This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Kamen Rider franchise and an adaptation.
This page highlights the differences between Shuichi Kitaoka and Drew Lansing.
Kamen Rider Zolda
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Kamen Rider Torque


Shuichi Drew
Is a lawyer, tends to only help someone if he has something to gain. Is a con-man and an illegitimate multi-purpose phone merchant.
Is the third main Rider in the series. Is not the third main Rider in the series.
Does have an apprentice, who would fight against Takeshi Asakura in his place as Zolda after Shuichi died. Does not have an apprentice. His deck was later given to Chance, his Ventaran counterpart.
Has a terminal case of cancer and was given only several more months to live. Had no infections throughout the series.
Joined the fight to be immortal so that he could continue his extravagant lifestyle.  Joined Xaviax to help him to take control of the human world.
Forfeited as Zolda, realizing that his life was a short one. Later he died in peace at his home. Was vented by Kamen Rider Strike.
Was one of the few survivors during the endgame of the series, until he succumbed to his illness. Was the fourth Kamen Rider to be vented, therefore being out of the series earlier than Shuichi respectively.
Has a love interest - Reiko Momoi. Does not shown to have a love interest.
Is interested in Shinji Kido and allows him to hang around with him and understand his ideology until Shinji hit a nerve of Kitaoka's thought to live for one's own desire seemed hollow made Kitaoka kick him out. However, he grows to care for Shinji, unwilling to fight him. When he saw that his heart wasn't in it. Convinced Kit Taylor that Len was the one working for Xaviax, but when Maya Young left a message on Kit's answering machine saying that Drew was lying, Kit has no trust on Drew after Drew vented Kamen Rider Camo. Once again, Drew convinced Kit to band together, only this time, Kit rejected his proposition. From this point and onward, Drew has no sympathy for Kit.
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