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―Summoning announcement via Kiwami Lockseed[src]

"Soiya! (Fresh) Orange Squash/Au Lait/Sparking!"
―Finisher announcement via Gaim's Sengoku Driver[src]

"Lock On! 1, 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000: Orange Charge!"
―Finisher announcement for Naginata Mode via Musou Saber[src]

"Hissatsu! Full Throttle: Fruits!"
―Finisher announcement via Drive Driver[src]

"Hissatsu! Full Throttle: Kudamono!"
―Finisher announcement for Mach and Chaser via Mach Driver Honoh[src]

"Hissatsu! Burst Full Throttle: Kudamono!"
―Finisher announcement for Deadheat Mach and (Cho) Dead Heat Drive via Mach Driver Honoh[src]

The Daidaimaru (大橙丸 lit. "Great Orange Circle") is the Armored Rider Arms Weapon granted either by accessing Orange Arms or via the summoning ability of Kiwami Arms. It is a sword with the blade looking like a slice of an orange. It is also granted by accessing Type Fruits (in the case of Drive), activating the Kourin Signal Kudamono (in the case of Mach and Chaser), via the Shift Fruits Car, accessing Gaim Damashii via the Gaim Ghost Eyecon and accessing Gaim Gamer via the Toukenden Gaim Rider Gashat.


A Daidaimaru consists of the following parts:

  • Kahi no Jin (カヒノジン Kahi no Jin) is a special blade that acts on the chemical bonding of materials using the enormous energy generated by power cells. It is possible to produce cutting forces that can not be realized with normal swords.
  • Orange Power Cell (オレンジパワーセル Orenji Pawā Seru) is the power cell for energy supply embedded in the Daidaimaru's orange-pulp like parts. By keeping the power cell in a relatively large blade portion, the sharpness of the blade is maintained.
  • Odachinomine (オオダチノミネ Oodachinomine) is the back of Daidaimaru. It plays the role of a frame to hold the orange power cell and corresponds to the bone forming the blade.
  • Lock Gakka (ロクガクカ Roku Gakuka) is the green hand-guard of Daidaimaru.
  • Yatsukanonitogiri (ヤツカノニギリ Yatsukanonitogiri) is the handle of Daidaimaru.
  • Arms Coupler (アームズカップラー Āmuzu Kappurā) is the concatenation unit for connecting with Musou Saber. Merging the energy generated from the power cell of Daidaimaru into Musou Saber.

Known Users


The Daidaimaru can combine with the Musou Saber for the more powerful Naginata Mode (ナギナタモード Naginata Mōdo).[1] Naginata Mode can also combine with the Hinawadaidai-DJ-Ju to create the stronger Sojinto Mode (双刃刀モード Sōjintō Mōdo, lit."Double-Blade Sword Mode"), though this was never shown on-screen and thus is exclusive to the toyline.

Finishing attacks

  • Daidai Ittou (大橙一刀 Daidai Ittō, lit. "Great Orange Sword Strike"): After Gaim or Fifteen activate a function on their Sengoku Driver, they charge the Daidaimaru with energy before unleashing a series of slashes on the target. Gaim's has two variations, a straight slash for a single target and a circle version for multiple targets.
    • Orange Squash (オレンジスカッシュ Orenji Sukasshu)
    • Gaim Au Lait (鎧武オーレ Gaimu Ōre)

  • Naginata Musou Slicer (ナギナタ無双スライサー Naginata Musō Suraisā): By inserting the Orange Lockseed into the Daidaimaru Naginata Mode's Drive Launch and locking it in place, Gaim can execute a variation of this attack.
    • Orange Charge (オレンジチャージ Orenji Chāji): Gaim fires energy slashes from the Musou Saber end at the enemy, trapping them in an orange sphere. Afterwards, he charges the Daidaimaru end with energy before slashing the enemy with it, the enemy will explode moments later after few Orange slice energy coming out. The Orange Charge has two variations for close-quarters combat; a multiple slash version for separate targets and a 360 degree turn slash version that forms orange slices on contact with the target.

  • Musou Zan Fresh (無双斬フレッシュ Musō Zan Furesshu, lit. "Unrivaled Slash Fresh"): After Gaim activates his Sengoku Driver's Au Lait function, he shaking Musou Saber clockwise to create an Orange-shaped energy airflow, then executes a series of powerful energy-filled slashes from both his Musou Saber and two Daidaimarus.
  • Musou Fresh Slicer (無双フレッシュスライサー Musō Furesshu Suraisā, lit. "Unrivaled Fresh Slicer"): After Gaim activates his Sengoku Driver's Sparking function, he shaking Musou Saber downward to create a rainbow field, then executes a powerful energy-filled slash from his Daidaimaru Naginata Mode.

  • Kamen Rider Drive Type Fruits can also use a variation of the Naginata Musou Slicer, named Full Speed Daidai Giri (フルスピード大橙斬 Furu Supīdo Daidai Giri, lit. "Full Speed Great Orange Slash")[2] thought this finisher was active by Shift Brace, where he stood on a floating orange piece that flew towards the target, slashing his enemy with a charged Daidaimaru.


"Lock On! 1, 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000: Blood Orange Charge!"
―Finisher announcement for Naginata Mode via Musou Saber[src]

A red version of the Daidaimaru, labeled in promotional materials as the Daidaimaru (Bujin Gaim ver.) (大橙丸 (武神鎧武ver.) Daidaimaru (Bujin Gaimu bājon)) is wielded by Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim while in Blood Orange Arms Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle and is also wielded by Kamen Rider Saver in Blood Zakuro Arms alongside the Saver Arrow.Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Duke

  • Naginata Musou Slicer (ナギナタ無双スライサー Naginata Musō Suraisā): By inserting the Blood Orange Lockseed into the Daidaimaru Naginata Mode's Drive Launch and locking it in place, Bujin Gaim can execute a variation of this attack.
    • Blood Orange Charge (ブラッドオレンジチャージ Buraddo Orenji Chāji): Bujin Gaim charges the Daidaimaru end with energy before he slashes the enemy with it. The Blood Orange Charge has two variations; a straight slash version for a single target and a circle slash version for multiple targets.

"Darkness Squash/Au Lait!"
―Finisher announcement via Jam's Sengoku Driver[src]

A pink version of the Daidaimaru known as the Dark Daidaimaru (ダーク大橙丸 Dāku Daidaimaru, lit. Dark Great Orange Circle) is wielded by Kamen Rider Jam while in Darkness Arms. Transform! And to the Future

  • Apple Bullets (リンゴ弾 Ringo Dan):
    • Squash: Jam summons up to 15 energy apples, then slashes an energized Dark Daidaimaru to send them flying so as to bombard the enemy.
    • Au Lait: Jam summons a bigger energy apple, then jabs the Dark Daidaimaru into it, sending it flying at the enemy.

  • A version of the Daidaimaru colored white with blue spots is wielded by Gaim's Kabi Orange Arms, which is stageshow-exclusive and themed after a moldy orange.



Ganbarider using both the Daidaimaru and WizarSwordGun.

The Daidaimaru, from both Orange Arms and Blood Orange Arms is also among the various Rider Weapons used by Ganbarider, wielded with the Musou Saber, in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.


  • This is the first Arms Weapon to be in the form of a sword, followed by the Duri Noko, the Yomimaru, and the Sword Bringer.
  • This is the first Arms Weapon to have multiple versions, followed by the Kagematsu.



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