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D-Video Special: Kamen Rider 4 (dビデオスペシャル 仮面ライダー4号 Dī Bideo Supesharu Kamen Raidā Yongō) is a web series which was released as an accompanying special to the film Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3Icon-crosswiki.png.[1] It introduced a new rider, Kamen Rider 4, who is the fourth Kamen Rider cyborg created by Shocker after Kamen Riders 1, 2, and 3.

This net series consists of three episodes; the first two was released on March 28, 2015, while the third was released on April 4, 2015. However, the first episode also was released as a DVD to the first million viewers of the premiere of Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3Icon-crosswiki.png.[2] The special was released on DVD/Blu-Ray on September 9, 2015.

Continuity and Placement


The plot goes around a time loop created by the Shocker that resets whenever someone dies, but whenever the loop resets Shocker itself somehow grows stronger and stronger. Thus, it is up to the Riders to decide whether to keep on fighting a useless battle... Or end the loops for good by sacrificing one of their own.


  1. Deathmatch! The Kamen Rider Died Three Times!! (死斗!仮面ライダーは三度死ぬ!! Shitō! Kamen Raidā Wa Sando Shinu!!)
  2. Fighting!! The Airstrike of Sky Cyclone (対決!!スカイサイクロン空襲 Taiketsu!! Sukai Saikuron Shūgeki)
  3. Duel! The True Identity of Shocker's Great Leader (決斗!ショッカー首領の正体 Kettō! Shokkā Shuryō no Shōtai)


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Drive Shinnosuke Tomari
Kamen Rider Mach Go Shijima
Kamen Rider Faiz Takumi Inui
Kamen Rider Zeronos Yuto Sakurai



Kamen Rider 4 Kamen Rider 4
Kamen Rider Faiz Great Leader of Shocker
Kamen Rider Baron Kaito Kumon
Kamen Rider Ouja Takeshi Asakura
Kamen Rider Sasword Tsurugi Kamishiro
Kamen Rider Dark Kiva King


Suit Actors

Theme Song

Blu-ray & DVD release




  • The Kamen Riders that assist Rider 4 are all evil Riders (in Sasword's case, he is evil through his monster form) from their respective series. Coincidentally or not, their motifs are shared by four monsters from the original Kamen Rider series. This follows on from the appearance of Leangle as a Shocker member in Super Hero Taisen GP, corresponding with the very first monster, Spider Man.
  • Additionally, of the four Riders above, Ouja is the only one to not have been a monster at any point, though he does have one in his control in the form of Venosnaker (and later Evildiver and Metalgelas and the hybrid Genocider)
  • This miniseries is the only spin-off material attached to Drive to not feature the Roidmudes in any capacity.


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