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Kamen Rider Ryuki/Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

This page highlights the differences between Shinji Kido and Kit Taylor.

Kamen Rider Ryuki
Kamen Rider Ryuki
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight


Shinji Kit
Was killed in the penultimate episode, but was resurrected in the final with no Memory of Being a Kamen Rider. Was vented in episode 31, but was brought out from the advent void in episodes 33 & 34 with his memories of being a Kamen Rider still intact.
Became Kamen Rider Knight in a TV Special.Also became Kamen Rider Ryuga in a mini series . Never became Kamen Rider Wing Knight.  Became Kamen Rider Onyx after having been brought out from the advent void.
Teamed up with a force of Rider and Sentai reinforcements led by Kamen Rider 1 and Akarenger as well as Black RX, the Boukengers, the Shinkengers, and HurricaneRed. Also used a card belonging to the GoseigersIcon-crosswiki. Never teamed up with with Masked Rider, the Masked Rider Warriors, or any of the Power Rangers. Never wielded any cards used by the Mega RangersIcon-crosswiki.
Never encountered/fought Verde, Femme, or Ryuga in his series proper, only encountering them in a special and a movie. Encountered the second Camo for two episodes (fighting him in the first), fought alongside both users of the Siren Deck, and later became Onyx while he did not have the Dragon Knight Deck.
Was not a Kamen Rider after being resurrected in the final (due to not having his deck on top of not having his memories), but presumably recovered the deck somehow, as he is seen using it in later crossovers. Continued being a Kamen Rider after being rescued and still holds the Dragon Knight deck.
Teamed up with the HurricangersIcon-crosswiki, GoraigersIcon-crosswiki & ShurikengerIcon-crosswiki Neve Allied With The Ninja RangersIcon-crosswiki
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