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Check! Faiz vs. Dry Taste Jaws!! (チェック!ファイズ VS 辛口ジョーズ!! Chekku! Faizu Bāsasu Karakuchi Jōzu!!) is the fifth episode of the webisode series, Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders Super Spin-off.


Kenichi Suzumura and Narutaki introduce the special, explaining the appeal of "dry taste" motifs to adults. Narutaki then reveals the existence of a "secret hit" in a shark-themed Rider, to which the Decade cast reacts with confusion and bewilderment. Narutaki explains the aforementioned shark-themed Rider is Faiz, followed by Suzumura describing Faiz's suit design and how it is modeled after a shark: his antennae look like a shark's dorsal fin, and his mouth plate has triangular designs resembling shark teeth.

The Decade cast shows surprise, with Natsumi admitting to believing Faiz was modeled after a maintenance worker based solely on the lights on his suit and the Faiz Edge. Yuusuke and Daiki debate as to whether or not Faiz looks like such at first glance, followed by Suzumura and Narutaki ending the special.



  • It is odd that the cast reacts in confusion when a shark Rider is mentioned, as the shark-themed Kamen Rider Abyss had previously appeared in Decade itself.
    • In April of 2019, Shinichiro Shirakura told western fans that Faiz was indeed a shark-themed rider as one of the early concepts of the show was marine animal-themed Riders.
  • The railway maintenance worker motif would be used five years later, for Ressha Sentai ToQgerIcon-crosswiki's Akira NijinoIcon-crosswiki.
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