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The Condor Yummy is created by the desire of a blind little girl which Ankh had met 800 years ago. The Condor Yummy attacks random people to gouges their eyes out and gives them to girl. When she opens her eyes and sees corpses with their eyes gouged out, seeing that she loses her mind and goes insane. She no longer has the desire to see again, and the Condor Yummy disintegrates into Cell Medals. Shortly after she dies and asks Ankh to once again become the King of Birds and protect the weak. Ankh feels bad for not being able to save her, in a similar way to Eiji and the girl he couldn’t save during the war. Kamen Rider OOO (novel)



The Condor Core Medal

  • The Condor Yummy is the only Yummy created by Ankh whose motif corresponds with one of his Core Medals, which are used by Kamen Rider OOO to assume Tajadol Combo. Neither the Taka Yummy or Kujaku Yummy have been shown to exist in any medium.
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