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Commander Dopant (コマンダー・ドーパント Komandā Dōpanto) is the Dopant form assumed when one uses the Commander Gaia Memory.

Dopant Form

Commamder Dopant

Commander Dopant

  • Height: 230 cm
  • Weight: 200 kg

With the touch of a button on its left arm, the Commander Dopant can create Masked Soldiers (仮面兵士 Kamen Heishi) resembling a SWAT team armed with rods that can give off electricity, and delete people like data. It is also armed with missiles and a timed bomb which can be stopped by deactivating the detonator.

Commamder Dopant Upgrade

Commander Dopant (Empowered)

  • Height: 285 cm
  • Weight: 250 kg

When using the Gaia Memory Enhancement Adapter, the Commander Dopant becomes more powerful with additional armor on its chest with a cogwheel sticking out from the back. In this form, the Masked Soldiers become more powerful and the Dopant can fire more missiles at once.


Hiroshi Sagami

Sagami Hiroshi

Hiroshi Sagami

Main article: Hiroshi Sagami

The main user of the Commander Memory was Hiroshi Sagami (相模 広志 Sagami Hiroshi), a corrupt police officer within the ranks of the Futo police force. Three years prior, Sagami lost his wife when she was gunned down by a criminal he arrested prior. Furious with the conclusion that law itself can never reform criminals, Sagami obtained the Commander Memory and became judge, jury, and executioner as the Commander Dopant, executing any criminals he comes across regardless of the severity of their crimes. Known as the One Dopant Army (ワン・ドーパント・アーミー Wan Dōpanto Āmī), the Commander Dopant can create Masked Soldiers to fight for him with his gauntlet that materializes and destroys matter. After obtaining the Gaia Memory Enhancing Adapter from Aoi Katsuragi, the daughter of a petty thief he murdered in cold blood, the Commander Dopant acquires an upgraded form with the ability to fire a barrage of missiles. Seeing Ryu Terui as a kindred spirit, Sagami kidnapped Akiko to force Ryu to open his heart back to brutal vengeance, making himself the villain and intending to have Ryu succeed his work. However, refusing to go down that path again, Ryu managed to get the Gaia Memory Enhancing Adapter and used it to save his wife and defeat the Commander Dopant. Afterwards, Sagami was taken into custody.

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