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Complete Selection Modification (コンプリート セレクション モディフィケーション Konpurīto Serekushon Modifikēshon) (formerly known as Complete Selection) is a series of premium-level collectible toys. In this line, Bandai will release a redesign of an already released DX toy, usually that of a Kamen Rider's transformation devices. These new releases have much more detail than the previous DX toy, as they are meant to be very close to the show prop. These toys also have show-accurate functionality i.e. they function just like how the actual device would do so in-show. Because of this, toys released under the CSM line usually come at a high cost.

Each time a new CSM item is about to be released, it's a tradition for the toy's respective user's actor to appear for the promotion. Also, most of the CSM releases have improvements of problems and complaints people had for their original DX toys.

A spin-off of this lineup is called Complete Selection Animation where the lineup focuses on items appeared in anime such as the Digivice in Digimon Adventure & the Dragon Radar from Dragon Ball

In December 2019, Bandai held an exhibition to commemorate the CSM line of toys.

Known Releases

  • CS Typhoon - released in 2006
  • CS Arcle - released in 2007
  • CS V Buckle - released in 2005
  • CS Faiz Gear - released in 2004
  • CS Orga Driver released in 2006
  • CS Den-O Belt - released in 2008
  • CS Hibiki Henshin Onsa Onkaku - released in July 2009[1]
  • CSM Double Driver - released in March 2013
  • CSM Accel Driver - released in November 2013
  • CSM Fang Memory - released March 2014
  • CSM Lost Driver - released in March 2014
    • The T2 Joker Memory was included if pre-ordering both the Fang Memory and the Lost Driver.
  • CSM Kabuto Zecter - released in September 2014
  • CSM Decadriver - released in February 2015, including 30 Rider Cards
  • CSM Rider Card Set - released in February 2015, contains 77 other Rider Cards
    • Three bonus cards are included (Diend's KamenRide Card and 2 KaijinRide Cards) if one pre-orders both items, amounting the total number of Rider Cards released in Decade's set to 110.
  • CSM Diendriver + Diend Belt - released in December 2015 (release date delayed from October 2015[2]), contains 39 Rider Cards
    • An additional Diend Power-up Rider Card will be given if one orders the Rider Card Binder: Diend.
  • CSM Gatack Zecter - released in February 2016
  • CSM Hyper Zecter - released in February 2016
  • CSM Dark Kabuto Zecter - released in April 2016, pre-ordered from Kamen Rider 45th Exhibition Shop only and released in January 2017 .
  • CSM Faiz Gear - released in September 2016
    • A standalone CSM Faiz Driver without the other gear can also be pre-ordered.
  • CSM Faiz Axel - released in March 2017
  • CSM New Den-O Belt - released in May 2017
  • CSM Hopper Zecter - released in July 2017[3]
  • CSM Den-O Belt & K-Taros - released in September 2017. New features include updated sound bytes and the K-Taros Phone is included. [4]
  • CSM Kaixa Gear - released in March 2018 (pre-order opens on Kaixa Day, September 13, 2017)[5]
  • CSM OOO Driver Complete Set - released in June 2018[6]
    • A standalone CSM OOO Driver with only 9 Core Medals from Ankh, Kazari and Uva can also be pre-ordered.
  • CSM O Medal Holder - released in August 2018[7]
  • CSM V Buckle & Dragvisor - released in December 2018
    • A standalone CSM V Buckle and the Dragvisor can also be pre-ordered.
  • CSM Henshin Belt Arcle - released in March 2019
  • CSM Blay Buckle, Rouse Absorber, & Blay Rouzer - released in August 2019[8]
  • CSM Delta Gear - released in September 2019[9]
  • CSM Amazons Driver - released in January 2020
  • CSM Double Driver (Ver. 1.5) - released in February 2020
  • CSM Kivat Belt - released in March 2020
  • CSM Tatsulot - released in April 2020
  • CSM Garren Buckle & Garren Rouzer Set - released in June 2020[10]
  • CSM Ixa Belt and Ixariser Set - to be released November 2020 [11]
  • CSM Amazons Driver (Alfa Ver.) - released 2020 [12]
  • CSM Core Medal EXTRA Set - to be released February 2021 [13]
  • CSM Cell Medal Set - to be released February 2021 [14]

Display Only

These items were featured exclusively at The Henshin: Complete Modification Selection Exhibition and have no confirmed official releases.

  • CSM Aqua Driver[15]
  • CSM SB-000B Orga Driver
  • CSM SB-315B Psyga Driver
  • CSM Alternative Zero V Buckle
  • CSM Advanced Screen Display Prototype (CSM The Henshin Exhibition) - A prototype that showcased the advances in electronic screen technology and lighting in toys. The buckle is equipped with a transparent screen that can show a variety of pre-programmed animated digital images and the strap is equipped with LED lighting all around the waist. The strap lights can change into various colors for added play features.
  • CSM Motion Sensor Prototype (CSM The Henshin Exhibition) - A belt with a sphere projector in the buckle, the Driver toy was equipped with state of the art interactive motion sensors that could manipulate images on a screen. After the user selects a specific Rider and with the correct hand and arm movements, they can accurately recreate the transformation sequences of past Heisei Kamen Riders and Kamen Rider Zero-One. The main motion sensor bar is behind the buckle on top and has enough range to see a wide array of movements.
  • CSM Steam Effect Prototype (CSM The Henshin Exhibition)[16]- This model showcased advancements in motorized transforming toys and had a steam effect gimmick. After the belt opens up, lights flash, steam blows out of three smokestacks with two moving side to side and music plays followed by a train whistle sound effect.


Belt Improvements
CS Typhoon It has a working switch box at the side of the belt making the effect of controlling 1’s New Cyclone.
CS Arcle It now fits older consumers, unlike the original DX version which fits younger ones. Additionally, the LED lights would stay on for a while and have a motion sensor. Unlike the DX version, the belt has 8 LED lights in the buckle.
CS V Buckle Much like the Legends Series version is more show accurate in terms of color and the Advent Decks are more 3D looking.
CS Faiz Gear It has a larger look and has die-cast metal parts. However, the gears' equipment (Faiz Pointer and Faiz Shot) does not feature any sounds.
CS Orga Driver It has die-cast metal parts.
CS Den-O Belt It has voices of the Taros as an option including the volume switch, unfortunately the K-Taros Phone doesn't fit due to the centerpiece being die-cast metal and the size of the buckle was too large for the phone to clip on. The belt includes the Plat Form transformation sound (and lights) as well of having the "Full Charge" sound effects.
CSM Kabuto Zecter It has a working Clock Up pad as well of having the "Rider Kick" sound effect.
CSM Decadriver It has new sounds and new Rider Cards for Kamen Riders Double to Drive. Additionally, it has a button that plays two BGM from the series. The Rider Cards now have English text and no longer have the Ganbaride branding on the cards. Additionally, all of the cards are laminated.
CSM Diendriver It has its own barcode reader and its own set of sounds. The logo on the CSM Diend Belt has a sparkly finish.
CSM Gatack Zecter It would possibly have the same functions as the CSM Kabuto Zecter.
CSM Hyper Zecter It has Gatack Zecter's voice in it and the horn is slightly larger than its deluxe counterpart.
CSM Dark Kabuto Zecter It has additional transformation sounds.
CSM Faiz Gear It has wireless function i.e. the Faiz Driver can interact remotely with the Faiz Pointer and Faiz Shot. The Faiz Pointer also has a more show-accurate leg attachment and a LED projection of the Faiz symbol. The Faiz Driver and Faiz Phone also has more LED lights installed. The Faiz Phone now has more sounds, including several phrases from Takumi. [17] The molding on the belt was done by Rainbow, a company that produces show prop grade items that do not make sounds. While similar to the CS release, they do not work with each other. [18]
CSM New Den-O Belt It has similar functions like the CS Den-O Belt such as the Imagin Mode.
First toy release
CSM Den-O Belt & K-Taros Set It has sounds for G Den-O, Nega form, Liner, Climax and Super Climax form as well as additional accessories to modify the belt to resemble the G Den-O belt and a set of Ride Tickets. The one minor setback is that it does not have any sounds or accessories to activate Wing form, but Sieg's voice is oddly recorded on the K-Taros phone. The Den-O Belt also plays music, specifically Climax Jump and Double-Action, to emulate executing finishers like in the TV show.[19]
CSM Kaixa Gear It has similar features to the Faiz Gear. The blade on the Kaixa Blaygun can be detached from the said weapon. Additionally, the Kaixa Phone has several phrases from Keitaro, Mari, and Kusaka himself.
CSM OOO Driver Complete Set It includes show-accurate designs of all the Core Medals used in the series, obscuring the electronics chip which could be easily seen in the DX releases. The O Scanner now includes sounds from more of OOO's combos, including Tajadol Combo using the cracked Taka Medal, the Renai (Love) Combo, Tamashiy Combo, Super Tatoba Combo, as well as the Tatoba Combo of the original OOO. Additionally, it includes the Poseidon Driver along with Poseidon's Core Medals and the additional future Core Medals that appeared briefly in Movie War Mega Max. It also features concept art by PLEX of the "lost" OOO Combos that the Core Medals from that scene represent. The O Scanner has a button at the side that triggers dialogue between Eiji and Ankh, along with another button at the back which plays background music used in the series. [20]
CSM V Buckle & Dragvisor It includes several phrases from Shinji, Ren, Kitaoka, Tezuka, Asakura, Tojo, Miho, Dark Shinji, and Odin.
All of the Advent Cards now have NFC Chips, replacing the DX version's original method of reading the cards via punched hole combinations.
The V Buckle now has pins to read each Advent Deck.
CSM Henshin Belt Arcle It now comes with two variations of the golden Arcle Armor, one for the Rising forms and one for Ultimate Form, along with additional pieces that can be affixed onto the Arcle to display the belt in Ultimate Form.
In addition to more sound effects, the Arcle now also has a button to play background music.
It also comes with a toy model of the mobile phone carried by Kaoru Ichijo, which contains voice lines from Ichijo recorded by actor Shingo Katsurayama.
Aside from now containing accurate sound effects from the original Kuuga TV series, the CSM Arcle can also switch to "D-Mode", containing sound effects from the original DX release as well as those of the A.R. World Kuuga.
CSM Blay Buckle, Rouse Absorber, & Blay Rouzer Along with larger size, gloss finish of buckle's symbol is modified.
A wireless projector connected to the buckle is included which projects the blue screen through which Blade passes for transformation.
Quotes of Kazuma Kenzaki are programmed in Blay Buckle.
CSM Delta Gear The Belt Strap is more accurate to the prop used in the show, and the Gear is scaled up to resemble the Delta Gear prop which is present on the suit.
Wireless technology is also included in the Delta Driver's Buckle and Delta Mover, instead of all of the effects being programmed into the Phone.
The Delta Phone features a functional voice recording system, and has the option of using the pre-recorded voices of either Syuji Mihara or Kitazaki in place of the consumer's own voice.
The two face buttons on the Delta Phone can be used to play Soundtracks from the series, detransform by pressing the buttons together after removing the Phone from the Delta Mover, or play quotes of the two main users of the Delta Gear.
The Delta Phone also features a Ringtone which was absent in the show.
CSM Amazons Driver The 'Amazon' roll call of Amazon Riders is played between the triggering of transformation and playing of transformation music. Through various modes, different variants of the call can be used and even omitted for quick transformation.
Sigma Condorer Core is included with the pack.
A special 'bloodsplit' version of Omega Condorer Core is included.
Songs from the show are included.
CSM Double Driver (Ver. 1.5) Strap has now been altered to be removable from the driver, allowing for an easier way to wear, as well as more show-accurate paint applications to both the Driver and Gaia Memories
CSM Kivat Belt Kivat-Bat's wing flapping sounds are now motion-sensitive. Tracks and dialogue from the show are also included, along with SFX from the Zanvat Sword
CSM Tatsulot Dialogue from the series has been added, along with transformation SFX for DoGaBaKi Emperor Form. Interactivity with the CSM Kiva-Bat is also included.
CSM Aqua Driver Unknown
First toy product
CSM Alternative V Buckle Unknown
CSM Garren Buckle Set Along with larger size, gloss finish of buckle's symbol is modified.
A wireless projector connected to the buckle is included which projects the blue screen through which Garren passes for transformation.
Quotes of Sakuya Tachibana are programmed in Garren Buckle.
CSM Psyga Gear Unknown
CSM Orga Gear Unknown
CSM IXA Belt and Ixariser A “1986” mode has been added, matching the deeper voice used in the 1986 segments of the series.
Dialogue from Keisuke Nago and Otoya Kurenai are included, based on what mode has been set.
Music from the show is also included.
The Ixariser now has individual buttons for increased functionality.
CSM Amazons Driver (Alfa ver.) The belt has been weathered to better resemble the onscreen prop as used by Jin Takayama.

Gallery (by season)




  • The Complete Selection is actually a larger scale than the deluxe version of the belts while the CSM version is a modified version of the deluxe belts with additional features being true to its name.
  • For the Lost Driver, there were some errors on the belt (the Eternal Memory with a silver tip and the Maximum Slot with W's logo on the button). However, these errors were fixed.
  • For the Double Driver and Accel Driver, it features an interview with Renn Kiriyama and Minehiro Kinomoto who both played Shotaro Hidari and Ryu Terui respectively about the modification of their respective belts.
  • The Lost Driver and the Fang Memory were the only ones that did not feature an actor promoting the item.
  • The Kabuto Zecter's promotion features Seiji Takaiwa, Kabuto's suit actor, instead of Hiro Mizushima, who plays Soji Tendo.
  • During the CSM Diendriver promotion video, actor Tatsuhito Okuda, who plays Narutaki, would occasionally say the word "Onore" (おのれ), a nod to his character's catchphrase.
  • In the W series, it would be the only one that doesn't feature additional sounds.
  • The Diend Belt is the first item to be exclusive to be in this line as it doesn't have its deluxe counterpart (though the item appeared in the form of a candy toy but the scale is smaller).
  • The Decadriver and the Diendriver's voices had been re-recorded, however the sounds from both items were not accurate to the show.
  • The Faiz Gear is the first transformation belt to be released in both the CS and CSM lines, following by the Den-O Belt, V Buckle, and Henshin Belt Arcle.
    • Additionally, this is the first item to feature many phrases from one of the characters in the series.
  • Both CSM Kabuto and Gatack Zecters have extended rider kick sounds though oddly enough, CSM and DX Gatack Zecter differ when it says "Rider Kick". [21]
  • The New Den-O Belt is the first belt to not have a deluxe counterpart.
  • The Kaixa Gear's pre-order date, September 13 (9/13), is a nod to its number designation.
  • For the Decadriver, there were unused sounds that featured the KamenRide cards of Double to Drive. The unused sounds would later be used on the NeoDecadriver instead.
  • CSM Faiz is also the first CSM item to not share the same mold as the DX release followed by the V Buckle.
  • CSM OOO Driver actually has the O Scanner re-recorded for the lost Combo's Medals as the DX version of the OOO Scanner can actually scan the medals.
  • The toy model of the mobile phone carried by Kaoru Ichijo, used the same model from DX Beat Gouram.
  • On April 1, 2019, as part of April Fools, Bandai jokingly revealed a "CSM Auto Vajin", a life-sized transforming motorcycle priced at 555 million yen and to be released in the year 2555.[22] The actual upcoming CSM product was later revealed to be the CSM Delta Gear the next day.
  • CSM Double Driver is the first belt to receive an updated version.

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