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Icon-black.png This article is about a villain in Kamen Rider Black.

The Creation King (創世王, Sōseiō) is the leader of Gorgom, and was unseen for much of the series. Supposedly it is the most powerful being that had been living for the past 50,000 years. The true face of the Creation King was a giant floating heart was first seen in episode 50. It communicated with the Priests and the two Century Kings via telepathy. It also had monstrous strength that could destroy the entire universe. With his original body destroyed, his heart is the only surviving organ.

Every 50,000 years, the existing Creation King dies. When this time draws near, two Century Kings are chosen, eventually to fight each other, the winner claiming both Kingstones (and the loser's life, if not in the battle then in the extraction of the Kingstone.) and becoming the new Creation King while surpassing the previous Creation King in power to rule Gorgom for the next 50,000 years. It is for this that Kohtaro Minami and Nobuhiko Akizuki were chosen.

S.I.C. Hero Saga

In the S.I.C. Hero Saga story, Kamen Rider Black RX: After 0, the fight between Black Sun and Shadow Moon was to determine which body would be most suitable for Gorgom’s ruler, the Creation King to use. He ended up in Shadow Moon’s body. It has Shadow Moon evolving itself into White RX. He hunts Kohtaro as they battle and wins with him taking the Kingstone from Kohtaro and becomes Creation King (Another Shadow Moon) (創生王(アナザーシャドームーン), Sōseiō (Anazā Shadō Mūn)) as the whole place starts to grow into a throne. Kohtaro rips off the Creation King's chestplate and revealed that it was not his brother but rather the Creation King who had used Nobuhiko's body. Knowing what to do, Kohtaro turns into Black RX even without the Kingstone and defeats Shadow Moon. Kohtaro then wakes up, apparently that was all a dream. Or was it?


Nobuhiko Tsukikage, the A.R. World Shadow Moon, took the title of Creation King after overthrowing Tsukasa Kadoya, and taking control of Dai-Shocker. Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker


Creation King had once possessed an original body but it had been destroyed some time ago, leaving his heart intact.

Shadow Moon

Shadow Moon

Rider Statistics

Rider Senses:

Ability Parameters:

  • Punching Power: 4 t.[4]
  • Kicking Power: 10 t.[4]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 40 m.[2][3][4]

Century King Shadow Moon is Nobuhiko's alter-ego after being brainwashed by Gorgom. Shadow Moon has roughly the same amount of power and strength as Kamen Rider Black. His primary techniques are the Shadow Punch and the Shadow Kick. Creation King can archive this form by possessing the dead body of Nobuhiko.

Appearances: S.I.C. Hero Saga Kamen Rider Black RX Edition: After 0, Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis

Another RX

White RX

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 198.8 cm.[3]
  • Rider Weight: 91 kg.[3]

Ability Parameters:

  • Maximum Jump Height: 60 m.[3]

White RX Another RX (白いRX アナザーRX, Shiroi Āru Ekkusu Anazā Āru Ekkusu), is the upgrade form of Shadow Moon. It is essentially Shadow Moon's RX version of Black's, with a silver colored appearance of Black RX, but is powered by moonlight instead of sunlight.

This form is exclusive to S.I.C. Hero Saga Kamen Rider Black RX Edition: After 0.

Another Shadow Moon

Creation King

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 197.4 cm.[3]
  • Rider Weight: 95 kg.[3]

Ability Parameters:

  • Maximum Jump Height: 100 m.[3]

Creation King Another Shadow Moon (創世王 アナザーシャドームーン, Sōseiō Anazā Shadō Mūn), is the final form of Shadow Moon. It is a form Shadow Moon took by absorbing both the Sun and Moon Kingstones. This form resembles a crimson colored Shadow Moon. The Creation King is essentially the true purpose of those who possess the Kingstones, so that the victor may claim the other to become the Creation King and rule Gorgom for another 50,000 years.

This form is exclusive to S.I.C. Hero Saga Kamen Rider Black RX Edition: After 0.


  • The Creation King is similar to the Great Leader and his various forms in that he is presented as the ultimate evil of the show he appears in, and is only introduced towards the end of the series. However, unlike Emperor Crisis of Kamen Rider Black RX, there is nothing to suggest that the Creation King is yet another form of the Great Leader as the Creation King was voiced by a different voice actor while Crisis was voiced by the Great Leader's voice actor Goro Naya.
  • Considering how the Three High Priests attempted to turn Kohtaro and Nobuhiko into the next Creation King via brainwashing them, it is very well possible that the current Creation King himself was also corrupted into serving as Gorgom's ruler, rather than becoming so on his own accord.
    • Evidently, despite easily being the most powerful among Gorgom, the Creation King never directly fights Kohtaro himself, instead simply assisting Gorgom's followers with his mystical abilities. This may be due to being conditioned into following Gorgom's rules and tradition without question, similar to Nobuhiko's subjugation as Shadow Moon.




  1. 1500 m.[2]

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