This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.

A gray humanoid robot monster whom Dregon called his favorite monster. He could launch his fist like a powerful missile in battle. Following a battle between Dex and Cyclopter on his Cannon Wheels motorcycle, Count Dregon decides to have Cyborsect assist Cyclopter in the next battle. As a diversion, Nefaria disguises the root of the Ball Tree of Edenoi (which has some side effects on Ferbus' kind) as a cupcake to deal with Ferbus. While the Stewarts try to coral Ferbus even when he grows, Dex and Combat Chopper end up fighting Cyclopter on his upgraded Cannon Wheels. When Dex is on the defensive, Count Dregon sends Cyborsect to assist Cyclopter. The attacks of Cyborsect and Cyclopter's Cannon Wheels was enough to knock Dex off of Combat Chopper. Dex called on Magno to get him and Combat Chopper away from Cyclopter and Cyborsect. Upon finding out that Ferbus has grown large, Dex sends Magno and Combat Chopper after Ferbus while Dex confronted Cyclopter and Cyborsect. Dex then transformed into Super Gold and quickly destroyed Cyborsect with his Ecto-Ray before doing the same to Cannon Wheels. He fits the category of Cyclopter's unit.

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