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Core Switch (コアスイッチ Koa Suitchi): The Core Switches are mysterious crystal-like Switches that store powerful Cosmic Energy within them, sent across the galaxy by the Presenters to find intelligent life able to reverse engineer them to for a means to reach them, producing The Hole on the planet to give its researchers the energy needed for the experiment. Twenty years before the series, Gamou and Rokuro found the Core Switch on the Moon's surface, the latter using it as the basis of the Fourze Driver and Astroswitches that ensure safe travel and the former devising the Zodiarts Switches that induce forced evolution into a being that can endure the harsh environment of space. However, as Rokuro learned, the Core Switch also creates a construct of Cosmic Energy in the form of whatever race it was entrusted to and use whatever the race devised to return to the Presenters with all the knowledge it obtained. When he learned the Core Switch survived the OSTO lunar base's destruction and became the core of Kengo, using it to cancel the Day of Awakening, Gamou damaging the item. In his final breath, after making peace with the Kamen Rider Club, Gamou used the Aquarius Zodiarts switch to fix the Core Switch, therefore reviving Kengo.

Another Fourze used a Core Switch to absorb his victims. Switch On! 2011

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