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The DX Henshin Belts (DX変身ベルト Derakkusu Henshin Beruto) (read as "Deluxe (デラックス Derakkusu)") produced by Bandai are a series of mid-level price toys that replicate the functions of actual belts used in the Kamen Rider TV series.[1][2] They are the successors to the DX Henshin Belt toys produced by Popy.

Due to the quality of the toys and versatility of features for the belts, the DX line is considered the flagship of the Bandai belt toylines and is the most popular, holding record sales in some cases and being the winner of several Japan Toy Awards.[3][4][5][6].

Chronological Order

Other DX toys

Besides transformation belts, the DX label also covers toys of various weapons and other transformation trinkets used by the Kamen Riders. Some of the toys later in this line would have trinkets exclusive to a respective toy that activate hidden sound functions of the DX Belts, thereby necessitating the buyer's need to collect them all to get the full functionality of the belts.

DX Toy Weapons

DX Transformation Trinkets and Accessories


  • Other than in Japan, the DX toylines have also been officially sold by Bandai in other Asian countries such as South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and so on when the Kamen Rider seasons eventually air in these countries, usually a few years after the season has ended in Japan, though various collector toy stores in these countries have imported DX toys from Japan for sale while the season is still running in Japan.
    • While Kamen Rider Gaim officially aired in Hong Kong as well as in other parts of Asia, new, smaller toys which have less show-accuracy and playability were released by Bandai HK, in place of the Japan DX toyline. [7][8] This has received a considerable amount of criticism, due to the quality of these new toys being akin to bootleg versions of the original DX toy. As such, the Japanese DX toys are now being seen as a "rarity" by some fans.
  • The J-Spirit is the only Rider Belt to not get a Bandai DX Toy. The only toy version of the J-Spirit was a plastic one that was part of an action figure set.


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