This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Kamen Rider franchise and an adaptation.

Kamen Rider Femme/Kamen Rider Siren

This page highlights the differences between Miho Kirishima and Kase.

Kamen Rider Femme
Kamen Rider Siren


Miho Kase
Is from Earth. Is from Ventara.
Only appeared in the movie and the special. Only appeared in the TV series.
Succeeded in killing Takeshi Asakura, by destroying his deck when he was in blank form after Kamen Rider Ryuga destroyed Genocider and saved her.  Did not vented Kamen Rider Strike. In fact, she has never vented any Riders in the series.
Is a con-artist that seduces wealthy men in order to steal their money and/or valuables. Is not a con-artist.
Joined the Rider War only to resurrect her sister, who was killed by Asakura and also to have revenge on Asakura for his act. Did not join any competition, she only wanted to defeat Xaviax like how Len/Kamen Rider Wing Knight wanted to.
Died from wounds sustained while being ambushed by Ryuga, and her card deck was left unnoticed. She never passed her deck to anyone else. Vented by Strike and her deck was transferred to Maya Young until she was recovered from the Advent Void.
Is not the main Rider in the series.  Is the third main Rider in the series.
Has no relationship between her and Ren Akiyama/Kamen Rider Knight. Instead, she has feelings for Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki. Is Len's girlfriend. She only saw Kit/Kamen Rider Dragon Knight as nothing more than a friend/comrade.
Never fought Kamen Rider Tiger (at least, the fight was not depicted). Broke off the fight between Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and Kamen Rider Axe and fought Axe afterward.
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