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"Kaigan! Da Vinci! (Gothic bell ring) Issaigassai! Chō tensai!"
―Transformation announcement with Ghost Driver[src]

"Tengan! Ghost! Mega Ulord!"
―Transformation announcement with Mega Ulorder[src]

Da Vinci Damashii (ダ・ヴィンチ魂 Da Vinchi Damashī, lit. "Da Vinci Soul") is an alternate green painter-based form of the ghost Riders themed after Leonardo da Vinci.

Accessed through the Da Vinci Ghost Eyecon, this form bears a currently unknown helmet with a currently unknown faceplate.

It is exclusively accessed by Kamen Rider Ghost in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Character History

As part of Argos' machination, a reincarnated Leonardo da Vinci lived among the 100 historical figures in harmony within the Village of Heroes on the Island of Eyecons. When Argos' Gamma forces attacked the village, Da Vinci was struck down and reduced to the form of a Ghost Eyecon which was recovered along with the others by Argos. Gathering all 100 heroic Eyecons, Argos used them as a sacrifice along with Darwin's power of evolution to convert Takeru Tenkuji's dead body into a vessel for the ultimate Eyecon, the Extremer Driver, which he intended to use to fulfil his ultimate agenda of converting all life on both Earth and the Gamma World into ghosts. Ultimately, however, Takeru was able to gain the strength of the 100 heroes along with his friend's spirits, allowing him to defeat Argos seemingly at the cost of his own existence only for the 100 heroes to use their power to restore his soul.

While the initial fifteen heroic Eyecons returned to Takeru's side, the whereabouts of da Vinci and the others following the dissolution of the Island of Eyecons is unknown. Kamen Rider Ghost the Movie: The 100 Eyecons and Ghost's Fateful Moment


Da Vinci in Takerus book

Omnipotent Genius: Leonardo Da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci is among the historical figures who are featured in Stories of the World's Greatest People, the book passed down to Takeru Tenkuji by Ryu Tenkuji. He is acknowledged under Omnipotent Genius: Leonardo Da Vinci (万能の天才 レオナルド・ダ・ヴィンチ Banno no Tensai Reonarudo Da Vinci). Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive: Super Movie Wars Genesis


Ghost Eyecon

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