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The Crab Amazon (カニアマゾン Kani Amazon), known as the owner (オーナー Ōnā), is an Amazon in Kamen Rider Amazons.



He was the owner and chef of a restaurant that served murdered humans to Amazons who did not wish to fully awaken, convinced that slow steady consumption of human meat protein would prevent or at least delay their full Amazon forms arising. If any of them do begin to awaken (their Amazonz Register's indicator lights changing from blue to red), they are politely asked to leave before they can be traced back to the restaurant. The restaurant would be labeled as closed indefinitely by a sign on the door, with an extra note saying it was open today to lure in stray passersby to be served to the patrons.

He is initially unawakened and only voluntarily accesses his Amazon form to kill the "catch of the day". When Haruka and Nozomi attempt to infiltrate the restaurant, they are immediately sensed as Amazon and human, and he leads Nozomi into the kitchen, where he transforms and tries to attack her, but she fights back, surprising him. The rest of the Nozama Peston Service Extermination Team moves in and he fights them, breaking down their electric wire barriers to allow his patrons to escape. His fight with Haruka, Mamoru, and Nozomi reaches a warehouse, where stress from the fight makes his Register turn red and he fully awakens, blaming the Extermination Team for ruining the restaurant's goal. He is held in place by Mamoru and defeated by Haruka's Violent Break attack with the Battle Grip in sickle mode.

Powers & Abilities

12. Crab Amazon

Its body is protected by a hard shell with sharp thorns and it is armed with a pair of large claws.

Behind the Scenes


The owner is portrayed by Kiyohiko Ueki (植木 紀世彦 Ueki Kiyohiko). As the Crab Amazon, he is voiced by Riki Kagami (各務 立基 Kagami Riki) and portrayed by suit actor Makoto Arakawa (荒川 真 Arakawa Makoto).



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