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Chizu Adachi (安達 千寿 Adachi Chizu) is the cousin of Asumu Adachi, and daughter of Riso Adachi.

Personality and background

Chizu was born to Riso Adachi and her father. She is a lively energetic woman who lives on Yaku island. Her cousin Asumu and aunt Ikuko Adachi was last there on visit for a Buddhist ceremony when Asumu was two years old, prior to the series start.


Chizu was tasked with greeting and escorting her cousin and aunt who was coming to visit the island once more. When they arrived she had a heartfelt reunion with Ikuko whom she had not seen in such a long time.

At the house, many relatives had gathered and after awhile she sat herself in the entrance hall to play with her phone until Asumu came by. She asked where he was going, and at the same time got an idea for an island tour. She drove him around to see waterfalls and huge trees, until she got the idea to show him a very mysterious looking forest. As they stood and marvelled at the trees, a man suddenly appeared behind them, scaring them.

The man greeted Asumu whom he had met previously on the boat. He introduced himself as Hibiki, and decided to lead them out of the forest. Chizu was amazed that he only had one name. Asumu asked why Hibiki was there to which he replied that he came to lend a hand to a friend. Suddenly Chizu was wrapped in spiderweb, and screamed as she lost consciousness and was dragged away.The Echoing Oni

Unbeknownst to her, she was rescued and driven back to the house by Hibiki and Asumu, where she was laid to rest in her bed.The Howling Spider

Some days later she texted Asumu, telling him that she was fine and to say hi to Hibiki if he saw him again. She also included a photo of Asumu and Hibiki together.Running Ichiro

Behind the scenes


Chizu Adachi was portrayed by Asae Ōnishi (大西 麻恵 Ōnishi Asae).


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