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Icon-amazon.png This article is about a/an kaijin in Kamen Rider Amazon.

Crab Beastman (カニ獣人 Kani Jūjin, 9) - A crab monster of Geddon.

Character History


He was destroyed by Kamen Rider Amazon's Big Slice. Go, Amazon! The Crab Beastman's Island!

Crab Kikkaijin

"Crab Kikkaijin".

The Crab Kikkaijin (カニ奇械人 Kani Kikkaijin) appeared as part of the Revived Kaijin Corps summoned by the Great Leader of Delza Army, alongside other fallen Black Satan Kikkaijin. Unlike the other members its original destruction was never shown on screen.

Its main body looks identical to the Crab Beastman, even lacking a Black Satan belt. However, the Crab Kikkaijin had scythe and stinger arms, similar to the ones of the Bee Beastman and Mantis Beastman rather than pincer claws. After its revival, it was destroyed alongside the other revived monsters by the 6 previous Riders. Goodbye! The Glorious Seven Riders!

Shortly afterwards, he was revived once again as part of a new Revived Kaijin Corps. Its arms are different once again in this appearance, taking parts from the Tiger Beetle Beastman and Kikkaijin Hasamigani. They were all destroyed by the 7 Riders. All Together! Seven Kamen Riders


The Crab Beastman had pincer claws, a shell harder than iron, acidic bubbles that could reduce humans to skeletons in seconds, and swim.

Behind the scenes


The Crab Beastman was voiced by Eken Mine (峰恵研 Mine Eken).


  • Although the Crab Kikkaijin's reuse of the Beastman suit results in it lacking a Black Satan belt, there are other Kikkaijin without a belt, like Kikkaijin Denkiei.

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