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Climax Jump ROD Form is a character song from Kamen Rider Den-O. It was performed by Urataros (Kōji Yusa).


This version of Climax Jump is one of the many remixes sung by only one of the imagin (Urataros in this case). In the CD jacket, this song was designated as the "Tsuraretemiru?" remix.


Original Japanese lyrics Romanized Japanese Lyrics Approximate Translation into English


ゆっくりとおびき寄せる Catch the wave
カモフラージュな情熱でIn your hands

運命を連れて行く Time trippin' ride
不可能超えて 掴み取るさClimax
明日の自分見失 うだけ
誰より高い空へ飛ぼうよClimax Jump!


それでも正しいつもり?Means nothing!
ラグジュアリーな経験をIn your mind

どうせなら飛び回れ Time trippin' ride
捜し出すのさ 自分だけのClimax
誇れるように 更なる Climax Jump


誰より高く 昨日より高く Climax Jump!


Ii ne! Ii ne! Sugoi ne!?(x4)

kanaetai yume wa
muyami ni sawagazu
yukkuri to obiki yoseru Catch the wave
aseri sugita chikara waza ja
nigeteku yo donna ai mo
kamofuraashu na jounetsu de In your hands

Hajimari wa itsumo totsuzen
Unmei wo tsurete yuku Time tripin' ride
Fukanou koete
Tsukamitoru sa Climax
Kawaru koto wo osorenaide
Ashita no jibun miushinau dake
Dare yori takai
Sora e tobou yo Climax Jump!

Ii ne! Ii ne! Sugoi ne!?(x2)

shoujiki na dake de
dareka kizu tsukete
sore de mo tadashii tsumori? Means nothing!
hon no hito toki no gokujou
boku no uso no omote nashi
ragushuarii (luxury) na keiken o In your mind

Tabidachi wa itsumo hitsuzen
Douse nara tobimaware Time tripin' ride
Sagashidasu no sa jibun dake no Climax
Kinou made no kioku subete
Hitsuyou to wakaru hi ga kuru hazu
Hokoreru you ni sara naru Climax Jump!

Tsugi wa itsu aeru no? to kimi ga kiku nara
Asu mo asatte mo to soo kotaeyou
Dakedo mou jikan wa tsugi no eki e tabidatsu
Saigo no uso sayonara no kawari.

Jikan no nami wo tsukamaete
Ima sugu ni yukou yakusoku no basho
Genkai mugen iza tobikome Climax Jump!
Kawaru koto wo osorenaide
Ashita no jibun miushinau dake
Dare yori takaku
Kinou yori takaku

Climax Jump!

Ii ne! Ii ne! Sugoi ne?!(x4)[2]

It's nice! It's nice! Isn't it spectacular!?(x4)

If you have a dream you want to come true
don't indiscreetly become excited
Slowly draw it in and Catch the wave
Any love will run away
if you impatiently use too much force
Camouflage that passion In your hands

Beginnings are always sudden
Bring fate with you on a time tripin' ride
Surpass the impossible!
Grab hold of it! Climax
Don't be afraid of change
You're just losing sight of your future self
Higher than anyone else...
Let's jump into the sky Climax jump!

It's nice! It's nice! Isn't it spectacular!?(x2)

Only to be honest
Is hurting someone else
still not correct? Means nothing!
Just a moment's best
lie to my hospitality
and the luxury experience In your mind

A journey is always inevitable
So you might as well jump around in a time tripin' ride
Seek it out It belongs just to you Climax
All your memories of yesterday
A day when you need to part will surely come
So that you will be proud of it Go further Climax Jump!

If you ask "When can we meet next?"
Seems you want me to stay tomorrow, or the day after
However, it's time to leave for the next station
As my last lie turns to a goodbye.

Catch the wave of time
Head to the promised place right away
The limits are infinite Jump at the critical moment Climax Jump!
Don't be afraid of change
You're just losing sight of your future self
Higher than anyone else
Higher than yesterday

Climax Jump!

It's nice! It's nice! Isn't it spectacular?!(x4)[3]