You still haven't eaten... a sea cucumber, Tsukasa?"
―Daiki Kaito’s first line[src]
Though he briefly appeared in Blade's World, revealing he knows Tsukasa, Daiki found nothing worth taking. Blade Blade

World of Faiz

Arriving in Faiz's World ahead of Tsukasa, Daiki witnesses Faiz's battle with the Butterfly Orphnoch and was unable to catch him to acquire his Faiz Gear. When Tsukasa arrives in Faiz's World, Daiki reveals that Faiz is among the student body and warns him not to meddle in his affairs. However, as Tsukasa decides to find Faiz, Daiki gets Lucky Clover's aid by showing them the photograph that Faiz dropped during the fight under the assumption he wanted to join their group, leaving them to attack Yuri before Takumi becomes Faiz to protect her. Daiki then attempts to run away from school, but realizes that he needs to stay and make sure the belt is in proper hands.

When the Orphnochs acquire the belt, Daiki reveals his true intentions as he becomes Diend. He kills the Centipede Orphnoch before he and Decade fight over the Faiz Gear until Takumi regains it, later disposing of it. But in spite of being told Takumi had something more precious than the Faiz Gear, Daiki takes the Ride Booker from Tsukasa in an attempt to take the Faiz Gear from him. Narutaki whisks Tsukasa away to fight Kamen Rider Ryuga, but Daiki interrogates Kiva-la on the location to save Tsukasa, claiming that the Faiz Gear is what he came for as he gives Tsukasa back his Ride Booker.

However, during the Lucky Clover invasion of the Smart Brain School, Daiki returns once again to Tsukasa and Takumi's aid, returning the Faiz Driver to Takumi. After the fight, Daiki claims the Orga Gear for himself out of rubble while seeing it as the "more precious treasure" Tsukasa spoke of, leaving a little note on the painting of Agito's World as a warning not to meddle in his affairs again, which further irritates Tsukasa. Faiz High School's Phantom Thief 555 Faces, 1 Treasure

World of Agito


Diend summons Delta and Drake.

In Agito's World, Daiki is training along with Yusuke and others to become the next G3-X user. Acquiring the position, it is only revealed later that Daiki's real goal in Agito's World is to steal the newly created G4 chip that was stored in Ashikawa's locker, Yusuke confronts him until Toko arrives and blasts the chip to bits. Daiki later aided Yusuke in protecting Ashikawa, only to find out what he possessed to be more precious than the G4 Chip. However, seeing that to be his Agito powers, Diend leaves the fight scene to the next world as he could not take it with him. Reunion: Project Agito Awakening: Tornado of Souls

World of Den-O

In Den-O's World, Kaito attempts to coax the Imagin Momotaros, who took Yusuke's body, into allowing him to use a Final Form Ride card on him to become a DenLiner. When M-Yusuke refuses, he is fought ragged by Diend until he leaves him to reconsider his offer.

However, when he offered again, Decade takes the card from Diend while defending Momotaros before helping him regain his self and form. Super Den-O Beginning Here Comes Super Momotaros! Sticking around Den-O's World, Diend sneaks aboard the DenLiner to the past where his summoned Riders were used by Urataros, Kintaros, and Ryutaros. Cho Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade Neo Generations: The Onigashima Warship

World of Kabuto

In Kabuto's World, interested in the Clock Up ability of the Kamen Riders, Diend saves Decade from TheBee and Gatack, fighting the latter by himself as he is further impressed by the Clock Up System and proceeds to get it from Kabuto. But after the attempt blew up in his face, Daiki receives a "treasure" from Tsukasa which was actually a vial of pepper. Warning: Kabuto Running Amok The Grandma Way of Taste

World of Hibiki

In Hibiki's World, after an attempt to rob Hibiki, Daiki learns from Asumu of the three scrolls owned by the three Oni schools. Working his way in Zanki's school, he makes a preposition to aid him in settling things with Ibuki and his school. However, during the fight with Decade, Diend reveals his true colors after stealing the Zanki and Ibuki school scrolls and having Momotaros cover his escape. He then admits to get the last scroll from Hibiki who blocks his path and gives him his Onkaku to give to Asumu along with his final request. The next day, Daiki uses Asumu to distract Hibiki lost enough to steal the scroll, invoking the man's change into Gyuki to cover his escape. However, after reading the scrolls, Daiki returns to give Asumu the Onkaku in order to see the harmony of the three Ongekidō styles. He takes his leave soon after, though thanked by Asumu and the others in spite of his protest that his motives were selfish. Idle Hibiki Ending Journey

World of Negatives

He is seen again in the Negative World, following Tsukasa before he overheard Otoya speaking of treasure that attracts the thief into fighting alongside Decade against the Dark Riders. Though he gained the treasure (through the use of paper airplanes), the K-Touch, Diend loses it during the fight. The Nega-World's Dark Riders The Walking All-Rider Album

World of Diend

Returning to his home world, Daiki meets up with his old friends Haruka and Shin as they fight Darkroaches as Larc and Lance, the latter blaming him for Junichi's brainwashing. Tsukasa approaches Daiki after Natsumi and Yusuke have also been brainwashed by the evil Fourteen, and Daiki agrees to help Tsukasa, Haruka, and Shin defeat Fourteen and his brother who can transform into Glaive. Together, they reveal Fourteen's true form as Jashin 14 and destroy him, freeing everyone from brainwashing. However, Junichi revealed he was never under Fourteen's control and was working for him on his own free will. Diend and Glaive fight, though neither has the will to kill the other, especially after Tsukasa tells them that brothers must look after each others, no matter what. Wanted: Diend End of Diend

World of Shinkenger

Junichi and Daiki go their separate ways as Daiki travels to the next world, with the intent to obtain the Shinkengers' OrigamiIcon-crosswiki. Starting with Genta Umemori'sIcon-crosswiki Ika OrigamiIcon-crosswiki, Daiki runs off with Genta in pursuit. Deciding to fight him as he cannot lose him, Daiki gets an unexpected visit from Chinomanako who steals his Diendriver and hounds him until he makes his way to Tsukasa who has Yusuke take him back to the Hikari Studio. He eventually gets it back from Shinken Gold when Chinomanako is destroyed by the combination of Decade, Kuuga, and the Shinkengers in exchange for the origami he stole. The Arrival of the Samurai Sentai Heretic Rider, Go Forth!

World of Black RX

In BLACK RX's World, Diend's next attempt treasure is the Perfecter from Apollo Geist, whom Tsukasa used it to restore Natsumi into life. RX! Dai-Shocker Attack Black × Black RX

World of Amazon

In Amazon's World Diend appears again looking for the GaGa Armlet. Diend manages to infiltrate the Dai-Shocker base and learns the armlet is in the possession of Llumu Qhimil. He joins Decade and Amazon in a fight against the ten faced demon and after GiGi Armlet is stolen from Amazon, Narutaki presents Kaito with a card that will make Diend stronger on the condition that he defeats Decade. Kaito takes the card but says that there are other options as well. Kaito then appears to tell the gang that the boy who stole the GiGi Armlet, Masahiko is being subjected to Dai-Shocker's Human to Monster project. Diend then battles with Decade and Amazon having recovered the GiGi Armlet and manages to steal the GaGa Armlet from Llumu Qhimil until Decade uses an Attack Ride Card to take it from him. The riders then destroy Llumu Qhimil and Diend joins the Hikairi Photo Studio as a traveling partner into another world. They end up in the worst possible world as they enter the World of the Rider War from Natsumi's nightmare. Amazon, Friend The Strong, Naked, Strong Guy

World of Decade

Daiki joins the Rider Battle Tournament as one of the final winners, he shows himself and telling Tsukasa is too rush and makes Daiki only able to steal GiGi Armlet from the defeated Kamen Rider Amazon. When the tag team battle start, he tags with Tsukasa and Yusuke to fight Kamen Rider V3, Super-1, and Black only to run away by using Attack Ride Invisible card after delivering Attack Ride Blast card to attack to all participants. He later infiltrate Dai-Shocker with disguising as one of the Shocker trooper, show himself when protecting Natsumi and Narutaki from Shockers attack. When Narutaki makes a suggestion to call all the surviving riders to stop Dai-Shocker, Daiki makes a stupid decision to invite Kamen Rider Ouja and KickHopper to join alliance with him. Of course due of their wild nature, they are willing to join Dai-Shocker instead join him to destroy them, when some of the Dai-Shocker armies appeared, Daiki and Natsumi are halted by Ouja and KickHopper when they want to make an escape. Daiki transforms into Kamen Rider Diend and summons Kamen Rider Gai, Raia, and PunchHopper to hold Ouja and KickHopper, make them finally managed to escape. However, General Jark overwhelmed him and before Daiki is finished, Tsukasa comes in aid. After General Jark is pinched, Daiki uses Dimensional Shoot to destroy the armies. Daiki and Tsukasa later heads to Dai-Shocker castle, only to be thrown by Ikadevil and Garagaranda with the rest of the surviving Dai-Shocker members. Nearly lost their winning chance, all previous Riders are coming in aid. In battle, he later finished off Ikadevil with Diend Edge tagged along with Tsukasa using Decade Photon and Momo Fang finisher, he is later being blown away by Onodera in Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Ultimate Form Pyrokinesis attack and shows up again on Kamen Rider J's Jumbo Form shoulder, claiming that it is his other hidden treasure to defeat King Dark. When J is defeated easily, Daiki uses Final Form Ride: Decade into Tsukasa so he transforms into a giant size of Decadriver and attached into J's waist, transforming him into Kamen Rider Decade Jumbo Formation Complete Form. After the battle, he returning Kamen Rider Amazon's GiGi Armlet and being claimed as friend by Amazon. At the end, he tells Tsukasa that it's not just his journey is his world, but also to all of them. Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker

World of the Rider War

In the World of the Rider War, Diend helps Asumu kill off Saga and his Fangire minions. Asumu explains to Daiki that there are some treasures that should never be taken. When Tsukasa goes to save Natsumi, Kaito appears to tell him about the trap Super Apollo Geist has planned but Tsukasa goes anyway, promising Kaito that if he dies Kaito can have the world. Diend helps Tsukasa fight Super Apollo Geist and the revived Kaijin even giving him a Diend Final Attack Ride to destroy Geist. But when the Rider War starts, he shoots Decade at point blank range marking future battles. Rider War: Prologue Destroyer of Worlds

Movie Wars 2010

In Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010, Decade Final Chapter, he tries to convince Natsumi to destroy the photographs of Tsukasa as they are only memories of who he used to be as Tsukasa has now accepted his fate as the Destroyer of Worlds as Decade Violent Emotion.

After Decade is destroyed, he and Natsumi meet Wataru Kurenai who explains Decade's role as a substitute for the riders of the A.R. Worlds. When Tsukasa is revived, Diend joins the fight against Super Shocker. After the battle, he is seen with the gang posing for a picture.

Post-series appearances

Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider The Movie: Cho Den-O Trilogy

Diend reappears in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider The Movie: Cho Den-O Trilogy. In the film, Daiki allows himself to become possessed by a Relict Imagin in order to travel back in time to November 22, 2008, and steal a gold-plated gun from the Kurosaki family estate, a heist he failed to perform on that date in the past.

DiEnd in Episode Yellow

Diend in Complete Form.

He allows the Spider Imagin to be destroyed and hitches a ride back in time on the DenLiner to attempt to cause a time paradox so he can be arrested by Kamen Rider G Den-O. This sets in motion a series of events that would allow Daiki to complete his plan, by getting his past self accidentally hit by Kurosaki and retrieve the golden gun before it gets damaged, thus putting it into his possession while opening his pursuer's eyes to what he should value more. Although his past self steals the golden gun from him and escapes, Daiki obtains a K-Touch from Kurosaki and gains his own Complete Form and destroys Kamen Rider G Den-O. He later on steals Ryotaro's coffee cup and notes that while he believes this to be his last meeting with Ryotaro, he won`t forget it. Episode Yellow: Treasure de End Pirates

OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Diend in Legend War

Diend as seen in Let's Go Kamen Riders.

Kamen Rider Diend was part of a group of reinforcement riders led by Akira Date/Kamen Rider Birth to aid the primary riders in defeating the Rock Great Leader. All the Kamen Riders got on their bikes and performed the All Rider Break attack which destroyed the Great Leader. OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen

DaikiKaito2 SHTaisen

Daiki is about to use the Big Machine.

As Tsukasa re-takes command of Dai-Shocker again to hunt down the Super Sentai teams, Daiki confronts Captain Marvelous and Dai-Zangyack hunting down Kamen Rider OOO and have a dispute on which of them would get a treasure. Unintentionally dragging Hina Izumi to the Dai-Shocker headquarters, Daiki meets Tsukasa who asks him to join Dai-Shocker. Daiki declines leaving with Hina and confronting Joe Gibken and Don Dogoier who had just lost their comrades to Decade. Joe recalling what Marvelous told him about Sentai and Riders attacks Daiki while Don and Hina break them up. Calming down after recalling that both sides lost comrades they get on the Gokai Galleon to plan their next course of action. With the idea of meeting Akarenger to prevent more calamities from happening, Daiki reveals a pudding cup he stole from Momotaros to hitch a ride on the Den-Liner to 1974. There they meet Akarenger defeating Baseball Mask and he comes with the heroes. However, once back in the present time, the remaining Riders and Sentai fight each other with Kamen Rider #1 and Akarenger revealed to only be Decade and GokaiRed in disguise. Betrayed by their former comrades, Joe and Daiki are supposedly killed by Gokai Red and Decade respectively.

Diend BigMachine SHTaisen

Diend pilots the Big Machine.

However, with the revelation that the deaths were just a trick to fool the evil organizations, the Riders and Sentai fight back. Unfortunately, Daiki was not pleased about being tricked, so he assembles Big Machine in revenge against Tsukasa. In Big Machine, Daiki battles Go-Buster Oh until it became augmented by Kamen Rider Fourze's S-Switches and Big Machine gets destroyed. Badly injured, but surviving the explosion Daiki returns Tsukasa's camera and tells him to find his own path while accepting Tsukasa's and Joe's friendship his way before taking his leave.

Chou Super Hero Taisen


Diend fights as part of the Kamen Riders' Blue Warrior Team. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen

Kamen Rider Zi-O

Our Goal 2019


Daiki Kaito in Zi-O

Elsewhere, a man in a white coat holding a blue gun looks at the city skyline from a rooftop and proclaims that the treasures of this world are not Tsukasa's to hoard.

Blade Joker!? 2019

Daiki returns in Zi-O, and like Tsukasa with an all-new transformation device, the Neo Diendriver where he sets his sights on Sougo's precious Ridewatches. He appears somewhere at the top of the building at night, and telling that Tsukasa should've not hogged all the 'treasures' by himself. When Tsukuyomi asks, Daiki Kaito appears and answers that it is a small gesture and to enjoy their meal before leaving, with Woz recognizing him. The boys soon realize that they have been robbed, as all the Ridewatches except for Black Woz's are gone.

They chase after the hospitable intruder and try to face him after avoiding being shot by his gun, only to realize that the Zi-O and Geiz Ridewatches were pick pocketed off of them by Daiki. Black Woz arrives and tells Geiz and Sougo that they man who robbed them is Kamen Rider Diend, an ally of Decade. Daiki is surprised and amused, asking if they have met Tsukasa already. Geiz orders Black Woz to get their Ridewatches back, but he doesn't seem interested in helping. Sougo orders him to do it, as Woz needs his master to have his Watches to achieve his goal. Black Woz reluctantly agrees as he is correct and becomes Kamen Rider Woz while Daiki becomes Diend. At first, it seems Woz is winning when he changes into Futuring Kikai form and knocks several Ridewatches off of him to be recovered by his robotic arms. However, Diend gets the upper hand by summoning Kamen Rider Baron and Knight to gang up on Woz. He tells Woz that they can have those treasures back and uses his Attack Ride: Neo Invisible card to get away. The summons of Baron and Knight vanish soon after.

At a substation, White Woz meets up with Daiki, having been the person who ordered the theft of the Ridewatches. He is upset when he doesn't see his Woz Ridewatch among the stolen items. Daiki says he only steals treasures that interest him and he wants for himself, smack talking to White Woz saying that if he wants his treasures so badly he should get them himself. Insulted but unsettlingly calm, White Woz manipulates reality so that his Black counterpart stumbles upon Daiki and fights him again. As Black Woz and Geiz walk several feet apart from each other, Black Woz falls under the Future Diary's spell and is forced against his will to come towards where Daiki is. Geiz then figures out what is going on and follows him.

Daiki and Black Woz meet up and after discussing how each were manipulated by White Woz, transform and fight. Geiz confronts White Woz, who says he is running out of time as the Day of Oma draws near and both of them must correct history to their path. Geiz isn't interested in White Woz's future and he himself is no savior. White Woz is disappointed and tells Geiz in that case, he will annihilate the world to prevent the rise of Oma Zi-O.

Summoned Accel & Birth

Diend summoned
Kamen Ride Accel & Birth

Diend and Woz continue their battle, with Woz changing into Futuring Shinobi to outmanuver Diends gunfire and put him in a hold so Geiz can take back his watches. Geiz refuses to help out of stubbornness and Diend breaks free, summoning Kamen Rider Accel and Birth. Diend uses his Tesla Bands to speed up and strike Woz, followed by Accel changing into Bike form and ramming Woz into the air while Birth barrages him with Cell Burst shots. Diend aims his Diendriver after loading his Final Attack Ride Diend Card, making a perfect shot just before Woz touches the ground. But it turns out what Diend was facing was a bunshin dummy, as Geiz says the real Woz is a master of deception and lies. Woz appears behind Diend from a puff of smoke and slashes him, knocking out the Geiz Ridewatch from Diend's possession. Geiz knew that he was merely a distraction, but takes his Ridewatch back after Woz tosses it to him and he prepares to transform to tag team against Diend.

2019: Trinity Has Begun!

The next day, he comes into 9 5 Do to prepare breakfast for Sougo and co. After he left, he is exposed immediately upon stealing all of the Ridewatches. Sougo and Geiz rushed to catch him in no time, only to be helpless as Daiki has stolen their Ridewatches too. Black Woz who is the only one with transformation power, faces Daiki and triumphs, despite he has summoned Kamen Rider Knight and Baron for his advantage. Daiki then retreats using the Neo Invisible AttackRide card. 

It is later revealed that he is asked by White Woz to steal Ridewatches. Much to White Woz’s disappointment, Daiki only gives him the Zi-O II and Geiz Revive Ridewatches instead of the Woz Miridewatch. White Woz asked why Daiki didn't steal the Woz Miridewatch too, Daiki reasoned that it is White Woz's treasure, Daiki tells him to take it by himself.

White Woz immediately set up Daiki to face on Black Woz with his note and Daiki notices that he can't run away from its power, accepting the setup. Battling Black Woz once again, Daiki seems to gain the advantage by summoning Kamen Rider Accel and Birth. But Daiki is caught off guard after he shoots Black Woz with Dimensional Shoot and Black Woz using Shinobi's substitution technique. Black Woz triumphs again over Daiki and takes back the Geiz Ridewatch. Daiki now faces both Black Woz and Geiz, exclaiming that he already gave the Zi-O II and Geiz Revive Ridewatches to someone else, later revealed to be White Woz.

After Geiz transforms, he and Black Woz managed to overpower Diend and he escapes after telling that he’s also a passing through Kamen Rider and Tsukasa’s friend. He reappears after the fight against Another Blade finished, with White Woz's future tablet in hand, his original target. It appears that he actually works for Oma Zi-O, and he relays the demon king's message to Sougo and Woz.

2019: Missing World

Daiki steal

Daiki takes away GrandZi-O Riderwatch from Sougo

He once again makes his appearance after witnessing Another Zi-O II defeating Sougo, and marks his new target. He soon enters Another Zi-O's palace to steal his Zi-O II Anotherwatch, which he successfully does, but is freezed by Swartz who returns the Watch to Another Zi-O. Swartz, for unknown reasons, makes Daiki go through a painful proccess and bestows Temporal Freezing powers on him.

Though suffering pain from the process, Daiki decides to test his powers, by freezing everyone in time (except Ora) and taking away the GrandZi-O Ridewatch from Sougo before taking his leave.

Other appearances

Kamen Rider Decade: The World of Tsukasa Kadoya ~The Garden Inside the Lens~

In the novel which is the reimagination of the TV series, Kaito is given a tragic past and is a very confused and troubled man. His entire family is brutally murdered in front of him. Out of desperation Kaito begs on his knees, hoping he’ll be spared, even going as far as to lick the murderer’s shoes. He eventually gets tired of his world and seeks to find a new one, along the way he finds the Diendriver and ends up working for Narutaki and there’s no real explanation for any of this. Here, he has no interest for stealing treasures, but it is however dropped after Kabuto’s world.

Arriving at their final destination, the world of Kabuto, where they meet Souji Tendou, still as arrogant and confident as ever, and considers himself as the strongest Rider ever. The group enters Bistro La Salle where Hiyori Kusakabe works. Hiyori sees Kaito and Tsukasa, dressed as a ZECTroopers, claiming that the two of them ate without paying. Tendou hears this and is enraged. The three of them fight and Tendou actually beats them with only a pair of chopsticks. Turns out it was a pair of Worms that ate without paying. Tsukasa and Kaito are eventually captured by ZECT, only to have Tendou save them. Tsukasa thanks him and says that he never thanks people. Tsukasa starts respecting Tendou. For some inexplicable reason, Tendou has the Clock Up Attack Ride Rider Card and gives it to Tsukasa after he realizes that he is Kamen Rider Decade. Tsukasa uses the Clock Up card as Kuuga, meaning the Attack Ride cards aren’t restricted to their respective Riders in the novel. In the end, the Worms that impersonate both Tsukasa and Kaito have been defeated. As the fight is over the trio goes back to Tsukasa’s world.

Between all the traveling, a vampire has been attacking in Tsukasa’s world, leaving behind drained corpses. The group investigates and they find out that Narutaki is the vampire. Just like the group, Narutaki originally had his own homeworld, but abandoned it to find a new one. However, he’s been traveling for so long that his mind has been deteriorating and can barely remember who he really is. He was originally a human, but somehow in his journeys, he had lost his humanity. The Kamen Riders have a very pure energy that Narutaki seeks to consume: the Rider Cards. Thus, he sends Kaito to steal them for him. Kaito reveals his betrayal towards the team and gives Narutaki Tsukasa's 9 Heisei Rider Cards and Narutaki reveals his real form: a red-hued demon. Kaito suddenly has a change of heart, and sacrifices himself to save Tsukasa.

A few decades after Tsukasa and Natsumi's final confrontation with Narutaki, Kaito revives as an unchanged young man and reappears in front of an elderly Tsukasa. Kaito tells him it’s time to visit Natsumi’s world. There they are greeted by a young Natsumi, and Tsukasa finds himself as a young man again. Kamen Rider Decade: The World of Tsukasa Kadoya ~The Garden Inside the Lens~

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider: Battride War

Kamen Rider Diend appears as a secondary Rider in the video game Kamen Rider: Battride War.

Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis


Kamen Rider Diend in Battride War Genesis.

This is Diend's playable appearance since the two previous game only sees him as an NPC-ally. Diend is a summoner, teleport user, long-range shooter and trapster. To match the TV series and movies, Diend uses his Tesla Band super speed dash attack as his transportation. His special attacks are: Attack Ride - Blast and Barrier separately, and Dimensional Shot

As Diend Complete form was never made it for an unknown reason involving on modelling both Orga, Glaive and Kabuki requires amount of time to hold the game's release, Diend uses his first Dimensional Shot long-range beam as a super.

His Kamen Rider summons are:


Kamen Rider Diend 4(mid-henshin)

Diend's mid-transformation

Daiki is a mysterious young man who is portrayed as being cheerful to the extent of being annoying to those around him, but becomes serious in battle and sees material objects as more important than anything else. Narutaki, aware that Daiki is Diend, avoids getting in his way. He also appears to know about Tsukasa's past, referring to sea cucumbers as being something Tsukasa had always wanted to taste. He travels from A.R. World to A.R. World, stealing what he refers to as "treasures".

It is revealed that he comes from an A.R. World (referred to as the "World of Diend") where he was an officer who served the evil Fourteen who has deemed Kamen Riders as threats to the public peace. Daiki hunted them down and turned them in for education until he captured the leader of the Kamen Riders: Kamen Rider Glaive. When Glaive is unmasked, he is revealed to be Daiki's older brother Junichi.

By then, Daiki learns the truth that Fourteen brainwashes people, powerless to stop him. Losing his self-confidence and seeking to undo all of the mistakes he had caused, Daiki stole the Diendriver from Dai-Shocker, becoming Kamen Rider Diend and becomes Fourteen's new most wanted Kamen Rider.

He leaves his world, traveling to other worlds and taking their treasures as a means of self-delusion until he crosses paths with Kamen Rider Decade. Eventually, he does lackadaisically accept the Hikari Studio residents as "friends", even calling Decade a "comrade", though he is not beyond abandoning them without explanation, usually for his own self-interest. He also seems to be willing to steal from the weak and innocent, as he stole from Kurosaki when he was a child. This makes him one of the more questionable Secondary Riders when it comes to morality.

Powers and Abilities

  • Dimensional Travel: Like Tsukasa, Daiki can travel within worlds via Dimensional walls.
  • Thievery/Pickpocketing Skills: Daiki is a treasure hunter who travels the A.R. Worlds in search of treasures and can sometimes able to pickpocket from out of sight, even a past version of himself was able to steal the Kurosaki family's pistol heirloom from Daiki.
  • Temporal Freezing: Bestowed by Swartz against his will, Daiki possesses the Time Jackers' ability to freeze time. The first instance he tried out this power was to steal the GrandZi-O Ridewatch from Sougo Tokiwa. However, his ability is weak against Time Jackers, as Ora could survive the freeze.


He mostly appeared as Kamen Rider Diend. Only in Episode 12 of Kamen Rider Decade, he briefly wore G3-X suit.

Kamen Rider Diend's ending theme is entitled "Treasure Sniper".



Kamen Rider Diend


Kamen Rider Diend (Neo Diendriver Version)

"Kamen Ride: Diend!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics (Regular → Neo Diendriver)

  • Height: 194 cm[1][2]
  • Weight: 88 kg[1][2]
  • Punching power: 6 t[1] → 24.5 t[2]
  • Kicking power: 8 t[1] → 36.4 t[2]
  • Maximum jump height: 30 m[1] → 48.2 m[2]
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m per 5 sec[1] → 3.1 sec[2]

Diend only has access to a single form by using the Diend Kamen Ride Card in the Diendriver or Neo Diendriver and then shooting the Diendriver above him. In this form, Diend can move extremely fast when he personally fights rather then use his Kamen Ride cards through the use of the microwave-emitting Tesla Bands around his wrists. Decade also has Tesla Bands, but does not use them[3]. Diend can also perform the Blue Strike (ブルーストライク Burū Sutoraiku) attack.

Appearances: Decade Episodes 10-15, Neo Generations: The Onigashima Warship, 16-24, 26-27, All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker, 28-31, Movie War 2010, Episode Yellow, Let's Go Kamen Riders, Super Hero TaisenIcon-crosswiki, Zi-O Episodes 29-30, 42-43

Complete Form
KR-Diend Complete

Complete Form

"Final Kamen Ride: Diend!"
―Transformation announcement[src]


  • Height: 201 cm
  • Weight: 107 kg
  • Punching power: 14 t
  • Kicking power: 16 t
  • Maximum jump height: 60 m
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m/3.5 s

This form appears in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider The Movie: Cho Den-O Trilogy; similar to Decade's Complete Form (コンプリートフォーム Konpurīto Fōmu) with the exception of movie based main antagonistic Riders being on his chest armor instead of the main or secondary riders. While Decade's is powered by the protagonist Heisei Kamen Riders and their ultimate forms, Diend Complete Form is powered by the main antagonistic Kamen Riders of the Heisei Kamen Rider films (no Kamen Rider from a Den-O film is included):

This form is exclusive to Cho Den-O Trilogy Episode Yellow: Treasure de End Pirates.


Kamen Rider G3-X

Kaito in G3-X Suit

Kaito in G3-X Suit

Rider Statistics

Rider Senses:

Ability Parameters:

  • Punching Power: 2.5 t[4][5]
  • Lifting Power: 20 t with GA-04 Anthares[6]
  • Kicking Power: 7.5 t[4][5]
  • Resistance: 10[4][5]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 20 m[4][5]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 8 sec[4][5]

Special Attacks:

  • GX Launcher: 30 t[5]

From what was seen during Shouichi Ashikawa's past, the A.R. World version of G3-X was also modified from the standard G3 system using G3's diagnostic data. It is unknown if it has the same A.I. installed as the original G3-X, though the existence of the G4 chip suggests that this may be the case.

In episode 12 of Decade, Daiki briefly deployed as G3-X to take out the Gurongi with Yusuke Onodera supporting him. During the battle Kaito unequipped the armor in order to finish the fight as Diend.




Diend summoning numerous Riders.

  • Diendriver/Neo Diendriver - Kaito's primary weapon and transformation device.[7]
  • Diend Belt: A belt worn around Diend's waist which resembles the Decadriver, with its card scanner replaced with an empty casing which portrayed Diend's insignia. Said casing can be removed to insert his K-Touch.[8]
  • Card Holder: A card holder which Diend uses to contain his Rider Cards, in a similar manner to Decade's Ride Booker. It is stored on the left side of his Diend Belt and its maximum capacity is 18 cards.[8]
  • K-Touch - Diend's device that allows him to transform into Complete Form.
  • Rider Cards - Gives access to Diend to power-up his attacks and summon any Kamen Riders, depending on which card used.[9]


  • Final Form Rides - Unique weapons transformed from past Kamen Riders through the Final Form Ride cards
  • GM-01 Scorpion: A modular magnum pistol, stored on right hip, hand-carried in use. Compatible with the GG-02 Salamander module attachment
  • Ongekibou Rekka - Temporary weapon loaned to Diend in the World of Hibiki when against Bakegani
  • Uratarod (ウラタロッド Urataroddo) - Urataros' main weapon, summoned from the Diendriver when U-Daiki transforms into Diend


Machine Diender

Legend Rider Devices

Diend Memory

Diend Memory.

Diend Medal

Diend Medal

Diend Medal (ディエンドメダル Diendo Medaru): Based on Kamen Rider Diend.

This Rider Ring which bears the likeness of Kamen Rider Diend is exclusive to Kamen Rider Wizard's Wizard Ring toyline. When used by a WizarDriver wearer, it would be able to summon Kamen Rider Diend.

"(Digital beeping) Diend!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"KamenRide! Decade's rival who summons various Riders is... (Clock ticking noise) Diend! (カメンライド!さまざまなライダーを呼び出すディケイドのライバルは…ディエンドだ! KamenRaido! Samazamana Raidā o yobidasu Dikeido no raibaru wa... Diendo da!)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"Rider Time! (Upbeat rock music)KamenRide! Diend!(KamenRide: Diend transformation noises)"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's right-hand slot[src]

"(Right-hand Ridewatch's announcement)! Armor Time! (Upbeat rock music) KamenRide! Diend!(KamenRide: Diend transformation noises)"
―Rider Armor transformation announcement[src]

"Finish Time! Diend! Attack Time (Break/Burst)!"
―Rider Armor finisher announcement[src]

Diend Ridewatch (ディエンドライドウォッチ Diendo Raidowotchi): Based on Kamen Rider Diend, this Ridewatch would provide access to the DiendArmor.


Behind the scenes


Daiki Kaito is portrayed by Kimito Totani (戸谷 公人 Totani Kimito), who reprised his role in Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen.

As Kamen Rider Diend, his suit actor in Kamen Rider Decade was Eitoku (永徳), who has been the suit actor for the Secondary Riders of the Heisei Phase 2 Series from Accel to Meteor. In Super Hero Taisen, his suit actor was Ryo Yokota (横田 遼 Yokota Ryō).


  • Kamen Rider Diend name comes from the English words "die" and "end", as well as "the end".[10]
  • Daiki's surname is a homophone of the Japanese word kaitō (怪盗 phantom thief), a role he fulfills in Decade.
  • In some materials in Decade, Daiki's surname is spelled in English as "Kaitou" rather than "Kaito"; this is considered an acceptable alternative Romanization for the long "O" sound.
  • Unlike Kamen Rider Decade, Daiki can't change into any of the past Riders in the same way he could. The only time he became another Rider was when he briefly wears the G3-X armor.
  • Exactly how and when Kaito stole the Diendriver from Dai-Shocker was never clearly stated, but many fans believe that when he ran away from his world, he stole the Driver while traveling and stealing treasure.
  • It is possible that when Diend summons a Rider, he is actually controlling their mind (or perhaps corrupting them instead) as some of them did act out of character when they fought his enemies.
  • He is similar to Basco ta JolokiaIcon-crosswiki from Kaizoku Sentai GokaigerIcon-crosswiki, as they both can summon Riders/Sentai from a device. However, what separates Daiki from the likes of Basco is that he doesn't have a monstrous form and that he's also somewhat redeemable.
  • Diend is the first secondary rider to be in light blue colored suit in basic (not by changing form), followed by Brave.
  • He is the second Rider after Daisuke Kazama to use a gun to transform into a Rider.
    • Coincidentally, both Daisuke and Daiki are Cyan-colored Riders and share the same intials (D.K.).
  • It is believed Diend Complete Form lacks a Rider representing Kamen Rider Den-O as a result of Kamen Rider Gaoh's costume being repurposed to create the suit used to represent Kamen Rider Yuuki.
  • Despite having an updated transformation device, there is no changes for Diend's suit when using the Neo Diendriver unlike Decade sporting the Neo Decadriver.
  • Daiki's trait of performing actions opposite to that of Tsukasa (while still being his ally) is continued in Kamen Rider Zi-O​​​. While Tsukasa is working to destroy the world if Sougo Tokiwa becomes the Demon King, Daiki (apparently) serves as a messenger of Oma Zi-O.
    • Additionally, Tsukasa would eventually team up with Sougo Tokiwa during the Another Zi-O II crisis, while Daiki is fighting against Sougo as he was given the temporal freezing abilities of the Time Jackers to steal the GrandZi-O Ridewatch.
  • Kaito made his first appearance in Kamen Rider Decade in the World of Blade. He then made his first full appearance in Kamen Rider Zi-O in the Kamen Rider Blade episode of that series. It also should be noted that is his homeworld is heavily inspired by the summer movie, Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace.


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