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This page highlights the differences between Kotaro Minami and Dex Stewart
Kamen Rider Black RX
Masked Rider


Kotaro Dex
He was born on the day of a solar eclipse, along with his stepbrother Nobuhiko Akizuki, within the same hospital.  He is the prince of the planet Edenoi, homeworld of Alpha 5, and the current Masked Rider: the guardian of Edenoi. 
Had two sets of powers. Is potentially powerful enough to warp reality itself via the Kingstone, to the point of being capable of easily ruling the universe if having obtained Shadow Moon's Kingstone. Had one set of powers (or three if one counts two "other forms" due to bad editing of ZO and J footage). Inherited his powers from his predecessors.
Never grew into a giant and did not battle Machine Beast Mothership Fog Mother and their armies Zu and AgitoHe gains the ability to grow into a Giant by an alien named LC to fight the giant monster Ultivore. He also fought Hydrasect and Cyborgator.
Never fought Neo Organism. Dex fought Destructosphere and Arachnida.
Destroyed General Jark single-handedly. Did not destroy Count Dregon himself.
Teamed up with Ten veteran Kamen Riders, never fought alongside with Zyurangers and Kibaranger (unless Super Hero Taisen counts). Teamed up with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Masked Rider Warriors.
Often seen as one of the most powerful Kamen Riders in the entire franchise, being immune to time paradoxes and changes in reality, as well as having been portrayed in Kamen Rider Black RX as greatly surpassing his predecessors in physical prowess, to the point of defeating Gran Zairus as Bio Rider .  Often seen as a joke among fans for his series' layout.
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