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Check! Hibiki's Useful Maziora!! (チェック!響鬼のお役立ちマジョーラ!! Chekku! Hibiki no Oyakudachi Majōra!!) is the seventh episode of the webisode series, Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders Super Spin-off.


Kenichi and Nartaki talk about Hibiki's design having "Maziora" color. At first Kenichi thinks that word originates from MagirangerIcon-crosswiki but Narutaki says it is not related to that. They comment that it took the costume developers seven test designs to produce the final suit color, which uses a special reflective paint that changes color when the light hits it a certain way. They also state that Maziora is in the design of Ibuki and Todoroki, which was a blue and green variant of the coloring design. This became a trend as future Rider designs such as Kabuto and Den-O used Maziora in the coloring. Kaito then tries to scam Natsumi and Yuusuke into buying Maziora by doing a sales pitch as he shows off the different sizes it comes in. Tsukasa says the exchange rate is unfair when Kaitos asks for 50,000 Pesos but then gives up and goes back to taking a nap.


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  • Maziora is a Japanese branding name for ChromaFlair paint. CromaFlair was invented by the American company JDS Uniphase. This popular paint is primarily used for decorating automobiles such as classic vintage hot rods like 1950s Mercurys or for modifying the appearance of electric guitars, game consoles and computers.
    • The paint has flakes of aluminum compounded with a magnesium fluoride and semi-translucent chromium coating. This gives the paint a glittery sparkle and its reflective glass-like shine, which acts as a prism that bends the light in a certain way to give it its color changing properties.
    • The announcer jokes that the "Maziora" motif is related to MagirangerIcon-crosswiki; while it isn't, Magiranger was Hibiki's Super Hero TimeIcon-crosswiki partner show during both their runs.
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