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Core Driviars (コア・ドライビア Koa Doraibia) were devices developed by Krim Steinbelt, converted to act as the source of power for the Shift Cars, Tridoron, and later the Roidmudes. These allowed them to create or counter the Heavy Acceleration. He allowed his colleague Dr. Banno to use them in the creation of the Roidmudes, which in the end participated in their revolution. What Is in the Belt's Past? Apparently, after Krim heard a ruckus on Banno's lab, and finds out his colleague's project is much more lethal on using a human sacrifice for his experiment, causing their partnerships broke apart, Banno stole one of Krim's equipments.

As Krim theorizes, if four Core Driviars belonging to four Over Evolved Roidmudes ignited, the Global Freeze can be ignited, covering the Earth with Heavy Acceleration waves. When Will the Second Global Freeze Start?

After the battle against Gold Drive (Banno) and Sigma Circular ended, Krim gathered all of Core Driviar-based arsenals he had so far, as well as the Tridoron, Ride Chaser and Ride Macher and locked them alongside himself beneath Tridoron's parking space at the Drive Pit to ensure that no Core Driviars would fall to the wrong hands again. Who Will You Entrust the Future to, My Friend?

Go Shijima, however, later was showed to be working on a new model of Core Driviars known as Neo Core Driviars. Kamen Rider Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Brain

Models of Core Driviars

Core Driviar-N

Core Driviar-N

  • Core Driviar-N (コア・ドライビア-N Koa Doraibia-Enu): The finalized version of the standard Core Driviar used to empower Kamen Rider Drive's Rider System. After Drive gains access to Type Formula, his Core Driviar-N appeared to have taken the form of a car's engine minus the pistons once his Formula One nose-like breastplate is removed. During any tune-up by the Pit Crew, Sparner also directly tunes this Core Driviar.
  • Core Driviar-0 (コア・ドライビア-0 Koa Doraibia-Zero): The prototype of the Core Driviars, these were the ones Krim gave to Banno when he was forced to help him in the development of Roidmudes. Kamen Rider Protodrive's suit is empowered by this type prior to his reprogramming into Mashin Chaser. It is then installed into Mashin Chaser's suit.
  • NEX-Core Driviars (NEX-コア・ドライビア Nekusu Koa Doraibia): As part of a plan to have the Next System replace the Drive System in fighting the Roidmudes, Mach and his Next System are armed with stronger versions of the Core Driviars.
  • Core Driviar-TH (コア・ドライビア-TH Koa Doraibia-Tī Eichi): Powers the Trailer-Hou, Shift Formula's sentient weapon.
  • Core Driviar-ONE (コア・ドライビア-ONE Koa Doraibia-Wan): In order to fit with Protozero's ability to induce Super Heavy Acceleration, Rinna created the Core Driviar-ONE to empower Kamen Rider Chaser's suit with said ability.
  • Core Driviar-T (コア・ドライビア-T Koa Doraibia-Tī): The power source of Tridoron.
  • Core Driviar-B (コア・ドライビア-B Koa Doraibia-Bī): The power source of the Ride Booster Set.


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