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DJ Hurry Ken is a DJ for the internet radio show FU-TO Hit on Groove. Unlike the other Wind Wave internet radio programs which existed in the universe of Kamen Rider W, Hurry Ken's show takes place in the "Real World" where Kamen Rider is only a TV show.

Oddly though, he does also exist in the TV series as he was the announcer of the Fuuuuutic Idol TV competition in Episode 23 and 24[1]. Being a radio DJ, his face is never seen in the series or in the promotional radio show.

Character History

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Love Wars Music Video

DJ Hurry Ken introduced Queen and Elizabeth's song on the air on Wind Wave, with the viewers of the video seeing an old boombox before the music video starts.

Behind the Scenes


  • DJ Hurry Ken is portrayed by former Avex Entertainment music producer Yusuke Kono, who went by the alias of DJ Hurry Ken in real life during his time producing the music for Kamen Rider and various anime until he left Avex in 2015.


  • The DJ's Name is a pun on the english word "Hurricane", continuing the theme of artists and bands for the series named after events and phenomena related to wind. It also, coincidentally, is the name of Kamen Rider V3's Rider Machine.


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