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Chie Morishita (森下 千恵 Morishita Chie) was Yuji Kiba's girlfriend until his death in a horrific car crash. After Yuji returned two years later, having become the Horse Orphnoch, he discovered that she had left him for his cousin, Kazuaki Kiba. He lost control when he confronted the new boyfriend as he assumed his Orphnoch form to kill him in a maddened rage before realising what he had done. When he was called by Chie later, he was heartbroken when she named him the culprit in Kazuaki's murder, outrunning the police before he murdered Chie out of scorn. The Start of a Trip The Belt's Power

Chie had an older brother, Yoshimasa Morishita. Intent on finding his sister's murderer, he pleaded Kiba to aid him, but Kiba refused out of regret. No sooner than that happened that Morishita was attacked by the Flyingfish Orphnoch and became an Orphnoch himself, the Armadillo Orphnoch. However, Morishita was overcome by the powers he gained and went insane, going on a random killing spree after being offended by what others thought of his sister. Takumi Inui overcame his doubt in time and killed Morishita as Faiz with Sparkle Cut. Takumi, Revival

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Chie Morishita was portrayed by Mika Katsumura (勝村 美香 Katsumura Mika), who previously portrayed Yuuri/TimePinkIcon-crosswiki in Mirai Sentai TimerangerIcon-crosswiki.

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