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For the character in Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight, see Chase (Dragon Knight).

"Those who are about to die do not need to know my name."
―Protodrive's pre-battle catchphrase[src]

"I am Mashin Chaser, the guardian of the Roidmudes. Also known as..., the Grim Reaper."
―Mashin Chaser introducing himself[src]

"I...will start over....with this package you've sent me."
―Chase's phrase to Kiriko after he chose the way of the hero[src]

"I am the warrior, who fights for defending the individuality of all sentient beings. I am Kamen Rider Chaser."
―Chaser's pre-battle catchphrase[src]

"It's fine, Go. As long as I can protect the ones Kiriko loves...I have no regrets."
―Chase's last words to Go before his demise[src]

Chase (チェイス, Cheisu), also known as Roidmude 000 or Protozero (プロトゼロ, Puroto Zero), was Mashin Chaser (魔進[マシン]チェイサー, Mashin Cheisā, lit. "Advanced Demon Chaser"), an enforcer of the Roidmudes who deals with rogue members of their kind whilst developing a rivalry with the current Kamen Rider Drive.

In truth, he is the first Roidmude created by Krim Steinbelt to carry out acts of justice, fighting as Kamen Rider Protodrive (仮面ライダープロトドライブ, Kamen Raidā Puroto Doraibu) during the first Global Freeze before he was defeated and had his memories wiped, bending him towards the side of the Roidmudes. Eventually, he breaks free from his brainwashing with guidance from the woman he once saved, re-aligning himself with humanity once more and becoming Kamen Rider Chaser (仮面ライダーチェイサー, Kamen Raidā Cheisā).


Awakened As Protodrive

Protozero is reactivated by Krim.

Roidmude 000, also designated as Protozero (プロトゼロ, Puroto Zero), was a unique Roidmude created by Krim Steinbelt that was programmed with an infallible sense of justice. Due to him being a prototype, Protozero was deactivated for a period of time. However, when the other 108 Roidmudes created by Banno were awakened, Protozero was reactivated again by Krim, now having become the Drive Driver. Protozero was thus tasked to use the Drive Driver to become Protodrive, to protect the humans and eliminate the malevolent Roidmudes.

Protodrive reads the memories of a damaged Viral Core.

As the first user of the Drive system, Protozero took his days as a hero seriously, focusing only on the task at hand. As Kamen Rider Protodrive, he was deployed to fight off Roidmude 005, who was evading Shinnosuke Tomari, who conveniently did not see him fight against the Roidmude menace. Despite Krim being upset that he and Chase could not destroy the core of a Roidmude, Protozero took the damaged Viral Core of 005 and projected his memories, learning of the Roidmude's plan to start an all out attack on humanity.

Chase's memories get altered by the Roidmude trio.

Protodrive mobilized to fight along with the rest of the completed Shift Cars. Despite being an unfinished prototype, Protodrive was able to destroy numerous Roidmude bodies. He would also save policewoman, Kiriko Shijima, from Roidmude 010. During a battle against Roidmude 002, he was viciously defeated and stripped away from the Drive Driver. Protozero was operated on by Roidmudes 002, 001, and 003 that reset his memories and transformed him into their loyal kin. He is given a new name, Chase, and is given the Break Gunner, allowing him to transform into Mashin Chaser. After Brain recommended him to assume a human disguise, so Chase copied the appearance of police officer Koichi Kano at a street.

Peril of Mashin Chaser

Chase appears before Heart and Brain after the destruction of the Iron Roidmude at the hands of Shinnosuke Tomari, the new Kamen Rider Drive. He is sent to find the one who destroyed the Roidmude and eliminate him.

After he and his comrades incapacitate and gained the rogue Roidmude 051's Core, Chase face Drive for the first time, demonstrating his abilities which Mr. Belt noting it to that of Protodrive. Soon, he would face the Kamen Rider again during the incidents of the Paint Roidmude, Crash Roidmude, and Scooper Roidmude. However, out of all the conflicts, Chase began to question himself ever since he saw Kiriko for the first time when she shielded an untransformed Shinnosuke from being killed, causing him to be fixated on her. Nonetheless, whenever he faced Drive, he was always defeated after Drive's arsenal grew over time.

During Christmas Eve, Chase failed to fulfill Brain's orders to defeat Drive and hence was poisoned by Brain. This revealed his Roidmude form, bearing the number 000, which Chase notes that he has never seen it before. This caused Mr. Belt to recognize Chase's true form.

True Past And Redemption

After discovering his true Roidmude form, he questions Heart about this, only for Heart to answer that Chase was a great warrior, and that zero is a privileged number. Despite Chase's mental breakdown, the Roidmude's main goal was accomplished: to revive Medic.

"I am...a Kamen Rider?"
―Chase learns his true identity.[src]

Kiriko learns that Chase was Protodrive.

Chase began to receive memories of rescuing Kiriko and the voice of Krim Steinbelt. As the Ride Macher and Ride Chaser combined into the Ride Crosser for the first time, Chase wondered why, until Brain came forward and explained that he was the warrior who fought the Roidmudes during the Global Freeze, Protodrive.

Mach vs. Chase

With Chase's mind in ruins, Brain was going to dispose of him, however, Medic came up with a sinister plan to reprogram Chase instead, making him more robotic and emotionless. In this state, Chase became a ruthless killer, even to humans which is a moral line that he would not cross.

Chase defeated by Deadheat Mach.

Soon Medic reveals that instead of resetting Chase's memory, she altered his main programming code to defend Roidmudes rather than humans, given that Protozero's base programming cannot be erased. The only downside was that Chase could no longer perform his original duty of a Grim Reaper, which is also the reason why Chase really cares about the Roidmudes. Due to this, Chase now only works on defending the Advanced Roidmudes while his Grim Reaper role being handed to Medic's latest division, Reaper Legion. In similar cases, Chase would even form a rivalry with Go Shijima/Kamen Rider Mach, a youth whom greatly bears a strong hatred for Roidmudes and their races, including Chase, regardless of his previous background as Protodrive.

In order to settle his rivalry with Drive, Chase had demonstrated another trick of his sleeve, such as triggering the Ride Crosser combination. Furthered by his remodeling by Medic, the Roidmudes strike a plan to eliminate Drive. They first staged the "deaths" of human templates that past Roidmudes used as their human disguises, in order to lure Drive into mobilizing the Shift Cars for investigation. Once mobilized, they were quickly captured and enthralled by Medic to be Chase's assistants. After delaying Mach with Heart, Chase confronted Shinnosuke/Drive, overpowering him with the enslaved Shift Cars. Mashin Chaser later demonstrated his superiority by trapping the rider in Super Heavy Acceleration, bludgeoning Drive into submission, even leaving Type Dead Heat useless. Chaser later executed Triple Tune, attacking Drive with the enslaved Shift Cars rammed into him, until Drive revealed himself to have survived from the blaze and rose as Type Formula.

Drive's new form easily counters the Super Heavy Acceleration, encapsulated all of the rogue Shift Cars and later cleared a path for escape through activating a Full Throttle finisher. Chase, irritated that he has been bested by Kamen Rider once again, agrees with Medic's plan to fight against Drive once more by kidnapping Kiriko as a hostage. However, due to Mach's interference and with Brain's tampering Medic's reprogramming, Chase temporarily regains his sense of self, only to be reprogrammed again afterwards. This new round of brainwashing maximizes his destructive nature, allowing Chase to kill anyone without regret. This prompted Shinnosuke to fight Chase once more. However, thanks to the completed Trailer-Hou and Type Formula, Mashin Chaser is finally and truly defeated, as made apparent by his core's destruction. Yet later, Kiriko Shijima found Chase alive underneath a bridge on the way home.

At an abandoned building, Kiriko Shijima uses Shift Car Mad Doctor inside the Break Gunner to heal his wounds. The next day at night, Chase awakens and asks if she was the one who rescued him. Kiriko responds by saying she did, and that she owed him one. Later on, Chase leaves his bed and takes a stroll outside with the flower from Kiriko in hand.

While wandering around on his own, Kiriko sought his help for a sample of an Advanced Roidmude. Chase forced himself to fulfill her wish, leaving her a piece of Mashin Chaser's Violet Guard.

Chase utilizes the Signal Chaser Biketo become a Kamen Rider once more.

Despite regaining his memories, Chase was still lost as he's torn between being a Roidmude or a Kamen Rider. While Drive Type Dead Heat engaged Heart, Mashin Chaser arrived and injured Shinnosuke's right hand. This caused Chase to regret for what he did as he never wanted to harm a human, but didn't want to see Heart get killed. Heart noticed his troubles and returned the Shift Speed Prototype to Chase until he decided on his own path. While Chase was still wandering around near the river, Kiriko came to him and brought him a small briefcase which contained a Mach Driver and the Signal Chaser. With that, Chase finally decided to redeem himself once more as Kamen Rider Chaser, rescuing Kiriko and destroyed the Sword Roidmude without killing its host.

Duel of the Kamen Riders: Chaser vs. Mach

Chase, being called in by Kiriko to save her brother, rushes to his aid with the Ride Booster. However, despite saving the latter, Go attacks Chase. Despite this, Chase, refusing to fight against a fellow Rider, undoes his transformation causing Shinnosuke to intervene to stop Go.

Later, Chase aids Shinnosuke in an operation that will remove his suspension on becoming Kamen Rider Drive, accepting the role gladly for saving him from Go in their previous encounter. Chase infiltrates the Special Investigation Office and attacks Nira in an attempt to allow Shinnosuke to transform to save the latter's life. Though Nira allows for Shinnosuke to transform, Nira faints. Chase would later face against Go once more and continues to refuse to fight against him, questioning if his mission is more important than his family. After Shinnosuke defeats the Seeker Roidmude, Chase ponders to himself the importance of a family.

Joining The Special Investigations Unit

During the case where the killer of Shinnosuke's father, Negishi, is brought up, Chase intervenes in a fight where Shinnosuke's desire for revenge clouds his judgment to protect people. Though the Roidmude gets away thanks to the interference of Go who attacks both the Riders, Shinnosuke thanks Chase for helping him realize once more on what it's like to be a Kamen Rider.

Chase learns that Roidmude 001's memory manipulation isn't permanent.

Helping out at the Special Investigation Unit office, he realizes that Roidmude 001's ability to alter memories is not permanent and quickly concludes that Go must also be under the influence of him. Encountering Go once more, Chase swiftly defeats him and confirms his suspicion that Go is being influenced by 001.

After aiding to defeat Negishi and the Open Roidmude, Chase alerts Kiriko on the situation of Go and receives back his Shift Speed Prototype. Upon inserting it to the Break Gunner, Chase overloads and displays a projection of his last moments before being forcefully tortured and retooled, revealing the identity of 001 to Shinnosuke and Kiriko.

Chase later tried to learn the 001's plot by re-reading his past memory and learned that they were planning to create another new evolution. He soon arrived to halt the Reaper Legion from interfering Shinnosuke's battle with 001, who would later evolve into Freeze. After defeating them, he was attacked from behind by a still-manipulated Go as Mach.

After Shinnosuke's death, he proceeds to go to try and save Go, but also doubles as more or less a suicide mission to take down the Roidmude commanders to avenge his fallen ally. The container with the substance to fix those with altered memories is destroyed. Despite his best efforts, Freeze is easily able to overwhelm him along with assistance from Mach. Luckily for him, Go reveals he faked having his memories re-written and gives himself and Chase cover to escape. Fortunately, Go managed to provide a solution that allow Shinnosuke to be revived as Drive Type Tridoron.

Later, when Kiriko was attacked by Brain while Shinnosuke as Drive Type Formula was fighting against Heart, he prevented Brain from harming Kiriko and suggested that since their target, Captain Shiguta, was nowhere to be found, they should retreat and focus on their mission instead of fighting Heart.

The next day, Chase accompanied Shinnosuke to look after Yukari, the primary target of Nira after his dark truth had been revealed. Right on Shinnosuke's deduction, Nira as the Thief Roidmude made his move and Chaser working together with Drive, and also saved by Mach as they were almost defeated. After Nira's escape, Go warned Chase for not telling Kiriko about their father and also stated that they were not buddies.

The Promised Number

Chase is assigned for a driver's license, which is also part of his undercover mission to capture Tornado. When he saw Banno in Drive's Pit, he seems to remember how he got re-brainwashed all over again by him, knowing he is up to something no good.

After Banno kidnaps Krim to create his of evil version of the Drive Driver as a new body, Chase began to pursue after him as a revenge for brainwashing him all over a time. Chase learned that behind Heart's madness towards humans was because of Banno torturing him in the past.

Later after Banno tries to take over Medic's body, Chase tries to convince Heart that they should all work together to defeat Banno, but Heart refused stating he would stay by his convictions to crush all that stand in the way of his goals, be it Banno or the Riders.

Mashin Chaser is defeated under Gold Drive using his Shingou-Ax.

During Banno's assault on the Special Investigation Unit, Chase tries to save an injured Go only to have his Mach Driver Honoh destroyed, and was forced to transform into Mashin Chaser once again. He was mortally wounded with the Shingou-Ax, surviving long enough to give Go his driver's license and Signal Bike along with the desire to be a free will human, before trying a suicidal attack on Gold Drive. However, Gold Drive survived this suicide attack, and as a result Chase's death appeared to be in vain.


Chase's Signal Chaser and driver's license, kept by Go.

Go, regretting his poor treatment towards Chase, proceeds to avenge his death by defeating Banno as Chaser Mach. When Kiriko catches up with him, he confides with his sister as she sees Chase's remains around them, joining Go in weeping for their friend. Kiriko then calls Shinnosuke to inform him of Chase's death, with Heart and Medic learning this from Shinnosuke's reaction. Heart then commends Chase, noting that he was a formidable warrior both as a friend, and as a foe. As the Sigma Circular starts the second Global Freeze, Go takes it upon himself to destroy the damaged Banno Driver, killing Banno.

The Sigma Circular is eventually destroyed, though this resulted in the deaths of Medic and Heart, thus making the Roidmudes extinct. As a result, the Special Investigation Unit is retired. Following this, Shinnosuke and Kiriko were amused to finally meet the man whose appearance was taken by Chase, the traffic officer, Koichi Kano. With this, Shinnosuke finally decided to continue moving on, as Krim, Chase, and Heart would have wanted him to. Meanwhile, Go, having kept the Signal Chaser along with Chase's driver's license before the Core Driviar arsenal was sealed away beneath the Drive Pit, set off to resume his life as a photographer while aspiring to one day restore Chase's Core and bring his friend back.

Other Events

Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle

NOTE: The following events take place between episodes 9 and 10

Mashin Chaser & Drive unite against Kamen Rider Lupin.

When both Zoruku Tojo and Megahex arise, Chase as well as other Roidmudes are surprised that their powers fell into the hands of more powerful figures. Believing that their technology only fits for the Roidmude race, Chase was forced to form an alliance with Drive to stop the threat. Mashin Chaser later accompanied Heart and Brain in Zawame where they fought alongside the Armored Riders against Megahex's forces.

Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3Icon-crosswiki.png

Mashin Chaser in the Rider Grand Prix against Drive.

Chase also becomes one of the victims of the alterations to time made by Shocker, permanently making him Mashin Chaser. He intruded and attacked Drive and other Riders during the Rider Grand Prix, only to be defeated by Kamen Rider Black RX and the Ridoron.

Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future

NOTE: The following events take place between episode 40 and Drive Saga: Chaser

Kamen Rider Chaser with the Ride Booster against the Astaco.

After Kamen Rider Drive accidentally caused severe property damage, he was labelled as a wanted suspect by the Metro Police and Shinnosuke is forced to go on the run due to being caught between another incident with the future Rider, Dark Drive. While Chase was skeptical regarding the incident, Chase fully realizes the dilemma that Shinnosuke is in after witnessing Dark Drive and the Future Roidmudes. Chaser joins with Drive and Mach in defeating Dark Drive and his forces, with Chaser using the Ride Crosser combining with the Ride Booster Set to destroy the Astaco. When Mr. Belt went berserk once more, Shinnosuke was forced to destroy the Drive Driver, much to Chase's fury, until it was revealed that his future son, Eiji, was actually the Paradox Roidmude. Shinnosuke borrowed Chase's Mach Driver to transform into Super Dead Heat Drive before returning the Driver back to him.

Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Chaser

NOTE: The following events take place between Surprise Future and episode 41

"Your solution is not peace. It is invalidation."
―Chase rejects Angel's idea of peace.[src]

Sometime after defeating the Paradox Roidmude, Chase comes across middle-school boy named Hiroshi Tamiya, whose sister was hospitalized after being caught in the crossfire against a Roidmude. Chase, wanting to experience human emotions, is approached by the Angel Roidmude, who gives him the Feather Circuit, allowing him to experience human emotions. This put a shock to his teammates in his sudden change of happiness and joy. Soon, Chase realizes he is unable to transform into Kamen Rider Chaser and has no choice but to transform into Super Mashin Chaser using the Rhino Super Viral Core given to him by Angel.

After learning that the Feather Circuit is part of Angel's agenda to put the Roidmudes under her control, Chase fights against her in order to free Heart's core. Despite knowing the risks, Chase still kept wearing the Feather Circuit as it brought him emotions and fought Angel as Super Mashin Chaser. It was after seeing Hiroshi with the Feather Circuit is when Chase realized it could really do them harm and forcibly ripped out the Circuit with the Rhino Super Viral Core before it fully intergrate with him. Being able to transform into Kamen Rider Chaser once more, he was able to vanquish Angel. Despite the loss of his emotions, Chase continues on determined to save humanity once more as Kamen Rider Chaser.

Kamen Rider Drive: Final Stage

Type Wild (Chase).png

Chase returns as Mashin Chaser in Kamen Rider Drive: Final Stage and was brainwashed by Roidmude 108. He later regains his memory, and gain power from Shift Cars then transform into Kamen Rider Drive Type Wild. .

Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive: Super Movie Wars Genesis

Chaser Mach Specter.jpg

When the timeline became distorted caused by the Da Vinci Gamma, Chase is temporarily revived with the other Roidmudes as a result of this butterfly effect. Chase aligns himself with Go Shijima and Makoto Fukami. He is erased from the timeline with the others after the Michelangelo Gamma was defeated. Chase assures Go that he was glad to have fought alongside by side with him as friends.

Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Mach

Chase (later revealed to be a possessed Koichi Kano) holding the Shift Ride Crosser Car.

"Make sure you protect them...your new family."
―Chase to Go in his brief appearance[src]

Two years after the Roidmudes were extinct, Go continues on his pursuit to revive Chase's core. When Go was fighting against Roidmude 005, who had evolved into the Revenger Roidmude, the Shift Ride Crosser sensed his will to never give up. The Shift Car possessed Chase's human template Koichi Kano and he arrived to hand him the Shift Ride Crosser to transform into Kamen Rider Mach Chaser, allowing him to completely vanquish 005 once and for all.

Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Brain


As of 2019, Go continues on his quest to revive Chase and manages to partially restore the data of Heart, Brain and Medic. Although fragments of Hearts, Brain, and Medic were partially restored, chances of Chase's data being restored were still slim compared to the three at the moment. It is also revealed that Go is working on a new model of Core Driviars known as Neo Core Driviars.

Video Game Appearances

Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis

Kamen Rider Chase in Battride War Genesis

Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Protodrive, Mashin Chaser and Kamen Rider Chaser are all playable characters in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Kamen Rider Buttobasoul

Kamen Rider Protodrive, Mashin Chaser and Kamen Rider Chaser are all playable characters in Kamen Rider Buttobasoul.


"Those who are about to die do not need to know my name."
―Protodrive's pre-battle catchphrase[src]

"What are you doing? Isn't it a Kamen Rider's job to protect humans?!"
―Chaser reminding Drive of his duty.[src]

Mashin Chaser & Kamen Rider Chaser's insignia, a winged skull

Chase was a kind and brave individual, traits of a true Kamen Rider. Initially in his limited days as Protodrive, Chase was stoic and almost emotionless, as well as feeling contempt at answering his enemy's questions. Confident and serious, Chase risked his life along with his partner Krim Steinbelt to prevent the Roidmude from subjugating humanity, as per his programming.

Upon being reset and modified into the Roidmude's guardian as Mashin Chaser, Chase had lost his memories as a Kamen Rider. Like his time as Protodrive, he portrayed himself as a servant, blaming himself and not fighting back against Brain who calls him a "reject" when the former started to receive spasms about his past memories as Protodrive. Despite his modification, Chase still subconsciously felt concern towards humans, to his own confusion. Moreover, his sense of fairness remained as well, as shown through his interactions with Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive.

When Medic modified him though, Chase had lost almost all sense of concern for humans. He had also lost his sense of honor, having little qualms towards the kidnapping of others. However, his feelings of camaraderie remained and became enhanced, causing him to be relieved of his duty as the Grim Reaper.

After being healed by Kiriko Shijima and the Mad Docter Shift Car, Chase finally returned to his former self as Protozero. However, the time he spent as Mashin Chaser caused Chase to feel conflicted between his loyalty towards the humans and the Roidmudes. Through Kiriko's actions though, Chase was convinced to restart and become a Kamen Rider once more, feeling it to be the right thing to do.

Chase experiences heartbreak.

Despite returning as a Kamen Rider, Chase still felt doubt in himself, primarily due to his past actions as Mashin Chaser. Furthermore, he was initially confused about the idea of love, family, and friendships, things he felt were foreign to him. Slowly but gradually, Chase began to understand these feelings personally, with Kiriko being his primary target of affection. Along the way of reintegrating back with humans, Chase helped both his successors in doing the right thing, having come to terms with his own role as a Kamen Rider.

As Chase slowly learns more about humans, he takes the first step of accepting Shinnosuke's friendship by calling him by his first name and confronted him later if he had feelings for Kiriko. Upon learning that Kiriko and Shinnosuke both have feelings for each other, Chase considers his heartbreak as a sign of becoming more human, something which he felt proud about.

When given a golden feather by Angel, Chase lost his awkward and stoic persona, thus being free to fully express his emotions. Even when learning of the golden feather's true nature, Chase was reluctant to remove it, as he had finally felt accepted by the ones he loved. Nonetheless, Chase ultimately decided to return to his former persona, partly due to Heart's words of encouragement.

Near his death at the hands of Tenjuro Banno/Gold Drive, Chase revealed to Go Shijima that he was truly happy to have been accepted by the Special Investigation Unit, having come to genuinely love his friends. Asking Go to hold onto his keepsakes during his time as Kamen Rider Chaser, Chase then gave his own life in an attempt to stop Gold Drive. Even in death, Chase continued to support Go, appearing as an apparition to help him defeat Gold Drive.


While Chase uses the Break Gunner to transform into his battle form, unlike the Roidmudes who require Viral Cores as it comprises their body, Chase can use Viral Cores to augment Mashin Chaser's power further. This power-up is known as Tune Chasers (武装[チューン]チェイサー, Chūn Cheisā, lit. "Armed Chaser") and each Tune Chaser have their own weapons powered by the E-Circular (E-サーキュラー, Ī-Sākyurā) materializing from the Circular Dynamics (サーキュラーダイナミクス, Sākyurā Dainamikusu) on his back. Whenever he executes a Full Break (フルブレイク, Furu Bureiku) finishing blow, the silver pipes on his Night Hide Wear (ナイトハイドウェア, Naito Haido Uea) suit called the G-Junction (G-ジャンクション, Ji-Jankushon) empower the attacks made.

Episode 25 reveals that Chase's Mashin Chaser suit is made from the structures of an Advanced Roidmude, meaning that his Protozero form is an equivalent to a Plain Roidmude and that this battle suit allows him to be on par with an Advanced Roidmude's level. So much so that in one episode, he was able to transform directly from Protozero without having to initiate his Break Gunner, further mirroring a standard Roidmude evolution.

Mashin Chaser

Mashin Chaser

"Break Up! (Heavy metal end riff)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 202.5 cm[2]
  • Weight: 112 kg[2]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 7.3 t.[2]
  • Kicking power: 12.2 t.[2]
  • Maximum jump height: 24 m.[2]
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 6.9 sec.[2]

When brainwashed and fighting for the Roidmudes, Chase transforms into Mashin Chaser (魔進[マシン]チェイサー, Mashin Cheisā, lit. "Advance Demon Chaser"), where he is armed with the Break Gunner and drives the Ride Chaser. Since both Heart and Brain only wanted Chase to incapacitate rogue Roidmudes instead of fully destroying them, his arsenal as well was made not to kill their Cores, a trait that was shared from his first appearance as Protodrive.

This form is seen briefly before Chase's first transformation into Kamen Rider Chaser and is indeed still available to be accessed by Chase via the Break Gunner despite retiring it in favor of becoming a Kamen Rider again, as demonstrated when he became Mashin Chaser once more to save Go from Gold Drive following the destruction of his Mach Driver Honoh.

The Mashin Chaser suit includes the following accessories:

  • Nightmare Helm (ナイトメアヘルム, Naitomea Herumu) - A helmet that protects the head of Mashin Chaser.
    • H-Streamer (H-ストリーマー, H-Sutorīmā) - A heat exhaust pipe attached to Mashin Chaser. It is responsible for transferring excess heat to the heat exhaust system in order to ensure stable operation of the various functions installed in the head. The surface of the pipe is made of a sturdy reinforced material, which also serves as auxiliary armor to protect the head.
    • Shuttered Eye (シャッタードアイ, Shattādo Ai) - The right eye of Mashin Chaser, a visual sensor that specializes in analytical abilities. The lens that covers the internal sensor is made thin in order to increase sensitivity to the utmost limit, and is protected by a sturdy additional armor to compensate for its durability. This highly sensitive and accurate unit is capable of understanding the enemy's internal mechanisms and finding structural weaknesses.
    • Nemesis Module (ネメシスモジュール, Nemeshisu Mojūru) - A high-performance composite module built into the head of Mashin Chaser. Based on the attack data received from the enemy, it creates the most effective battle pattern to inflict damage, and suggests it to the transformer. It also grasps the operational status of Mashin Chaser and quickly controls damage by raising the shield output of damaged parts.
    • Spiral Guard (スパイラルガード, Supairaru Gādo) - A metal frame that covers the head of Mashin Chaser. It is made of high-strength compressed metal to protect critical areas and reduce damage to the transformer. It also forms a defensive energy film that covers the head, and serves to increase the defense of areas not covered by armor.
    • Dunbar Antenna (ダンバーアンテナ, Danbā Antena) - A communication interception device installed in the head of Mashin Chaser. It is capable of intercepting communication data and wireless conversations flying within a 10 km radius. It can also emit jamming waves to paralyze the enemy's communication functions.
    • Reactor Eye (リアクターアイ, Riakutā Ai) - A visual sensor that serves as the left eye of Mashin Chaser. It is highly responsive, instantly capturing dynamic and heat source reactions, and instantly grasping the surrounding situation. The internal sensor is covered with a thick reinforced lens to make it robust enough to withstand battle.
    • HE-Device (HE-デバイス, HE-Debaisu) - A heat exhaust device installed in the head of Mashin Chaser. It collects and discharges the excess heat generated by the various devices in the head through the heat exhaust pipe. It also has the function of converting some of the collected heat into energy.
    • Multiple Armor (マルチプルアーマー, Maruchipuru Āmā) - Multi-layered armor that protects the face of Mashin Chaser. Its intricately layered metal frame provides excellent damage dispersion and protection against armor-piercing bullets.
  • Radiator Guard (ラジエーターガード, Rajiētā Gādo) - A cooling device installed on the shoulder of Mashin Chaser. It discharges the heat accumulated in the body and prevents the drive engine from overheating abnormally. It also has the ability to take energy and heat from objects that come into contact with Mashin Chaser, and break them down and release them.
  • Core Driviar-0 (コア・ドライビア-0, Koa Doraibia-Zero) - An archetype gravity drive engine that generates the operating energy of Mashin Chaser. By operating the engine at high levels, it can release waves that cause Heavy Acceleration.
  • Violet Guard (ヴァイオレットガード, Vaioretto Gādo) - The external armor that covers the body of Mashin Chaser and serves as a shield generator. It forms a defensive energy film that covers the surface of the body, and serves to increase the defensive power of the parts not covered by the armor. As a sample of an Advanced Roidmude, Chase shedded a piece of it with his Break Gunner. Giving it to Kiriko, it was then used by Rinna to modify the Rider systems to target Roidmude physiology exclusively to preserve human hosts of the Fusion Evolution State, as well as to create the Kamen Rider Chaser system by linking it to the second Mach Driver Honoh.
  • Death Head Shoulder (デスヘッドショルダー, Desu Heddo Shorudā) - Shoulder armor equipped on the left shoulder of Mashin Chaser. It concentrates the impact energy produced during a lunge to a single point, and can destroy even enemies equipped with shields in an instant.
  • Armed Impactor (アームドインパクター, Āmudo Inpakutā) - A gauntlet worn on the left arm of Mashin Chaser. It is made of hard and thick metal armor, which greatly reduces damage from energy attacks. It also has the ability to strike the energy generated by the drive engine into the enemy's internal organs, disrupting their internal functions.
  • Revolt Brace (リボルトブレス, Riboruto Buresu) - A control bracelet worn on the wrist of Mashin Chaser. Its function is to adjust the power balance of each part of the body to prevent internal damage from the recoil of its own attacks. The limiter can also be cancelled at the discretion of the transformer.
  • Raid Glove (レイドグローブ, Reido Gurōbu) - A reinforced glove that covers the fist of Mashin Chaser. By instantly releasing the energy stored in his fists, he is able to unleash enhanced punches. In addition, the sharp thrusts using the claws on his fingertips have the power to pierce through a 200mm thick steel plate with a single blow.
  • Armed Enhance (アームドエンハンス, Āmudo Enhansu) - The armor attached to the right arm of Mashin Chaser. It is made of hard and thick metal armor, and greatly reduces damage from physical attacks. It also has the ability to instantaneously increase arm strength by using the energy generated by the drive engine.
  • Pad Impulsar (パッドインパルサー, Paddo Inparusā) - An armor made of special steel that covers the knees of Mashin Chaser. It has the ability to create a directional shockwave, and can bring down the internal systems of the target with a knee kick.
  • Strength Leg (ストレングスレッグ, Sutorengusu Reggu) - The leg-strengthening armor of Mashin Chaser. The surface is coated with special particles that form a shield film. In addition, an internal device that utilizes electromagnetic power raises Mashin Chaser's athletic ability to create powerful kicks and high agility.
  • Tracer Boots (トレイサーブーツ, Toreisā Būtsu) - A pair of reinforced boots equipped on Mashin Chaser. By instantly releasing the energy stored in his toes, he is able to unleash an enhanced kick. It can also detect traces of the target left behind on the road surface, etc., using the internal sensors built into its soles.

Appearances: Drive Episodes 3-9, Movie War Full Throttle, 10-11, 13-19, 21-22, Super Hero Taisen GPIcon-crosswiki.png, 25-26, Drive Saga: Chaser,45.

Tune Chaser Spider

Tune Chaser Spider

"Tune Chaser Spider! (Spider noises)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 202.5 cm[3]
  • Weight: 127 kg[3]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 8.6 t.[3]
  • Kicking power: 12.5 t.[3]
  • Maximum jump height: 24 m.[3]
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 7.1 sec.[3]

Tune Chaser Spider (武装[チューン]チェイサースパイダー, Chūn Cheisā Supaidā, lit. "Armed Chaser Spider") is Mashin Chaser's spider-based attachment extension form that he can assume by inserting the Chaser Spider Viral Core into the Break Gunner. This form debuts in episode 5.

In this form, Mashin Chaser is armed with the Fang Spidey (ファングスパイディー, Fangu Supaidī) pincer.

Tune Chaser Spider's Full Break finisher is the Execution Spider (エグゼキューションスパイダー, Eguzekyūshon Supaidā), where the E-Circular imparts energy into the Fang Spidey before Mashin Chaser slashes a hologram version of his weapon at the enemy.

Appearances: Drive Episodes 5-8,Movie War Full Throttle,11, 13, 15, 19, 21-22, 26.

Tune Chaser Cobra

Tune Chaser Cobra

"Tune Chaser Cobra! (Cobra noises, followed by a tongue lick and a hiss)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 202.5 cm[4]
  • Weight: 127 kg[4]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 8.1 t.[4]
  • Kicking power: 12.5 t.[4]
  • Maximum jump height: 24 m.[4]
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 7.1 sec.[4]

Tune Chaser Cobra (武装[チューン]チェイサーコブラ, Chūn Cheisā Kobura, lit. "Armed Chaser Cobra") is Mashin Chaser's cobra-based attachment extension form that he can assume by inserting the Chaser Cobra Viral Core into the Break Gunner. This form debuts in episode 7.

In this form, Mashin Chaser is armed with the Tail Whipper (テイルウィッパー, Teiru Wippā) whip made out of a special liquid metal.

Tune Chaser Cobra's Full Break finisher is the Execution Cobra (エグゼキューションコブラ, Eguzekyūshon Kobura), where the Tail Whipper physically detaches from Mashin Chaser's arm so that it can attack the enemy.

Appearances: Drive Episodes 7-8, 15-16.

Tune Chaser Bat

Tune Chaser Bat

"Tune Chaser Bat! (Bat wings flapping, followed by a bat screech)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 202.5 cm[5]
  • Weight: 127 kg[5]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 7.3 t.[5]
  • Kicking power: 12.5 t.[5]
  • Maximum jump height: 24 m.[5]
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 7.1 sec.[5]

Tune Chaser Bat (武装[チューン]チェイサーバット, Chūn Cheisā Batto, lit. "Armed Chaser Bat") is Mashin Chaser's bat-based attachment extension form that he can assume by inserting the Chaser Bat Viral Core into the Break Gunner. This form debuts in episode 7.

In this form, Mashin Chaser is armed with the Wing Sniper (ウィングスナイパー, Wingu Sunaipā) bow and arrow so that he can fire off high density energy needles, as well as attach it onto his back to use as wings for flying capabilities.

Tune Chaser Bat's Full Break finisher is the Execution Bat (エグゼキューションバット, Eguzekyūshon Batto), where Mashin Chaser jumps up into the air and performs a double leg kick with purple energy bat wings surrounded on his feet.

Appearances: Drive Episodes 7-8, Movie War Full Throttle,15,17.

Tune Chaser Triple Tune

Tune Chaser Triple Tune

"Tune Chaser Spider! Tune Chaser Bat! Tune Chaser Cobra!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 202.5 cm
  • Weight: 127 kg

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 9.4 t.
  • Kicking power: 12.5 t.
  • Maximum jump height: 24 m.
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 7.1 sec.

Tune Chaser Triple Tune[6] (武装[チューン]チェイサートリプルチューン, Chūn Cheisā Toripuru Chūn) is Mashin Chaser's hybrid attachment extension form that he can assume by inserting all three Chaser Viral Cores into the Break Gunner. This form debuts in episode 21.

In this form, Mashin Chaser is armed with a crossbow weapon called Dead Liberation (デッドリベレーション, Deddo Riberēsyon)[7] that is made from a hybrid of the Fang Spidey, Wing Sniper, and Tail Whipper which allows him to fire off either high density energy versions of the component weapons or a more conventional energy beam attack. To make things even worse, in the first variation, he can also force the mind-controlled Shift Cars to participate in a suicide attack.

Appearances: Drive Episodes 21-22.

Super Mashin Chaser

Super Mashin Chaser

"Tune Rhino! Super Break Up! (Orchestral heavy metal music)"
―Activation announcement[src]

Super Mashin Chaser (超魔進[マシン]チェイサー, Chō Mashin Cheisā, lit. "Super Advance Demon Chaser") is Mashin Chaser's super form, accessed through the use of the Rhino Super Viral Core in the Break Gunner. While in this form, the Break Gunner is equipped with the Rhino Strizer (ライノストライザー, Raino Sutoraizā), which extends from the Viral Core. Much like how Mashin Chaser is analogous to an Advanced Roidmude, Super Mashin Chaser is analogous to an Over Evolved Roidmude.

Super Mashin Chaser's Full Break finisher is the Super Blade (スーパーブレイド, Supā Bureido) where Mashin Chaser fires several golden energy blast from the Break Gunner, then stabs his opponent with the Rhino Strizer.

This form was lost after Chase used the Rhino Viral Core as a weapon against the Angel Roidmude during his final confrontation with her. The Core is assumed to have been destroyed along with the Angel Roidmude.

This form is exclusive to Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Chaser.


Kamen Rider Protodrive

"Drive Type Speed! (Upbeat jazz music)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 194 cm[8]
  • Weight: 114 kg[8]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 4.1 t.[8]
  • Kicking power: 5.9 t.[8]
  • Maximum jump height: 28 m.[8]
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 6.1 sec. (2.1 sec. at full speed)[8]

Type Speed (タイプスピード, Taipu Supīdo) is Protodrive's concept sports car-based form, which is accessed through the Shift Speed Prototype Car. Being a prototype version of the current Drive's Type Speed, it is aesthetically identical albeit without the spoiler piece on his head, bearing the Tester Met (テスターメット, Tesutaa Metto) and the Archetype Gear (アーキタイプギア, Ākitaipu Gia), which is an incomplete version of the Type Speed Tire showing lots of circuitry as a sign of the incomplete state the Rider Form was in. The Rider System is also empowered by the Core Driviar-0, the prototype of the Core Driviars and is highly unstable, with the output of the Rider system varying and becoming hard to control.[9]

Protodrive's faults also lies in his fighting prowess. Despite being able to perform the Speedrop (スピードロップ, Supīdoroppu) Full Throttle finisher, his kicking power output is about 40% weaker than its intended output range.[10] His output for his punching power is also roughly 30% weaker than its intended output range.[11]

By inserting a Viral Core into his Shift Brace, Protodrive can read the memories of defeated Roidmudes, which are projected via his Low Beam Eye (ロービームアイ, Rō Bīmu Ai) visor. However, this ability was originally a part of Protodrive's Roidmude abilities. The only defect of Protodrive is that he lacks the ability to destroy Cores because of his status being a prototype, as well as the inability to use a Tire Exchange.

Following his encounter against the Heart Roidmude, Protodrive was defeated and separated from Krim Steinbelt, who would later complete Protodrive, becoming the finalized Drive Type Speed. Protodrive's legacy carries on as the combat data based on Protodrive's encounters with the Roidmude during the Global Freeze would be used to create Mashin Chaser. Later, a piece of Mashin Chaser is later used to create the Signal Chaser Bike, creating Kamen Rider Chaser, effectively making it the spiritual successor of Protodrive. The Prototype Shift Speed Car later returns into the hands of Chase once more after becoming a Kamen Rider, allowing him to activate a Tire Exchange using his original companion when in need of accelerated speed as Kamen Rider Chaser.

Appearances: Type ZERO, Drive Episodes 1, 3-4, 10, 31, Drive Saga: Chaser.

All versions of this Type bear a Shift Tire on Drive's right shoulder. While changing Shift Cars, urban hip-hop music plays.

Type Wild Pre-Tire

This version of Type Wild is briefly seen during both Drive's transformation and Tire Exchange, the latter specifically after the previous Shift Tire is ejected and before the new Shift Tire gets attached in its place.

Type Wild

Type Wild

"Drive Type Wild! (Urban hip-hop music)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 8.1 t.[12]
  • Kicking power: 14.1 t.[12]
  • Maximum jump height: 21 m.[12]
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 7.2 sec.[12]

Type Wild (タイプワイルド, Taipu Wairudo) is Drive's dune buggy-based form. Accessed through the Shift Wild Car, this form bears the Type Wild Tire (タイプワイルドタイヤ, Taipu Wairudo Taiya).

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Drive: Final Stage


Kamen Rider Chaser

"Signal Bike! Rider! Chaser! (Heavy metal guitar solo)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Ability Perimeters:[14]

  • Punching power: 19.7 t.[13]
  • Kicking power: 25.8 t.[13]
  • Maximum jump height: 43.1 m.[13]
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 3 sec.[13]

Accessed through the Signal Chaser Bike, Chaser's motorbike-based form bears the Wheeler Dynamics (ホイーラーダイナミクス, Hoīrā Dainamikusu) on his back, which can also be used as a shield if he ever gets attacked from behind. In Chaser's first transformation, he momentarily turned into Mashin Chaser before the armor broke apart to reveal his Kamen Rider form.

Following his Mashin Chaser form's ability to induce a Super Heavy Acceleration, Chaser's suit is powered by the Core Driviar-ONE (コア・ドライビア-ONE, Koa Doraibia-Wan), which enables him to use said ability as well.

In this form, Chaser receives a significant boost in stats compared to his Mashin Chaser form; being stronger than both Drive Type Dead Heat and Deadheat Mach, as well as having a running speed that is just mere seconds faster than either of them. He also has a stronger punching power than Drive Type Formula and his jumping height is almost as high as the aforementioned Type. Unlike Protodrive and Mashin Chaser, this form is able to destroy Roidmude cores.

Unlike Mach who summons his Zenrin Shooter by hitting the Boost Igniter four times, Chaser is able to summon his Shingou-Ax from his Ride Chaser through the will of mind. He also retains the Break Gunner as a sidearm weapon.

Chaser's Full Throttle finisher is the Chaser End (チェイサーエンド, Cheisā Endo).

Kamen Rider Chaser's ending theme is entitled "Spinning Wheel" , which is also shared with Shinnosuke Tomari and Go Shijima.

Appearances: Drive Episodes 26-40, Surprise Future, Drive Saga: Chaser,41-42, Type LUPIN,43-46 (Spirit), 48 (Flashback), Super Movie Wars Genesis.

Chaser Hayai

Chaser Hayai

Kamen Rider Chaser's Wheeler Dynamics spinning rapidly.

"Shift Car! Tire Koukan! Hayai! (Mach Driver Honoh noise)"
―Activation announcement[src]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 19.7 t.[15]
  • Kicking power: 25.8 t.[15]
  • Maximum jump height: 43.1 m.[15]
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 3 sec.[15]

The concept sports car-based Shift Speed Prototype Car allows Chaser to upgrade himself into Chaser Hayai (チェイサーハヤーイ, Cheisā Hayāi), which causes the Wheeler Dynamics on his back to rotate uncontrollably. This mode debuts in episode 39.

In this mode, Chaser gains the ability to move at short bursts of high acceleration in speed and perform attacks in rapid succession. Since this is not a true Tire Exchange, most likely due to the Shift Car used being a prototype, the stat gains are non-apparent, if any, aside from the short burst of speed.

Chaser Hayai's Full Throttle finisher consists of him first performing a variation of Protodrive/Drive's Turbo Smash (ターボスマッシュ, Tābo Sumasshu) attack where he barrages an enemy with enhanced speed before utilizing his Shingou-Ax's Across Breaker (アクロスブレーカー, Akurosu Burēkā) finisher.

This form is exclusive to Drive Episode 39.

Chaser Mach

Kamen Rider Chaser Mach

"Signal Bike! Rider! Chaser! (Heavy metal guitar solo)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 205.5 cm[16]
  • Weight: 98.7 kg[16]

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 25.2 t.[16]
  • Kicking power: 30.5 t.[16]
  • Maximum jump height: 44.3 m.[16]
  • Maximum (base) running speed: 100 m. per 2 sec.[16]

Kamen Rider Chaser Mach (仮面ライダーチェイサーマッハ, Kamen Raidā Cheisā Mahha) is Mach's hybrid form, which is an amalgamation of himself and Kamen Rider Chaser. Accessed through the Signal Chaser Bike, this form's appearance is a mix of Mach's upper half and Chaser's lower half.

To access this form, Mach has to insert Signal Chaser into his Mach Driver Honoh after utilizing Signal Mach in a similar manner to how he activates a Signal Exchange Bike. Once initiated, a portion of Chaser's armor parts envelop Mach's body while remnants of his own armor parts are left behind.[17] This form is not listed under Mach's configurations and blueprints for his forms, catching Gold Drive by surprise upon seeing it.

In this form, Mach's abilities skyrocket beyond that of the individual abilities of his and Chaser's, allowing him to easily fight and overwhelm Gold Drive whereas even Drive in Type Tridoron and the individual Signal Bike Kamen Riders could not faze him. During the battle against Gold Drive, Chase's Viral Cores assist Mach by allowing him to resist Gold Drive's paralysis. Chaser Mach serves as one of the most powerful forms in the entire Drive series with the strongest punching power.

Chaser Mach's Full Throttle finisher is Chaser Mach End[18] (チェイサーマッハエンド, Cheisā Mahha Endo), which Chaser Mach focuses power into his body, making it glow purple as he jumps up into the air, and does the very same sort of Chaser End that Kamen Rider Chaser does, with holographic versions of Chaser appearing by his behind, the holographic Kamen Rider Chaser and Chaser Mach then destroys the enemy at same time.

This form is used in Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Mach Dream Story, where it is actually a fusion of Go and Chase into one body.



Chase's true identity is that of a Roidmude. This is the form he assumed outside of Protodrive during his time with Krim Steinbelt. This form would re-appear for the first time when Chase has memory lapsing issues with his past as Protodrive and his present-retooling as Mashin Chaser. When Chase was retooled once more by Medic, Chase became an "Advanced Roidmude" with the power to generate a greater Heavy Acceleration. Though this is Chase's Roidmude form, he rarely uses the form, remaining in his human form.

Chase would later use this form to "attack" Mitsuhide Nira in a staged plot in order to allow Shinnosuke the right to become Kamen Rider Drive once more as the latter suspended him for attacking Brain, who infiltrated the ranks of the Police.

Powers and Abilities
Heavy Acceleration
The signature ability of the Roidmude is to somehow slow down the movement of surrounding objects', including that of humans, with their unaffected consciousness aware of their impass during this time. One can be protected by the Heavy Acceleration effect by carrying Shift Cars or Signal Bikes on their person.
Super Heavy Acceleration (超重加速, Chō Jūkasouku)
Thanks to the retooling made by Medic, Chase is able to induce an improved version of Heavy Acceleration. Initially this enhanced Heavy Acceleration would be released in a spray-like effect from Chase's hand, but after completing the upgrade it can be produced in an area by channeling it through the Break Gunner and slamming it into the ground. Unlike normal Heavy Acceleration, the affected area is visible as a purple corona surrounding the density-shifted area. Also, this version completely freezes normal humans and even normal Rider forms such as Drive Type Wild in place, allowing Chase to bludgeon his foes into submission with no chance of retaliation. Both Shift Formula and Dead Heat is capable of moving within the affected area thanks to its enormous power, but even as Drive Type Dead Heat or Deadheat Mach, it leaves them feeling sluggish and unable to fight effectively.
Advanced Camouflage
Roidmudes can generate disguises through film-layers around their body that function similar to the cerebral cortex.
Data Mimicry
Roidmudes can transform their bodies into data to travel within the electricity/cyberspace while in their Core modes. They can as well temporarily morph their bodies into data to easily phase through solid objects.
Even as Protozero, Chase can directly morph into Mashin Chaser without the need of the Break Gunner. He does this by generating purple film-layers around his body, similar to how Roidmudes create their disguises. However, it seems that he has lost this ability, as shown in episode 25 when Protozero used the Break Gunner instead to transform into Mashin Chaser.
Data Projection
Protozero can project the data of a Shift Car or Viral Core through his eyes, when inserting them into the Shift Brace or the Break Gunner. This ability was previously seen during his time as Protodrive.

Appearances: Drive Episodes 11, 15, 25-26, 28, 31, Drive Saga: Chaser.

Core (000)

The Core is the basic essence or 'soul' of the Roidmude. Having been finally defeated as Mashin Chaser by Drive's new Type Formula with the Trailer-Hou, Chase was seemingly destroyed as he exploded with what was observed by Shinnosuke as his Core shattering as well. However, later on, Chase was shown to have somehow survived his apparent destruction when he was found by Kiriko, injured but alive. How Can I Use the F1 Body to Fight? However, his core finally shattered when Chase self-destructed to save Go from Gold Drive. What is a Roidmude's Last Dream?

This core is only seen in Drive Episode 45


  • Motif basis:
  • Human form/synchronize: Koichi Kano (狩野 洸一, Kano Koichi)
  • Destroyed by: Self-destruction (body and Core)



  • Kamen Rider Protodrive/Type Wild
  • Mashin Chaser
    • Break Gunner: Transformation device and personal weapon. Used as weapon only when reborn as Kamen Rider Chaser.
    • Viral Cores: Gives access to Mashin Chaser's forms and powers, depending on which car is used. As Protodrive, it allowed him to read the memories of the Roidmude the Core came from, provided it wasn't severely damaged.
    • Shift Cars: As he was formerly the previous Drive, he can use them in his Break Gunner and upgrade his projectiles with their powers. He temporarily gained possession of the Tire Exchange Shift Cars after Medic brainwashed them, but can also simply grab them from the air if Drive summons them first.
  • Kamen Rider Chaser
    • Mach Driver Honoh: Transformation device, created by Rinna via reverse-engineering from the original one
    • Signal Bikes: Gives access to Kamen Rider Chaser's forms and powers, depending on which bike is used
    • Shift Cars: Gives access to Kamen Rider Chaser's powers, depending on which car is used


  • Mashin Chaser
    • E-Circular: Mashin Chaser's tire in his Tune Chaser forms, unfolding into an animal-based weapon.
      • Fang Spidey: Tune Chaser Spider's fang-based weapon via the Chaser Spider Viral Core
      • Tail Whipper: Tune Chaser Cobra's tail-based weapon via the Chaser Cobra Viral Core
      • Wing Sniper: Tune Chaser Bat's wing-based weapon via the Chaser Bat Viral Core
      • Dead Liberation: Tune Chaser Triple Tune's crossbow weapon via hybrid three Chaser Viral Cores
  • Kamen Rider Chaser

Other Equipment

  • Core Driviars: Kamen Rider Protodrive/(Mashin) Chaser's power source
    • Core Driviar-0: Protodrive/Mashin Chaser's power source, a prototype of the Core Driviars
    • Core Driviar-ONE: Kamen Rider Chaser's power source, which enable him to create Super Heavy Acceleration based on his Roidmude form's upgrade


Legend Rider Devices

"(Digital beeping) Chaser!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Awoken to justice, the Rider who loves humans is... Chaser! (正義に目覚めた、人間を愛するライダーは…チェイサーだ!, Seigi ni mezameta, ningen o aisuru Raidā wa… Cheisā da!)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"(Right-hand Ridewatch's announcement)! Armor Time! (Mach Driver Honoh rock music) Chaser! Chaser!(Final part of Chaser's Transformation Tune)"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's left-hand slot[src]

"Finish Time! Hissatsu Time (Break/Burst/Jack)!"
―Finisher announcement in left-hand slot[src]

Chaser Ridewatch (チェイサーライドウォッチ, Cheisā Raidowotchi): Based on Kamen Rider Chaser, this Ridewatch would provide access to the ChaserArmor. It is dated 2014.

Behind the Scenes


Chase is portrayed by Taiko Katono (上遠野 太洸, Katōno Taikō). As Mashin Chaser, Kamen Rider Protodrive, and Kamen Rider Chaser, his suit actor is Yasuhiko Imai (今井 靖彦, Imai Yasuhiko), who was previously the suit actor for Kamen Riders Bravo and Kurokage (Ryoji Hase) in Kamen Rider Gaim.

Protozero, before assuming a human appearance as Chase, was voiced by Daichi Endo (遠藤 大智, Endō Daichi) in Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Chaser.

Concept Art

Protozero/Roidmude 000 was designed by Takayuki Takeya (竹谷 隆之, Takeya Takayuki).


  • The Protozero suit is a re-modified version of the Cyberoid ZZZ suit. Aside from the re-color, the difference between the two suits is that the ZZZ is replaced by a 000 and the face of the suit.
  • Despite not being programmed to evolve like the Roidmudes created by Banno, Chase as a Human Type Roidmude was able to achieve an Over Evolved via using his Break Gunner alongside Angel's Rhino Super Viral Core.
  • Out of all the characters in Drive, Chase is the only one to use all three of the TV series' transformation devices (Drive Driver, Break Gunner, and Mach Driver Honoh).
  • Despite Chase having a driving license in the TV series, actor Taiko Katono has revealed that he does not own a license in real life.[20]

Who is Dark Drive?



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