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Chapter 30: Bonded, Even When Apart. (絆、切り裂かれても。 Kizuna, Kirisakarete mo.) is the thirtieth episode of Kamen Rider Saber.


Rintaro is back in the Northern Base. The other swordsman are furious at the realization that the true traitor within the guild is in fact Master Logos. Rintaro apologizes before his friends as they warmly accept him back into their group. Mei, who looks upon this scene with a smile, thinks about what she can do to help contribute, as she starts to fabricate something of her own. Meanwhile, Storious and Zooous create a new Megid that targets Rintaro and his Seiken since he's rejoined with the other swordsmen. The Megid appears and Rintaro and Touma rush to the scene. Rintaro is amazed to see just how much Touma has grown as a swordsman, and is looking forward to seeing what he can do as well. The Megid is targeted by the swordsmen, but as they approach they start to realize that the Megid is actually Mei.


Rintaro has come back to the Northern Base, informing the group that the true traitor behind the organization is none other than the Master Logos himself. Other than Sophia since she has known about it, the rest are in shock to learn the truth. Rintaro is so depressed to accept the harsh truth, but the group cheer him with their smiles and Eclair. Not for long, Mei leaves the group because she wants to give another surprise.

Meanwhile, Storious warns Zooous to not destroy the holy sword as he understands that Zooous will be on blind rampage if he ever confronts Rintaro again, because Storious announced that he needs the holy swords to have their goal to be reached. Zooous understands that and replies that he just wants to kill Rintaro and has set a plan for that as he pays attention towards Mei within the vision bubble. Not for long, Mei is freaked out by the vision of Wonder World in the middle of crafting.

When Mei is leaving the group, they are discussing on their next move to face on Megid and Master Logos. During their conversation, it is revealed that Yuri has no clue about a Time Sword, Jikokuken Kaiji while Tetsuo only heard about its ability. Rintaro is also secretly depressed to learn that Touma has acquire the ability for separating the new Megid from its host despite it is yet to be perfected. The discussion is ended after Sophia feels the movement of a Megid, telling the group for three missions: taking Ren back, finding Mei because she has kept something important for Sophia, and defeat the incoming Megid. However, finding Mei is delayed as Touma follows Rintaro to defeat the Megid while taking Ren is accepted by Ryo.

During the mission, Ryo manages to find Ren after he has been visited by Desast. Ren refuses Desasts offer to join him in becoming stronger and later refusing Ryo's request to return because Ren only seeks to meet Kento despite the warning from him. Rintaro and Touma find a cat-type Megid, Neko Megid and make a haste to beat it. However, Neko Megid is a trickster and loves to use underhand trick by showing that she has turned many people into an accessory for her look. Neko Megid also mocks Rintaro a lot for choosing to not trust his friends in need, showing that her host is none other than Mei to make Rintaro feels more helpless. Mei is shocked to learn that she has been turned into a Megid for a second before Neko Megid takes over. But when Rintaro and Touma are about to face Neko Megid again, Zooous interferes, becoming stronger to beat Rintaro despite in his Blades Lion Daisenki form and able to be on par with Touma Saber Primitive Elemental Dragon.

Rintaro chases after Mei while Touma keeps Zooous busy, able to meet Mei in their usual meeting spot on a building. Mei is scared and Rintaro convinces Mei that he will save her, but Zooous has successfuly caught up with Rintaro, mocking him to be a failure and beating him up again. Zooous immediately explains to Rintaro that he can become stronger based on his battle experience, the reason he also can defeat Rintaro's master in the past. Before Rintaro is killed, Touma arrives in the nick of time to beat Zooous and makes a rush to save Mei from Neko Megid. But Neko Megid shields herself with the hostages, making Touma to reluctant for cutting her while Rintaro is in trouble to hold Zooous. The battle ends with Touma and Rintaro to be defeated in a one-sided situation, Touma is reluctant to cut Neko Megid while Rintaro is unable to do the same as Touma. Rintaro angry with Touma to neglect Mei and choose to save him, leaving Touma as he decides to save Mei by himself.


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  • Book Used:
    • Saber
      • Primitive Dragon, Elemental Dragon
    • Blades
      • King Lion Daisenki
  • Form Used:
    • Saber
      • Elemental Primitive Dragon
    • Blades
      • King Lion Daisenki


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  • Closing Screen Wonder Ride Books
  • Wonder World Text Translation Page
    • Kamen Riders: Saber
    • Wonder Ride Books: Elemental Dragon
  • Wonder World Text Translation Page
    • Kamen Riders: Saber & Blades
    • Wonder Ride Books: Elemental Dragon, King Lion Daisenki
  • Count at episode end
    • Wonder Ride Books in Saber's possession: Brave Dragon, Dragonic Knight, Primitive Dragon, Elemental Dragon, Diago Speedy, Book Gate
    • Wonder Ride Books in Blades' possession: Lion Senki, Peter Fantasista, Tenkuu no Pegasus, King Lion Daisenki, Book Gate
    • Wonder Ride Books in Buster's possession: Genbu Shinwa
    • Wonder Ride Books in Kenzan's possession: Sarutobi Ninjaden, Kobuta 3 Kyoudai
    • Wonder Ride Books in Calibur's possession: Jaaku Dragon, Jaou Dragon
    • Wonder Ride Books in Saikou's possession: Kin no Buki Gin no Buki, X Swordman
    • Wonder Ride Books in Sabela's possession: Konchuu Daihyakka
    • Wonder Ride Books in Durendal's possession: Ocean History
    • Wonder Ride Books in Tassel's possession: Wonder World Story of Suiseiken Nagare, Wonder World Story of Raimeiken Ikazuchi, Wonder World Story of Dogouken Gekido, Wonder World Story of Fuusouken Hayate, Wonder World Story of Onjuuken Suzune
    • Wonder Ride Books in Sword of Logos' possession: King of Arthur, Storm Eagle, Saiyuu Journey, Jackun-to-Domamenoki, Lamp do Alangina, Needle Hedgehog, Tri-Cerberus, Bremen no Rock Band, Hanselnuts to Gretel
  • Behind the scenes, Koji Saikawa voiced the lines for Zooous' monster form in this episode while shirtless.[2]
  • Both Reika and Ryoga Shindai are absent in the episode.

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